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Jeremy Goldstein: Giving Others The Courage To Succeed

Since everyone follows a different life path, it’s inevitable some people will proceed down a path that makes life more difficult. This is especially true of those individuals suffering from mental illness. Since many aspects of mental illness can be difficult to manage on a daily basis, it’s important those suffering from these conditions have an excellent support network and variety of resources around them. This is the goal of New York City’s Fountain House, which hosted a Fall Fete thanks to Jeremy Goldstein.


As one of the city’s most prominent attorneys, Jeremy Goldstein has played a key role in helping Fountain House become a successful mental health organization. Using his skills in corporate event planning and executive team leadership, Jeremy has been able to help Fountain House provide assistance to numerous people in need. In fact, at the Fall Fete, Fountain House awarded education scholarships to two clients whose educations were interrupted due to their struggles with mental illness. Thanks to these scholarships, one person is studying commercial photography at a local community college, while the other recipient is majoring in Early Childhood Education at New School University.


Having worked in many of the business world’s most complex corporate merger deals over the past two decades, Jeremy Goldstein is used to taking on complex challenges and coming out on top. Always trusted by clients for his sound legal advice, Jeremy Goldstein has gained a reputation for his commitment to excellence, honesty, and willingness to stick with those he is helping through good and bad times. By doing so, it’s easy to see why Fountain House has grown over the years. As he continues his work as an attorney and board member of Fountain House, there is little doubt good things will come to those who work with Jeremy Goldstein.


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