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Clay Hutson Joins Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s as a Tour rigger

Clay Hutson recently released press news that talked about him joining Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul as a tour rigger in their world tour. The duo last toured together in 2007. However, due to their supporters’ demand, Clay Hutson decided to join the country world tour as a tour rigger.

They announced that the tour would officially start on 31st May in Richmond, Virginia. The concert will incorporate Caitlyn Smith as the opening singer, then Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, Seth Ennis, NEEDTOBREATHE, Margo Price, Midland, among others.

When Clay Hutson was asked to comment about joining the duo, he said that both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are excellent and put on a spectacular show. He added that he was very honored to be among the country duo.

Clay Hutson is renowned in the field of live performance since he has worked with numerous artist. For instance, he has previously worked with Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, P!nk, and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Clay Hutson has helped musicians on live performance in stage management, sound engineering, and tour production for over two decades.

Hutson had worked as a sound engineer and a sound team when he toured with Billy Graham sound team. Due to his passion and taste in rock music, he decided to invade the industry. He has traveled throughout America, Europe, Asia, and Australia by helping musicians present a memorable live performance to their fans.

In one statement, Clay Hutson said that he loves to be recognized as the most hardworking person in the room. He added that he is usually happy when stage management individuals are appreciated due to the work they do.

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a tour production, sound engineer, and a stage manager who is based in Nashville, TN. He is an experienced individual who has worked with various artist in numerous countries to provide an exceptional, memorable and spectacular live performance. He is an expert who works to ensure that everything goes as planned before a crowd. He is a dedicated individual who has a passion for music and everything he engages in. Learn more: https://clayhutson.com/about-clay-hutson

Chris Burch transforms Sumba Island

Chris Burch is an investor and an entrepreneur who has recorded great success in all his endeavors. The businessman was listed by Forbes magazine amongst the world’s billionaire in 2012. Burch has founded a number of companies including Burch creative capital that manages venture investments and also known for the fashion industry. Chris was raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania and studied at Ithaca College.

In 2012, the fashion mogul bought Nihiwatu hotel located at Sumba Island in Indonesia and started a new journey in hotel industry and hospitality. Burch and his partner Hotelier James McBride renovated the hotel with close to $30 million and reopened the hotel as a five-star resort in 2015 (wingsjournal.com). In just one year in its operation, the hotel was voted as the best resort in the world by Travel + Leisure.

Sumba Island was one of the most remote islands in Indonesia with low population. After the reopening of hotel Nihiwatu, the small island has thrived and is full of life with enticing adventure. The island which was formerly known as Sandalwood Island is slightly over 4000 square miles with close to 600,000 dwellers. It was discovered in the 16th Century by Portuguese, and since then, it remained marginalized due to its lack of natural resources. As a result, the island maintained its tradition and its rich culture since it was not influenced or contaminated by outside world.

Nihiwatu is located at the southwest of the island and has a half moon like shape. The hotel has been protected from the storms and sand by two reefs which help the hotel to maintain its pristine natural beauty.

The island has a rare and fascinating history that is connected to its ancestors Marapu. The dwellers believe that Marapu compassionate spirit remained in the Island and provides life protection. It’s an exciting history; it’s also considered to be an attraction to the people of Sumba who honor and admire the rich culture.

The early settlers named the beach as Nihiwatu because of rock formation. Nihiwatu means Mortar stone. Thus the settlers called the beach according to its surrounding. After its transformation, Burch named his hotel as Nihi. Burch found out that Clade, who formerly owned Nihiwatu, had plans to expand the hotel. He visited the hotel with his partner James McBride and Carlyle Hote. After the acquisition, the transition of hotel industry business was set. The resort is now the most breathtaking hotel that has remained in harmony with the environment.  For more reading, click on prnewswire.com

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Chris Burch, an Entrepreneur, and an Inspiring Businessman

Chris is a great investor and entrepreneur for about forty years in different industries. He is founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital and board member of Guggenheim Capital in past years. He started his entrepreneurial success while studying at Ithaca College. Mr. Burch started Eagle’s Eye apparel with $2,000 which grew $165 million and sold it to Swire Group. He was among the earliest investors in Internet Capital group. He relied on his abilities to know the difference between innovation and implementation. Through this, he was realizing unusual success based on his understanding of consumer behavior and utilizing a lot of sources of infrastructure and channels to reach customers. He has ideas on how to allocate different portions of time in order to meet organization’s goals. Creativity is necessary for any business to succeed (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/).

