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Mr. Bruce Levenson and How He Helped Improve The Atlanta Hawks and the NBA

The NBA is the most-watched basketball league in the world. People from every single country keep in touch with the NBA, which has existed since 1946. What is now known as the NBA was formed as the BAA. Three years later, in 1949, they formed with the other most popular league, the National Basketball League, to make the NBA.

Although the NBA is very popular today, it has not been all that popular in the past. The NBA truly started to gain popularity in 1979 and the early 1980s. Just a few years later, Michael Jordan entered the NBA. With the likes of Magic, Larry Bird, and MJ, the NBA was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining professional sports leagues to watch and closely follow.

There are thirty teams in the NBA, located within the contiguous United States, with the exception of one team located near the New York border, in Toronto. There are 82 games in a normal season, exactly half of which are played at home, with the other half being played at other teams’ home courts. After the regular season, the best eight teams from each conference are admitted into the playoffs. There are four rounds of playoffs, each of which are played in a best-of-7 series, which means the first team to win four games wins the entire series.

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the best teams in the NBA, thanks to their owner Mr. Bruce Levenson. The Hawks’ roster is known to have one of the lowest salaries because of the lack of true superstars, but is one of the best. Mr. Forbes’ Bruce Levenson intended the Atlanta Hawks to have great chemistry with each other, and his plan definitely came to fruition.

The NBA season generally runs from October to June or July, when the NBA Finals take place. There are twelve players that are allowed to join the ranks of the active roster, with the ability to have three players sitting on the bench to substitute in for players in case somebody gets injured.

NBA games are broadcasted on ESPN and TNT, amongst other channels, but only feature a limited amount of games. A full season of games from every single team can be purchased specially on cable or satellite packages.

The best player in the league today is LeBron James, who was drafted in the mid-2000s. He has won two championships with the Miami Heat, and has been to five NBA finals. He is unarguably the best player in the league, and one of the most athletic, able-bodied players to have ever played.

For anyone that may be interested in watching NBA games from home on the television, or going to them on a weekend and watching the local game, tickets can be found easily online for relatively cheap prices. Go see an NBA game today with your family or friends, or both, and have a great time.

Wikipedia Editing Guide for Beginners

It isn’t hard to turn yourself into a constant user of the open source online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Wikipedia service has been a bastion for up to date information for the better part of the last 15 years and you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere more accessible and easy to use. With over four million pages of data, hundreds of thousands of contributors, and the demand to keep the website up to date constantly — there is reason to be impressed by the work going on. Long time users of the Wikipedia end up becoming contributors and for those that decide to start chipping in, here are a few basic ways to help get ahead of the pack.

Understanding the Basics.
Wikipedia is powered by software called MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the open source engine that allows users from all over the globe to actually get involved and contribute. Fortunately MediaWiki is designed in such a way that it is fairly easy to get used to the core functions of the editor dashboard. We’ll look at a common edit that contributors take care of in order for new editors to get familiar with the functions.

The Minor Correction
Browsing just about any page on Wikipedia will possibly yield up a need for a minor editing correction. This correction could be in demand due to a typo, a misplaced piece of punctuation, or a bit of Wikipedia vandalism. No matter what this small problem is, the core of how an editor will adjust it is the same. On the page that the error is found editors will click the ‘edit’ button in the corner of the page. From there they will see a blank white box that denotes the editable area, it will soon fill up with text. Find the issue that needs correcting and do so. Below the editing area check the ‘minor edit’ button and list a quick recap as to why the edit was made. Click submit and the job is done.

The Neutral Point of View.
Wikipedia is powered not only by the MediaWiki software, but by the selflessness of the countless editors who are at work on the website. These editors gave up on the idea of putting their own personal bias into the website. New editors must remember to avoid creating pages where their neutrality might be impaired. If an editor DOES want to post a personal page, hiring a company like Get Your Wiki to do the job would be suggested. Get Your Wiki will create pages that adhere to Wikipedia standards.

