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Innovacare Health solution is one of the best healthcare service providers. Its headquarter is located in New Jersey the healthcare company specializes in giving healthcare facilities, Medicare plans and Medicare programs which are specialized. The Invacare focus on giving the quality care they manage this by ensuring all the models used are effective.


The Innovacare has a record of qualified leaders who work in this company like Dr. Rick Shinto he has a very good education background where he achieved several degrees from the top Universities. He has accomplished many goals for different companies through the quality services he gives. Earlier he worked for Aveta and MMM healthcare, he also worked at Pathway company where he worked as a medical officer and operating officer. He has a great experience of about 20 years in clinical jobs.


Dr. Rick Shinto currently is working at Innovacare as CEO and the president, he is the person who drives the success that innovacare holds today. His aim is to expand the healthcare to other markets and also give other patients benefits of that the company. Dr. Rick has given much inspiration through his equality work and success he has achieved. He gained his experience when he worked at Avetas as CEO and president.


Dr. Rick has won several awards one of them is the award of the year as the Ernst and young entrepreneur. The awards he has achieved was as a result of devotion to his work and also the implementation of new ideas.


Dr. Penelope Kokkinides (ideamensch.com) also served in Innovacare Health Company as a great leader. Earlier on she was administration official who was in charge. She achieved her first degree at Binghamton University where she specialized on biological science and classical language. She also did her masters in social work at New York University.


Before she joined Innovacare Company she worked at Centerlight Healthcare as executive deputy president where she acquired managerial experience. Dr. Penelope Kokkinide was interviewed by Business Wire about her success as a businesswoman. Moreover, her success came as a result of dedicating her time to current developments in the industry which is crucial for an entrepreneur. She also insisted on reading books and articles to be informed on what is trending in your field. Dr. Rick and Dr. Penelope Kokkinides will assist LAN to change US Health system on payment based on the quality of services given to patients rather than quantity. Innovacare health announced to add three leaders, Jonathon, Penny, and Mike they have a high level of experience and they are also widely known experts and they have been requested to be leaders in Innovacare Health.




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