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Chris Burch, an Entrepreneur, and an Inspiring Businessman

Chris is a great investor and entrepreneur for about forty years in different industries. He is founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital and board member of Guggenheim Capital in past years. He started his entrepreneurial success while studying at Ithaca College. Mr. Burch started Eagle’s Eye apparel with $2,000 which grew $165 million and sold it to Swire Group. He was among the earliest investors in Internet Capital group. He relied on his abilities to know the difference between innovation and implementation. Through this, he was realizing unusual success based on his understanding of consumer behavior and utilizing a lot of sources of infrastructure and channels to reach customers. He has ideas on how to allocate different portions of time in order to meet organization’s goals. Creativity is necessary for any business to succeed (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/).

In other cases, ideas come to businesses as they continue with their business. When these ideas come individuals have no time to make consideration with others as they need them to work on the same day. Mr. Burch greatly invested in several different businesses both domestic and international estate ventures, check wingsjournal.com. This makes him have diverse mind investments and management of businesses. He has worked in different business organizations occupying high positions of management and giving excellent results at the end. These positions include CEO’s, the board of managers and president. Mr. Burch did not only acted as a worker but also contributed to some firms such as philanthropic initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital and other organizations of interest.

Mr. Burch is the principal of Burch Creative Capital and among recognized entrepreneurs due to his wide knowledge about running and maintaining business. According to Chris some entrepreneur’s creativity and productivity bring a good relationship with others. They believe that racing to meet business’s goal is more important and thinking that spending time in envisioning ideas is a loss of time. One has to find a way on how to carry them at once because they are important to the business. A person has to arrange ideas and schedule others to help organize them well. Exchanging ideas with other people but one has should not have to wait for the ideas to exist anywhere. As people discuss ideas, one has to take a paper and write down what is being discussed. In some other cases, sketches are done and use to design plans for the business later. These ideas may be used as the motto for other new businesses.

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