A Brief look on CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

The CCMP Capital, a private equity investment company, focuses on growth capital transaction and leveraged buyout. The company was formerly known as the JP Morgan Partners. The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has made heavy investment of about $12 billion on the leveraged buyout as well as in the growth capital transactions ever since it was incepted. It the year 2007, the firm was ranked at number 17 among the leading private equity funds in the world. The CCMP has employed over 50 staffs and has its offices located in New York, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been identified by various names over the past 20 years. It was originally founded as the chemical venture partners at the year 1984. It was aimed at serving as a private equity and venture arm of the chemical bank. Following the acquisition of the Chase Manhattan Bank by the Chemical in 1996, chemical took the name Chase Capital Partners. In a similar manner, when the J.P Morgan and Co. was acquired in 2000, the group changed its name again into JP Morgan Partners. Through this time, its platform grew the integration of private equity establishments of Hambrecht & Quist, Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hannover, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming and Co. and J.P Morgan and Co.

Prior to it spinning out from the JPMorgan Chase in the year 2006, partners of JP Morgan made some investments transactions in growth capital, leveraged buyout and venture capital. Following the spinout, the professionals on investment put more focus on the venture capital transactions that were disjoined from CCMP Capital to form new firm, the Panorama Capital. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Panorama goes on to focus on the early and the expansion-stage opportunities presented in both the life sciences and information technology sectors. The Panorama Capital started to raise its first independent capital in 2005 with a targeted size of about $500 million. Following more than a year of fundraising, the Panorama closed on an approximate $240 million of commitments made by investors.

On the investment focus, the CCMP Capital puts emphasis on making buyouts and growing equity investments in Europe and North America. The investment typically ranges from $100 million to $500 million equity on each transaction in firms that range from 0.25 to 2 billion dollars in size.

Stephen Murray was a philanthropist and a private equity investor. He held the position of president and CEO at the CCMP Capital. He is an alumnus of Boston College where he did a degree in Economics. He earned a graduate degree in Business Administration in the Columbia Business School. In 1984, Murray was part of credit analyst training session at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He has worked under various positions and seen numerous transition of companies. Murray has supported the Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, Food Bank of the Lower Fairfield County among other foundations.

Yeonmi Park – The Globetrotting Human Rights Activist

Human rights activists are best known for their role in bringing out human rights violation in the public domain and campaigning for the restoration of such rights. For this, they get involved in various campaigns such as prevention of hate crimes, campaigns for civil and political rights, and many others.

Here, we talk about Yeonmi Park, a young human rights activist who fled North Korea after witnessing the torture and killing of friends and family.

Yeonmi Park – Background

Park Yeon-mi was born on 4th October 1993, in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, North Korea.

She was born in an educated and politically connected family. While her father was in civil service, working at Hyesan town hall for the ruling Worker’s Party, her mother was a nurse, serving the North Korea Army.

Park’s family was rich by North Korean standards. Nonetheless, her father would later establish a metal smuggling business in the capital, Pyongyang, where he spent the better part of the year leaving his wife and daughters – Park has an elder sister, Eunmi – in Hyesan.

The illegal business led to his father being arrested in 2002 and sent to a 17 years’ incarceration in a forced labor camp. The family was condemned to starvation and struggling to earn a living.

Escape from North Korea

It is after watching a smuggled DVD of the 1997 Titanic movie, which Park’s eyes were opened with regards to the North Korean government’s oppressive rule. According to her, she not only learned the true meaning of love from the movie, but she also felt “a taste of freedom.”

On reuniting with his family, Park’s father decided to escape North Korea; as the only option left to evade starvation and eventually, death. The women would go before him.

In 2007, Eunmi went first, crossing the freezing river into China. Yeonmi and her mother would later follow her. It was an arduous journey, highlighted by terrible hardships and hiding from Chinese authorities, lest they were caught and repatriated to North Korea.

Some of the excruciating challenges included Yeonmi’s mother being raped by traffickers, and her sister getting lost and being presumed dead. While her father eventually joined them, he, unfortunately, succumbed to colon cancer.

Finally, on a cold night in early 2009, Park and her mother managed to cross a stretch of the Gobi desert into Mongolia. The South Korean embassy became their sanctuary. Five years later, Eunmi managed to escape, and they were reunited in Seoul.


Yeonmi Park often felt that the world had forgotten her. She is today driven by the determination that the world should never forget the people of North Korea; who are in misery and dying each day.

She traverses the world with the sole aim of talking about her experiences and raising awareness on the plight of her people. The globetrotting activist also capitalizes on the power of social media to tell the world about the human rights violations in North Korea.