In other cases, ideas come to businesses as they continue with their business. When these ideas come individuals have no time to make consideration with others as they need them to work on the same day. Mr. Burch greatly invested in several different businesses both domestic and international estate ventures, check wingsjournal.com. This makes him have diverse mind investments and management of businesses. He has worked in different business organizations occupying high positions of management and giving excellent results at the end. These positions include CEO’s, the board of managers and president. Mr. Burch did not only acted as a worker but also contributed to some firms such as philanthropic initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital and other organizations of interest.

Mr. Burch is the principal of Burch Creative Capital and among recognized entrepreneurs due to his wide knowledge about running and maintaining business. According to Chris some entrepreneur’s creativity and productivity bring a good relationship with others. They believe that racing to meet business’s goal is more important and thinking that spending time in envisioning ideas is a loss of time. One has to find a way on how to carry them at once because they are important to the business. A person has to arrange ideas and schedule others to help organize them well. Exchanging ideas with other people but one has should not have to wait for the ideas to exist anywhere. As people discuss ideas, one has to take a paper and write down what is being discussed. In some other cases, sketches are done and use to design plans for the business later. These ideas may be used as the motto for other new businesses.

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Contributions of Igor Cornelsen to the World of Investment

Igor Cornelsen is considered as the most successful investor in Brazil. Thus his knowledge on matters to do with Brazilian market has enabled him to invest in opportunities with high returns. Investing in any economy requires one to have adequate knowledge on the various drivers of the market. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen has become successful due to his ability to project the futuristic behavior of the market. As a result of knowledge and experience he has written numerous articles and journals. One of the recent journal which he has published together with Philly Purge is about the resurgence Brazil and other South America economies. In the article he provides important nugget of knowledge for any individual willing to invest in the international market.

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil who has become an established investor who is recognized internationally. His portfolio mainly comprises of stock assets ranging from well performing companies to average performance. Currently he works for an organization based in Bahamas known as the Bainbridge Investments Inc. He has worked for Bainbridge Investment for the past seven years and his main objective is to focus on the long-term investment for the purposes of wealth creation. Notably one of the main goal of Bainbridge Investment is developing methodologies through which investors can utilize the stock market for wealth generation in the future. His experience in the stock market has enabled him to become a household name when it comes to advising people on making right financial goals.

One of the common aspect he discourages the new investors as well as the veteran is buying companies which are damaged but rather concentrate on the damaged stock investments. When it comes to the world of damaged stocks he is considered as the leader due to his knowledge in reviving them. In the world of accounting his approach is considered as risky and unstable since it is mainly suitable for company which are experiencing short-term difficulties. Through his career journey he has not only worked for the Bainbridge Investment but also ventured in banking sector. In addition he has worked for the government in issues affecting the drivers of the economy. Due to his wealth of experience in the stock market he constantly features in the well-known United States publications including thee CNBC.com. In the recent times he appeared on CNBC.com offering advice on the individuals who are want to invest in his hometown Brazil. He spend 50% of his time in Brazil and 50% of time in Florida.

Owner Chris Burch’s Island Resort

Finding the right vacation spot is necessary in order for you to relax and unwind from your daily work routine. Getting to your destination, you will want to have all of the needed amenities in order for you to do so. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who knows how to put together vacation plans for any visitor.

Years ago, Chris came upon an island located in the Indian Ocean that housed a small hotel. This island and hotel for the most part was a mecca for surfers. The island is protected from the ocean by several reefs which make the waves higher in this area. The coastline has beautiful white sandy beaches and is always filled with tourists. The hotel was small and intimate and Chris knew that it had the potential to become much more than it was.

The owner at the time needed help with financing possible expansion of the hotel and Chris, along with a friend who was experienced in hotels, visited the island to see if they could help. Chris worked out a deal with the owner and bought the hotel outright. His plan was to expand it and bring more visitors to it for luxury vacations.

Every time he would get to the island, he would put his plan into action and have more and more villas built. He then included many amenities to go along with them and a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant featured many of the local native dishes. He employed the top cooks on the island to work there.

Today, the Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba is known as the best vacation spot in the world (businessinsideer.com). It was voted number one by a travel magazine. Plans continue to be made to increase its potential and Chris is constantly working on new ways to make it work.

