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Gambling Investments: the Predictions of Kyle Bass

On the first full trading week of the new year, Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, joined the traders on “Halftime Report” to share his outlook for the coming year.

While 2015 closed with a considerable number of people concerned over China’s performance, many turned their attention to peak profits. Bass says that it’s their banking structure is to blame, not unlike that of Europe he claims is behind their own financial crisis. And their is an actual imbalance in China, with it’s banks holding $35 trillion dollars while the nation’s GDP is a mere $10 billion. Bass says without enough circulation, a crash is imminent.

In the US, things aren’t looking much better to Kyle Bass. He predicts a 10-20% loss by the end of the year. This loss of credit growth wouldn’t be as devastating as the one gripping global markets, but would prove financially problematic.

These sorts of predictions are by no means new for Bass. In fact his claim to fame came through similar readings of the market. In the early years of his firm, Bass made a fortune during the 20008 subprime mortgage crisis that he accurately predicted would send US markets into a tizzy. For a great deal of time he was considered something of superstar in the finance world, and his predictions became the product he peddled on every talk and radio show that would have him.

Time went on, Bass offered more predictions, but fewer people are interested in what he has to say.

Bass has made many connections over the years, and with his desire to be a prominent figure in media that caters to the financial sector they’re well known. They don’t always reflect well on his character. One such association is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former president of Argentina and the person most Argentinians blame for the country’s drastic economic downturn during her time in office. In the years Fernández de Kirchner was in office, Argentina defaulted on sovereign debt for the second time in a little over a decade, which contributed to her country’s anemic economy. Bass, however, defended her actions that all others in the financial world have condemned, some even going so far to accuse her of criminal practice.

Becoming cozy with powerful people seems right up Bass’ alley. Presence and attention are part of his strategy for exposure and making deals. During the General Motors recall, Bass went on television to shift blame from faulty manufacturing onto motorists. It was revealed that GM knew well in advance that their airbags were faulty and that Bass had a sizable investment in GM, and many accused him of protecting his image and interests at the expense of lives.

Though his ethics may be dubious to many, still he holds some influence over the financial world. Investors must wonder whether his predictions can be trusted, if they can look over some of his associations and practices.

Shaygan Kheradpir: Resilient Leader and CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has always been a go-getter in whatever endeavor he chooses to engage in. This same principle is definitely true in his career aspirations as well. Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant, and the scope of his career has demonstrated his resiliency. There are many examples, but one particular instance definitely stands out. Before getting into that though, it is important to fully understand how the man arrives at his present state of success. How did he get to where he is today? So first, here is a little biographical information:

Shaygan Kheradpir began his illustrious career as a network routing assistant with GTE Laboratories in 1987. He rose through the ranks and eventually became the Chief Information Officer with the firm and served as president of Verizon’s business division after GTE merged with Bell Atlantic. He remained there until 2011 when he joined Barclay’s as a technology executive. In 2014 he left for a brief tenure as CEO at Juniper Networks and then in 2015 he became the current CEO of Coriant.

Kheradpir’s resiliency comes with the territory. In order to be a stellar chief executive, an individual must have tenacity. Kheradpir understands that sometimes people might encounter difficulty in life, but he also understands that where there is a will there is a way. Shaygan Kheradpir possesses the intangibles needed to be a fully professional chief executive and he understands the needed invisible and intangible attributes necessary to run a multi-billion dollar and multi-national company.

Kheradpir is not the type of person to give up, as his most recent position can attest. He did some headhunting and engaged in a relentless job search, and he was able to land the CEO position at Coriant less than a year later. The officials at Coriant have stated time and again that they feel fortunate to have an individual such as Kheradpir because of his extensive industry experience.

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Nicki Minaj Shocks The World By Performing For The Dictator Of A Suffering Nation

The global icon Nicki Minaj has stirred controversy beyond the scope of her racy song lyrics and outrageous attire for accepting an invitation to perform in Angola Africa. The root issue stems from the person that paid her $2 million to perform for him – José Eduardo dos Santos who is the dictator of the African nation.