Notre Dame Lacrosse: Athletics, Academics, Service

matt landis notre dame

Notre Dame is a prestigious university that was established in November of 1842. This honorary school is a university composed of religious novitiates, grade schooling, and a manual labor school. It is also purely well known for its excellent programs in humanities including but not limited to, poetry philosophy, foreign languages, and various forms of music appreciation. In addition to their reputable academics, Notre Dame is also well known for their men’s lacrosse team.
matt landis notre dame

Their men’s lacrosse program really took off around in 1996 after a strong campaign presented in ’95. After making lacrosse history for being the first western lacrosse team to win a first round NCAA tournament game, Head coach, Kevin Corrigan, recommended that his team focus on how to improve from last seasons mistakes in order to maintain a high level of competition. Boasting about winning one year was just going to make them overly confident and prone to mistakes. In 1996,they continued to be stellar on the road maintaining a 7-1 record, but still struggled at home against some other highly competitive teams.

matt landis notre dame
Now lets fast forward to the present year 2015. The Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team continues to bring the heat and finish another season strong. This team finished 12-3 during the 2015 season, making it all the way to the semi-finals. However they fell short of another championship after losing to Denver by a marginal difference of one point. After a strong year for the Notre Dame lacrosse team, eight players were named to the ACC all academic team. Those players are Jim Marlatt, Sergio Perkovic (made it for the second time in a row), Will Corrigan, Edwin Glazener, Matt Landis, Eddy Lubowicki, Jack Near, and John Sexton.
matt landis notre dame
1996 Season Recap
Notre Dame Lacrosse: Athletics, Academics, Service
History of the University

Kenneth C.Griffin No. 89 In the Americas Top 400 Richest People

Kenneth C. Griffin is known to have been born in the year 1968, in the city of Florida. He is actually an American hedge fund leader, and he is currently found in Chicago, Illinois.

Ken Griffin is recognized by many people as the founder and the CEO and of Citadel. Citadel is an international investment company. as at March this year, the company is believed to have over $25 billion which is held as its investment capital. Citadel is one of the largest international alternative investment management organizations in the world.

The Citadel group of hedge funds on wsj.com is actually ranked as one of the largest and most successful hedge funds institutions in the world. Just the other day, Griffin was believed to have an estimated net worth of over $6.6 billion.

During the financial crisis that happened in 2008, Citadel Company almost collapsed, but Ken Griffin has managed to restore its value with time. Many people actually praise him because of this, which is attributed to his enormous wealth. Last year, the Chicago hedge fund millionaire is believed to have given a very generous amount of $150 million to his former school,Harvard University. The donation was made to support the needy students in the university who are bright and show signs of being successful. Since the start of the school, they had never received a donation which was as big as this.

Ken always attributes his great success in life to the university. He started investing while he was still studying in the school, and with time, he has managed to become one of the richest people in America.

Just the other day, Forbes released its list that was ranking the 400 individuals who have the most known wealth in the whole of America. Mr. Kenneth Griffin got the 89th position out of the 400 people shortlisted. In 2014, he was in the 102 position. This means that He actually jumped 14 positions, to get to his current position. Kenneth has a lot of wealth in his possession and currently he has over 5 billion kept in his bank accounts.

Griffins is also known to be a very vocal supporter of the charter school. He has padded the famous campaign war chests for politicians. Some of these include the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and also the ex-Republican presidential contester, Mr. Mitt Romney. He is also known because of the great support he gives to the cultural institutions in his country.

There are other recognized people in the list too. One of them is Oprah , who is known everywhere in the world. Although she is not a Chicagoan at the moment, she managed to scoop the 209th position. Currently she resides in Montecito, Calif. The lady has quite a lot in her bank accounts.

The richest person according to the Forbes list is actually the well-known Bill Gates. He has held this position for some time now, and he is still on the top. He was followed by one Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and the Koch brothers

Kyle Bass And His Wrong Choices That Have Cost Him Greatly

Kyle Bass was once a man held in very high esteem in the hedge fund market circles. That was until he started making bad call after bad call. To add salt to injury, he has been making those bad calls in full view of the public without a care of how they will take his professional image. His debut into the limelight was, however, contrary to his current image and reputation. In 2006, he started his Hayman Capital Management hedge-fund and made a fortune by making a positive prediction into the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

Many people thought the man was a genius of sorts because prior to getting into the hedge fund arena, he was involved in writing scripts and directing movies and got nominated in roles for the same. However, the magic touch, if there was any, has withered down with his shenanigan tactics all over the media. He has been moving from one media station to another offering his ‘professional’ opinion the latest being related to Argentina and Japan.