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The Breathtaking Chris Burch Sumba’s Five-Star Resort

Billionaire Chris Burch, a businessman and an entrepreneur, transformed a cult surf destination into an amazing five-star resort in the islands of Sumba. Sumba is not only a remote island but also one of the most uninhabited islands in Indonesia. The surf destination is now a resort and has even been voted as the number one Hotel in the World by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine in 2016 and 2017. Sumba is two times the size of Bali and it was formerly called Sandalwood Island. It is located in the southeast of Bali and has a population of more than 60,000 people. Due to its lack of resources and its fierce inhabitants, the island has been ignored over the years and has had very little contact with modern civilization.

Sumba’s isolation has strengthened the power of its culture and authenticity since it has remained uninfluenced by outside cultures. The coasts of the island have remained unspoiled and unpolluted hence it has maintained its natural beauty. Since 1980, the island has been receiving visitors that are mainly surfers who tour the area to surf and visit the Nihiwatu beach. Nihiwatu has an interesting story (businessinsider.com). The beach started centuries ago when its ancestors, the Marapu, settled along the beach. Up to date, it is assumed that the Marapu spirit is still protecting the way of life in Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu means “mortar stone” because of its remote rock formation along the beach. The acquisition tale of Nihiwatu began in 1988 after Claude and Petra Graves visited the area. The visit culminated the idea of establishing a resort that would maintain the beauty of Sumba islands. The Graves named the resort Nihiwatu. The resort is now called Nihi Sumba Island and is owned by Chris Burch. Chris Burch learned about the resort in 2012 when Claude Grave needed some aid to expand it. After learning of the freedom and the natural beauty possessed by the island, Chris contacted James McBride, his friend, to visit the island.   See medium.com for more reading.

Mr. McBride is a hospitality innovator with a 25 years’ experience in the field. The partnership between Chris and McBride marked the transformation of the surf destination into the finest resort in Sumba. Burch purchased the property and began a major upgrade worth 30 million USD to transform the destination into a five-star resort. The resort is on a 700 acre piece of land and its design is fascinating.

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Rodrigo Terpins: Participating in the 25th Sertoes Rally

Over 200 racers from all over the world will be joining the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. This year’s event will be held at the Brazilian states located in its mid-western region. Experts are saying that the landscape and the terrain in this part of Brazil are suitable for an endurance race. The total length of the route is about 2,600 kilometers, and the racers are expected to finish it in a matter of a few days. Many racers agree that it might be one of the toughest races in the history of the competition, and they are excited to win the championship trophy for the 25th anniversary of the Sertoes Rally.



One of those who will be joining the event is Rodrigo Terpins. He is the older brother of Michel Terpins, and together, they will be joining the event to represent the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team was established by Rodrigo Terpins back in the year 2015, and he created it to show the world that he could end up becoming one of the top ranking rally drivers. Michel Terpins, on the other hand, had to go under extreme training because he will be the one driving the T1 Prototype called T-Rex. He knew that the terrain in the mid-western region of Brazil is unforgiving, and he wanted to be prepared. He had to train with his older brother, and they had to visit several locations near their hometown to practice driving along the varying terrains where the race will be held.



When the day of the race came, Michel Terpins felt a little nervous, but Rodrigo Terpins has given him enough encouragement to go through. Michel Terpins never felt some difficulties in the first part of the race, but the real problem came in when he entered the dusty area of the route. The vehicle he was driving stalled, and he had to wait for several hours to have it fixed. In the end, the team of Rodrigo Terpins won the 4th place for racers using the T1 Prototype, and they ended up in the 10th place overall.


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William Saito – A Venture Capitalist’s Career and Thoughts on Startups

The Passionate Cyber Security Advisor, William Saito

William Saito was born in Los Angeles California. He attended Damien High school in California and upon completion, he pursued a bachelor’s degree from the University of California. He also attended a biomedical Science program. He is known as a venture capitalist and advisor to security problems. He has developed various startups that deal with input and output software. William Saito is best described as an entrepreneur with a fascination in cyber security innovation and policies. He is a writer and an educator to the upcoming generations, whose interest is in the field if information and technology.

To begin with, William Saito began to develop computer security while in junior high, before incorporating it to input output software firm in University. His advancement in technology led to partnership with Microsoft firm after the development of a software that displayed Japanese characters in English, which is used by Sony. The partnership led to authentication technology used in Microsoft Windows. After about four years of partnership, I/O Software firm sold all of its assets to Microsoft.

In addition, William Saito has been awarded several titles. One is in a World Economic Forum where he was named as the Young Global Leader because, he was able to help many startups in Japan as a venture capitalist, through investments and funds. During his time in Japan, he was able to act as a cyber-security advisor to many important people and the government firms. Among them is the ministry of economy and trade, cabinet office and the prime minister.