Santos has been criticized for many years for being an insensitive dictator who has lined his pockets and the pockets of his family members at the expense of his nation. Analysts estimate that the average Angolan citizen makes $2 per day while the Santos regime steals money from the country’s vast oil and natural reserves to fund a lavish lifestyle. Critics claim that Santos and his family have pocketed billions of dollars ever since he came into office in 1979.

Global activists, politicians and socially aware people are appalled that Minaj would accept any amount of money to perform for a dictator – especially when you consider that she is already very wealthy. Some of the most vocal outcry came from the Venezuelan CEO and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen penned an insightful article that expressed confusion over Minaj’s willingness to speak out against domestic challenges relating to equality, violence and poverty, yet she is willing to ignore the atrocities that are occurring overseas while profiting from it.

Thor Halvorssen has been on the forefront of many controversial issues ever since he was a teenager. When he was 13, he organized demonstrations against the apartheid regime in South Africa. Ever since that period of time in his life up until now, he has continued to be an organizer and vocal activist against many issues that center around discrimination, economic exploitation, hunger and more.

Halvorssen has a direct relationship with human rights issues, for his father was incarcerated and tortured in a Venezuelan jail for more than two months after speaking out against government corruption. Halvorssen’s mother was also a victim of human rights violations when she was shot and wounded by Venezuelan security forces during a peaceful protest.

Halvorssen has dedicated his entire life to fighting for justice. In addition to founding the Human Rights Foundation, he has established the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is an annual gathering of activists, politicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners and more to discuss issues relating to modern-day slavery, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of self-determination and more. The efforts of Halvorssen may be considered dangerous by some, but he is much more concerned about the health and safety of the global community.

Wake Up to Woke Twitter

In Cape Town, South Africa, the repercussions of verbal expression in the world of social media has evolved. Enter Woke Twitter. “Woke” refers to being socially as well as politically conscious. The new global movement is a collective consciousness that travels through Twitter. Sometimes it is difficult to see things for what they really are. Finding the real issues can be difficult. Woke Twitter is about seeing what’s really going on and challenging it. With social media at an all time high, and with its enormous impact of todays world, there must be some restraints placed on how people use it. Using hash tags and social media posts enables greater numbers of people to comment and display responses. Woke Twitter searches for and targets users who display racism of any form. Although we all have freedom of speech, one must be conscious that his or her words doesn’t negatively effect others.

Brenda Wardle, a legal analyst, stated that our freedom of speech is limited. If what we say is demeaning and prejudice, we hurt others and laws should be made to protect people from offensive racist remarks.

Brenda Wardle is an independent legal consultant. She can be seen in many high profile cases where she is a legal analyst for BBS World, Sky News, Channel 5 UK, Fox News and many others. She holds a Bachelor & Master of Law Graduate and is currently working towards a Doctoral Law Degree. She specialized in Forensic Medicine , Media Law, Medical Law as well as Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights. She is also a published author as well.

While social media is a great way to reach the masses, it can also have negative effects as well. Today, we can connect with people on every continent with technology. And it will become easier and more accessible as technology improves. For that reason, careful consideration should be placed on how people promote their own biases. It is a new age of connectiveness and it must have boundaries and perimeters in order to allow for free speech that doesn’t do more harm than good.

Soros Is Right in His Crisis Prediction

George Soros is an American Billionaire of Polish origin. It is right to call himself made as he has steered himself to riches. From a tender age, George Soros has been a go-getter. After completing his education at the London school of economics, his hunger for a better life drove him to the USA where he has since never looked back. He is a strategist and an economic analyst who has made a business empire worth a name. Not many have been able to achieve what he has. Apart from being an economist, he is a philanthropist who never stutters and is very vocal on matters of economics and humanity.

Recently, George Soros predicted on uncommonwisdomdaily that a financial, economic crisis was looming as China enters a phase of financial crises. According to Crooks, George Soros said that the current economic situation of the world reminds him of the 2008 financial crises. However, comparing the current situation from the position in 2008 would be presumptuous and deceiving. Various pointers are showing that 2016 won’t be the same as 2008.

