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Chris Burch and The Resort Venture He’s Built In Indonesia

The world of business is full of chicanery, charlatans, and tricks to stir up the market and lure in the suckers. This is the nature of any business, and you risk losing your chances of winning if you don’t play the business game this way. Fortunately, we still have people we can trust in the world of business.

These people are transparent and have the acumen, expertise, and dedication to give you the products you want without the churlish tendency of shady dealers that sell you items that are overpriced. One of these businessmen today seems to be Chris Burch, and he is right now a successful billionaire probably because of such dedication to the most optimal business process.

The Sumba Island Overhaul

It’s little wonder why right now Chris Burch is expending most of his time developing a resort in the island of Sumba. Being a billionaire in 2015, there’s more time for Mr. Chris Burch to spend most of his time in the field of luxury and pleasure. This is the reason why he just recently renovated a cult surf destination into a five-star resort that would be reserved for those who want to experience the best of the beach culture in Indonesia (businessinsider.com).

It is through the power of proper business management and just sticking to the most ethical standards possible that Chris Burch has reached the level of success that he’s in right now, but that’s not how he got inspired to build the Indonesian resort. It is his passion to invite the elite to experience something fascinatingly adventurous in a place beyond their comfort zones. This is the reason why he developed Sumba, which was previously known as the Sandalwood Island.

It Feels Like Africa

Another factor that encouraged Chris Burch to develop the island is the fact that it feels like Africa, and that’s a country that he also really loves. It is his mission to make sure that he can imbibe the aura of Africa in Indonesia with the help of the industry’s best hoteliers, which include James McBridge, who is going to help Chris Burch develop and grow the resort.

What also makes the hotel project of Chris Burch exciting is the fact that his restaurant offers clean, flavorful dishes that are grown locally and are popular in Indonesia itself. Such vision brings the local food culture on top and advertises them for people overseas to try.

More of his vision and output on  http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

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