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OSI Industries – A Food Solutions Leader

OSI Industries has continued to expand its food solutions business by expanding its business in Spain. The high capacity production line that they have added allows them to produce 24,000 tons chicken products per year. This is an increase from the previous 12,000 tons they produced. As a whole, this allows them to produce 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products and increase their employee base in Spain by 12.5%. The focus on chicken products has been due to the demand in Spain and Portugal steadily rising especially in the last three years by eight percent each year. With such continued growth and expansion, OSI Industries has also taken the time out to make sure their employees benefit. The new building addition has included areas to address clients’ and consumers’ changing needs and also an employee lounge. As the business has expanded, OSI Industries has also made decisions that are environmentally friendly. The new equipment they installed in one of their offices decreased energy consumption by 20%. The commitment they have shown to the environment and to increasing employment have gotten them funds for the expansion project and an award from the Chamber of Commerce.

OSI Industries recognizes that the tastes and dietary preferences of consumers change over time and so have included test kitchens in their expansion efforts. For over 100 years, they have focused on innovative food product manufacturing and a quality customer experience. These have continued to factor into the expansion and product efforts. Another area they have given adequate attention to is safety and security. Not just for the product, but also for their employees. They have invested in perimeter access controls, indoor cameras, surveillance systems and an advance fire suppression system. As a food solution leader, OSI Industries has lead by investing in its product, facility, and people. These core investments will always promote growth.

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