To start with, the world currently have a debt valued at $225 trillion. The value is worse than it was in 2008. The debt value has been on the trajectory since the year 2014. The situation has been made worse by the doubling of Chinas debt since 2008, and it now sits at 240% about Debt to GDP. Although the Chinese government continues to inject funds into the economy, the currency weakness is still evident for all to see. This trend will continue to be evident in China and other economies of the world.

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The fact that China is the second largest economy in the world does not help the situation. The growth of the world’s economy is on the decline. According to World Bank, the 2016 growth forecast for growth from 3.3% to 2.9. %. The head of International Monetary Funds (IMF) also predicted that 2016 might be worse economically. Soros prediction might have a basis but the current economic position I the world is not similar to the one in 2008. This is because then many organizations were not open on their books. However, the events have made organizations learn and transparency is the key to the why 2016 will not go the 2008 way. As expected, the banks and countries involved will try to counter the effects of recession by injecting cash flow to the economy. For more information see http://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/george-soros-is-right-22082

Dating Online Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

It was not that long ago that in order to date, you had to meet someone in person. However, those days have changed a lot due to the internet. The internet has made it so meeting someone is as easy as the click of a mouse. There are numerous sites on the web that cater to individuals looking to date. However, it is very important to choose wisely when it comes to dating sites. Some of them simply do not deliver what they promise. Others may not suit your individual tastes. It is important to do some research before giving anyone your money or personal information.

One great dating site is Skout. This website has a high degree of popularity, and it also has been reviewed very well by people that use it. It also has a reputation for being a safe place to date. It also has multiple purposes beyond simply dating. You can be assured that you are getting your money’s worth with Skout. There are also many different options to pick from with Skout.

You can use Skout for a variety of different purposes. You can use it to meet people for both platonic and dating purposes. It is a dating site, but it can also be used as simply a place to meet friends. You can punch in things that you are interested in and looking for in a friend. Skout will match you with compatible people for friendship.

If you are looking to meet people while away from home, you can use Skout for that too. Skout has features that are designed for travelers. You can find other travelers to an area, and you can meet up with them. Also, you can find locals to hang out with while on vacation to a variety of different areas.

Furthermore, it is also a very effective dating site. There are many people on Skout, so there are many options for people to date. You can find people who would be compatible with you and your interests. In addition, dating with Skout is very reputable and safe.

Skout can also be used by teens for friendship, but it can also be used for dating. There is a teen section of Skout that is moderated. This section is closely monitored by staff to ensure safety for teens using the site. Anything objectionable is not allowed in this section of the site.

Skout is also very easily available away from home. You can get skout on mobile devices. This enables you to search for friends or people to date while you are away from home. The mobile version of the site has all the features that you will need to meet people at home or away from home.

Skout is a great, well rounded dating website. It is very popular. It is also very effective for both dating and simply making friends. Also, both adults and teens can use it.

Overview of OLTL and Stacy Morasco

Announced as one of the “most unconventional soap operas in history,” One Life to Life aired on ABC from July 15, 1968 – January 13, 2012. The American soap opera became the first daytime drama to feature a group of characters who share many differences in their ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

Main Plot Line

Several residents reside in the fictional city of Llanview, located in the city of Philadelphia. Several families exist within the suburb:

  • WASP Lord Family- Wealthy (Richest Class)
  • Polish American Woleks- Working Class
  • Irish Catholic WIleys- Class slightly below the working class
  • Grays- Lowest Class (Predominantly made up of African Americans)

The show primarily focuses on the members from each family and the relationships between each person as they co-exist in one environment.

Creation of OLTL

Agnes Nixon, creator of All my Children (1970) and Loving (1983) created the series. Her main inspiration came from Another World on NBC. The concept of “ethnic and socioeconomic diverse” families became the main focal point not only of the series but also in the future works of Nixon. Originally known as “Between Heaven and Hell,” the name of the soap opera changed to “One life to Live” in order to avoid controversies from the negative implications placed on the previous name.

