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Contributions of Igor Cornelsen to the World of Investment

Igor Cornelsen is considered as the most successful investor in Brazil. Thus his knowledge on matters to do with Brazilian market has enabled him to invest in opportunities with high returns. Investing in any economy requires one to have adequate knowledge on the various drivers of the market. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen has become successful due to his ability to project the futuristic behavior of the market. As a result of knowledge and experience he has written numerous articles and journals. One of the recent journal which he has published together with Philly Purge is about the resurgence Brazil and other South America economies. In the article he provides important nugget of knowledge for any individual willing to invest in the international market.

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil who has become an established investor who is recognized internationally. His portfolio mainly comprises of stock assets ranging from well performing companies to average performance. Currently he works for an organization based in Bahamas known as the Bainbridge Investments Inc. He has worked for Bainbridge Investment for the past seven years and his main objective is to focus on the long-term investment for the purposes of wealth creation. Notably one of the main goal of Bainbridge Investment is developing methodologies through which investors can utilize the stock market for wealth generation in the future. His experience in the stock market has enabled him to become a household name when it comes to advising people on making right financial goals.

One of the common aspect he discourages the new investors as well as the veteran is buying companies which are damaged but rather concentrate on the damaged stock investments. When it comes to the world of damaged stocks he is considered as the leader due to his knowledge in reviving them. In the world of accounting his approach is considered as risky and unstable since it is mainly suitable for company which are experiencing short-term difficulties. Through his career journey he has not only worked for the Bainbridge Investment but also ventured in banking sector. In addition he has worked for the government in issues affecting the drivers of the economy. Due to his wealth of experience in the stock market he constantly features in the well-known United States publications including thee CNBC.com. In the recent times he appeared on CNBC.com offering advice on the individuals who are want to invest in his hometown Brazil. He spend 50% of his time in Brazil and 50% of time in Florida.

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