William Saito was a board member of the Japan Times, he worked at the ministry of education, sports and culture as a policy advisor on education matters, and he was a member of various task force including the Paralympics and Olympics. Moreover, he was once appointed as the Information Technology support, assisting the National Diet committee, who were put in charge of disaster management after the nuclear disaster in Daiichi.

Furthermore, William Saito worked in several private firms such as the Japan Airlines in charge of digital innovation promotion and as a part-time executive officer. During his time here, he also served as a strategic advisor to the Airline. In conclusion, the various disappointments in his path has never influenced his passion and love for his achievements. He is an entrepreneur with the difference.


Dr. Saad advancing medical science through engineering

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine but was raised in Kuwait. His medical journey has seen him traverse the world treating and changing lives through surgery. Dr. Saad has medical degree from the Cairo University, Egypt and further holds degrees in engineering and teaching.

He later proceeded to Lebanon where he sat for his ECFMG exams that gave him the opportunity to move to the U.S to further his medical training. He first had to complete his internship in England before he proceeded to the United States. Dr. Saad later completed his residency in pediatric surgery and general surgery in the U.S and was formally certified by the U.S board of pediatric surgery.

He worked at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey before being given a unique opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. The opportunity was to serve as the Saudi royal family’s resident pediatric surgeon. He was able to land this prestigious job because he was the first U.S trained and certified pediatric surgeon who was also fluent in Arabic and English.

Dr. Saad said his time Saudi Arabia was very nice as he was treated like a royal with all the trappings of royalties availed to him. But first he had to undergo training so that he could understand his responsibilities. He was later posted to King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he was tasked with performing surgeries and treatment to the members of the Saudi royal family. He also served royal families from the UAE and the Persian Gulf.

The King Faisal hospital also served children from poor families who were in need of specialized treatment. While in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad also managed to develop a surgical residency program which saw Saudi medical students receive U.K certification from the Royal College of Surgeons in England without having to travel abroad.

Dr. Saad also managed to give back to the community by helping children and young patients around the globe. He took part in medical missions in the U.S, Jerusalem and West bank during which performed free complex surgeries on poor children.

During his career, Dr. Saad sought to also improve the existing surgical procedures for treating patients. It is this desire for innovation that led to him to develop two new surgical procedures that have served to improve general surgery. He is the inventor of the Catheter mechanism and the suction endoscope.

Dr. Saad has given his all in the medical world and has touched many lives during the course of his career. He is now retried and resides with his family in Red Bank, New Jersey. His has been a journey of determination and hard work and is a light to the many poor children he has managed to meet all around the globe. Learn more: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview

What Goes On in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, was officially released in 2016 as an audiobook where Penn narrated as Pappy Pariah. The book features a lot of this about the current US president. The book primarily focuses on the Republican National Convention and a chaotic scene. Interestingly, the book features a highly valued meeting between Fletcher and Bob. Bob is a part-time assassin and a person who works in several places. El Chapo was at one time infamously interviewed by Penn.

There is a scene that takes place after the shooting of police officers. Bob realizes that the media played a major role in the killings. The media encouraged the murder of cops. Penn and Bob are both Baby Boomers. Penn gives absurdist and angry responses to the current state of the entire world. Bob has great potential even though he has an antisocial behavior. Bob’s ideas are wise and could as well be considered as prophetic. According to Bob, America is no longer as attractive as before

Near the end of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Bob goes ahead to write a letter to the president of the United States. It is worth noting that the letter is based on Trump. In the letter, Bob addresses a lot of things ranging from Russia to alternative facts. In the novel, the president is referred to as the ‘landlord.’ Bob called the landlord a narcissistic, reflexive, and illegitimate. Penn, on the other hand, seems to remember all negative things he remembers about the landlord and expresses them in a manifesto.

Reading through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, it is quite clear that both Bob and Penn have similar approaches to politics such that it is difficult to differentiate them. Bob goes ahead to show Trump that since his inauguration, there are various groups of people who have faced a lot of challenges. Surprisingly, Bob calls for the assassination of the United States president before he quips.

The poem that is written by Penn talks about various recent occurrences. Some of the issues addressed include the recent Las Vegas shooting, the Puerto Rico crisis, and the tension existing between North Korea and the US. The worldview of Penn is expressed in Bob Honey. Penn said some people would enjoy reading the book while others will take it negatively.

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