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Chris Burch’s Rehabilitated Resort is Simply Breathtaking

Chris Burch is an American self-made billionaire, fashion mogul and active investor who founded Burch Creative Capital, a venture investment management and brand developer based in New York, NY (burchcreativecapital.com). In 2012, Burch had acquired the gorgeous remote Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia that was initially a surfer’s haven for its wild 20-foot waves. After partnering up with his friend James McBride, a world-renowned hotelier from South Africa, they started planning out their designs to rehabilitate the island resort and open it to the general public. By 2015, Burch’s Sumba Island paradise called Nihi, has now become a five-star resort.

The Nihi Sumba Island resort was recently voted twice as the #1 Hotel in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine, check businessinsider.com. Chris Burch has described that the Nihi island resort was a mix of ‘rugged luxury and unregulated freedom’ and a haven for those with an adventurous spirit. He would take his three surfer sons there for vacation and fell in love with its natural beauty. Burch has since made a vacation home at the resort and more than 30 luxury villas are available for guests. Some of the best accommodation for guests vacationing at the Nihi include a luxury five-villa estate located in the center of the resort and a jungle inspired tree house composed of three separate villas all built around the trunk of a tree. All of the island’s villas have breathtaking views of the ocean and are close to all of its main attractions.

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