As if that is not all, he has also been involved in alliances that have not been doing any good to a man of his stature. He is a bosom friend to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a lady that many consider as an economically illiterate despot. He has been furiously defending her moves that have greatly cost her people in terms of finances.

Born in 1969, Bass attended the Texas Christian University and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Real Estate and Finance in 1992. He made a brief stint at Prudential Securities before starting to work for the Bear Sterns London Office and proceeded to become a Managing Director at the tender age of 28. He made his debut in the hedge-fund industry after raising $33 million from friends and family including his $10 million savings.

UsefulStooges tells that his latest quick money making scheme involves ripping off pharmaceutical companies by short-selling their stocks and then challenging their patents using the Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he formed precisely for this purpose. He always makes a very calculated move while on it, and when the stocks go plummeting down, he makes a few quick million dollars. At the same time, the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies make prices go up which hurts the million of people who depend on them.

When asked about his motive at first, he was quick to point out that he was doing it for a noble reason but later on came to admit that he was doing it for the bucks.

South Africa’s Corporate and Commercial Law with Joubert Schoeman Attorneys

As the times are fast changing, every large corporation ought to have a team of qualified corporate lawyers. In South Africa, the change is seemingly evident, given the mushrooming of the many law firms eager to offer various services. The corporate and commercial group of lawyers is easily identified by the level of specialization in their niche, unlike the common breed that is more generalist.

It is no longer foreign to spot multinational firms flocking South Africa for these paramount resources. A brilliant commercial law firm often attracts many clients, what’s evident in many regions of this vast country today. Forget about the fact that virtually all the leading corporate law firms have offices and branches across Africa, the amount of skill is often immeasurable. The high number of diversified clients all looking for the best is majorly to blame. However, what makes a great corporate and commercial lawyer in South Africa great?

It is vital to note that the essential skill that a member of the corporate and commercial law class should possess is proven understanding of company law. These lawyers must be highly excellent in drafting skills with a delete clause for the benefit of the client. Normally, a corporate and commercial lawyer must be well averse with the New Company’s Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Competition Action and unwavering knowledge of several business entities.

When looking for the best lawyer, among the greatest attributes is the ability to negotiate contracts with exceptional skills, draft the information, and even work under tight deadlines, and for longer periods. During mergers and acquisition, these professionals are not only essential to oversee the entire process but also stand in as the legal experts. In fact, these attributes are what great commercial lawyers in South Africa are made of among many other great values.

Whereas the entire field of law is expansive, corporate lawyers are often the most versatile and are involved in all manners of transactions. Corporate lawyers are differentiated into an Associate, Senior Associate, Partner, and Equity Partner, depending on the amount of experience in the field. The highest level, the Equity Partner, attracts lots of more complex tasks and, of course, higher perks.

South Africa is famous for continuously churning out some of the best brains who typically handle commercial transactions. Frans Schoeman’s Joubert Schoeman Attorneys is among the premier corporate and commercial law firms today. This company boasts of a lengthy spell in the industry that has warranted them lots of trust among many businesses that include both listed and unlisted companies. In fact, the two senior partners in this law firm, Joubert Schoeman Attorneys together have 35 years of experience.

With such an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, a team of professionals, and excellent legal skills, several success stories have always been associated with this firm. With lots of specialties, Joubert Schoeman and Helene Joubert head Joubert Schoeman Attorneys together with a team of highly trained corporate lawyers. They were involved in the many multi-million rand lawsuits with many arbitration awards too. In short, they truly reflect what ‘Bigger is Necessarily Better’ theme, what they are identified with today.

Scouting Top 10 Friendliest College Towns in America by Skout

In August of this year, Skout, a global app on zendesk.com leader specializing in social networking, conducted an online survey among 2523 of its users. Based on the responses of college-aged students regarding where they could meet and socialize with others their own ages, a list was generated. Among other things, a list of the highest-rated 10 “friendliest” places are as follows :
1) Madison, Wisconsin
2) Los Angeles, California
3) New York City
4) Ann Arbor, Michigan
5) Chicago, Illinois
6) San Francisco, California
7) Boulder, Colorado
8) Phoenix, Arizona
9) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10) Dallas, Texas

The app has a community of users in over 180 countries and in 14 languages. The social networking app allows people to meet up with others and expand their social networks. Over the last 12 months it posed numerous questions to students in college towns across the US, and honed in on cities that college students reported that they had frequented and befriended other students via the app.

Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of Skout stated, “It’s always fun to look at what the data from our community reveals,” and, “Hats off to all the Skouters in Madison, Wisconsin for helping it top the list as the friendliest college town in the U.S.”

Data collected from the study showed that:
• Boston, Massachusetts, with over 100 colleges and universities within its metro area (aka “American’s College Town” according to studyboston.com), ranked #12 on Skout’s Friendliest College Towns list
• Boulder, Colorado has the friendliest college-age males in America, while Madison, Wisconsin claims the friendliest college-age females
• Los Angeles, California is home to the most generous college-age adults

The study also noted that young adult Skout users in Los Angeles, share more virtual gifts with friends than college-age adults in Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Chicago, IL, and Dallas, TX, combined.

In a similar app user study of 2,500 college students across the nation, ages 18-24, participants were asked questions pertaining to the social aspects of college life. The study revealed:
• 57% Believed it was harder to make friends in high school than in it was in college
• 59% Were concerned about making new friends in their freshmen year
• 72% Made great relationships within the first week on campus.

When students were asked, “Where was the best place to meet friends?” Their responses were as follows:
• 75% In class
• 42% At parties
• 39% During [college] orientation
• 34% Online

Some common places on campus students indicated friends could be made included:
• 36% Dorms
• 35% Cafeterias
• 28% Sports teams
• 27% Libraries

Lastly, regarding initial feelings of student upon arrival at college, while the survey data indicated that over one-third (37%) of students arrived on campus without knowing anyone, the study also showed that:
• 73% of college students say they consider their roommate a friend
• 61% of college students say women are friendlier than men on campus

To view an infographic with the survey finding, see more results, and or to participate in the study, visit the Skout blog at http://blog.skout.com/2015/09/10/10-friendliest-college-towns-in-america/

Highland Capital Management Company’s Proficiency in Financial Marketing

The world and the ensuing global economy have changed the entire business landscape and people are gradually responding to the changes therein. This is true if James Dondero’s services are anything to go by. Dondero is a financial advisor whose skills have become very valuable in the business world ant it has seen him attract a number of investors. When it come financial investments, no one understand the trend better than James Dondero. This is why he has been one of the greatest financial advisors in the world. He has also contributed to the world of business by creating a number of enterprises himself.

As a result of global expansion in terms of economical landscapes, there has been a rising need for financial guidance in areas. This includes guidance to individuals, to organizations, as well as guidance to governments in matters to do with investments. The world has opened up to allow different regions to trade. This has created complexity in the way business is done amidst creating other opportunities for financial trade. As many investors are taking grate interest to understand the underlying advantages of financial markets, the legal structure in this trade are making it quite complex for the lay men to understand. This is where the highland Capital Management Company comes in.

Capital management is basically the prudent steps taken by investors before committing their resources in a particular venture. Highland Capital is a company well known for this and it has been in the business for years now. The company provides its clients with information that helps them determine the viability of a business venture. Financial markets involves moneys as the sole product of trade. However, the money does not have to be in its liquid form. It is normally traded in different forms including equity, hedges, bonds, and shares among other securities.

Highland Capital Management has been very crucial in advising it client on issues to do with structured investments. When a company, an individual or a government wants to commit its resources to an investment opportunity, it is important that they conduct a commercial due diligence which involves scrutinizing the economic risks involved. Unfortunately, most people, organizations, and governments alike do not have enough knowledge on the financial trends of the global economy. In addition, managing capital and putting the right resources in the right investment is a process that requires professional guidance. Highland capital is the best company for this.

With several years of experience on its hands, the company has been able to transfer mere dreams into realties by enabling its clients to invest in viable investment. The company carries out researches to keep tabs on the current market structure and trends in order ti be well informed about the market situation. It has been doing it for years to understand the no go zones and the favorable zones in terms of investment. Highland Capital is an expert player in the industry and it has several billions worth of assets under its able hand to manage in the American market alone.