Behind the scenes of Stacy Morasco

Famous for her promiscuous acts and traces of infidelity in Llanview, Stacy Morasco is one of the most notorious figures in the history of the show. Played by Crystal Hunt, Stacy was introduced to the city by her sister Gigi. The amount of scandalous acts she has committed includes the following: Getting pregnant with Gigi’s boyfriend Rex, pretending to be a bone marrow donor for her nephew (Shane), becoming pregnant with Oliver Fish’s baby following the miscarriage with Rex’s baby and attempting to keep the secret of the pregnancy away from everyone. Stacy remained in Llanview for a year (Feburary 6, 2009-Febrary 11, 2010) until her death from falling into ice on Llantano Lake.

This Vegas stripper transitioned, from her departure in OLTL, towards an actor on multiple casts of various films. Working alongside Dania Ramierez, Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross, she co-starred in NYC Underground, a film featuring a group of Teens facing consequences from a drug deal in Brooklyn.In addition, she dedicated time working on her role in Queens of Drama and Magic Mike XXL, featuring Channing Tatum.  Follow Crystal on Instagram for even more information.

Why Premium Dog Food Is Gaining Popularity

Premium dog food is ultimately making huge waves because of all the amazing opportunities that are available to dogs needing quality nutrition and food. It’s hard to know which foods to give your dog if you aren’t prepared and knowledgeable on the subject, but a little information can go a long way. Luxury and premium foods are becoming more and more powerful to consider simply because of all the ways that they can benefit your young dog. Some products can help with their teeth whiten while others are giving them real nutrition using raw chicken and meat.
Why Premium Dog Food Is Gaining Popularity
They are gaining popularity every day because of how dogs are improving their health every single day by eating the right things. Premium dog foods from brands like Freshpet are creating unique foods using real meat and raw chicken in their products. Their food is almost just like food for humans that even some people will say they have eaten their dog food and found it delicious. Luxury dog food is constantly growing and developing, and you will find that this specific industry is making it tougher on dog owners because of the expensive food. This is why people are recommend Beneful and their premium dog foods because of their amazing tasty treats and the affordability. I found that Beneful is better than other high end brands because they give dogs just enough luxury while still keeping your budget sane. My dogs just love Beneful and their food options, and it’s easy to find new products because of their different categories, everything they offer is organically made with real ingredients added in filled with nutrients. Their premium dog food guarantees that your dog is given the right help that it needs.
Beneful.com has gained so much notoriety over the years because of how much charity work they do, new product launches, and constantly added ingredients to make food more nutritious. Any product offering luxury dog food is worth buying, but you should remember that Beneful is the right brand that can offer you everything your dog needs with affordability.

Hall Capital Partners Managing Director’s Resume Is Impressive By Anyone’s Standards

Helane L. Morrison, the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC has been a stand-out in a world ruled by men for several years. It’s hard to intimidate Helane. Her credentials are impressive and she has established a career that demands respect as it has been forged BizJournals.com. Helane was the director of the San Francisco office of the United States Security and Exchange Commission for eight years. Morrison served as District Administrator and then she was promoted to the Regional Director of the SEC. 

Her role at the Security and Exchange Commission was to enforce, litigate and regulate matters in Northern California as well as in five other Northwestern states. Morrison represented the SEC in financial as well as business and legal issues. She also worked with other government agencies and the news media.

Ms. Morrison practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the well-known San Francisco law firm. She became a partner in 1991. Helane studied law at UC-Berkley. She was Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review while she was there. Morrison also received a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. To see her litigation work in detail, check out the Google Book below.

After graduation, she worked as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Helane is a member of the American Bar Association and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee. She is busy, but she finds time to speak to investors about the legal issues that can have a direct impact on their present and future investments. According to the BizJournals.com article, Hall Capital is now one of the most successful investment firms in San Francisco. The firm now has more than $24 billion in assets under management.  The management team is an eclectic mix of investment experts that have been in the business for years. 

Investment firms are usually controlled by men, but Morrison and Hall are changing the face of the investment world. They have proven that women are excellent investors and money managers. Women that know Morrison admire her intelligence, drive, and her ability to function effectively in an industry that measures success in monetary terms. Helane is an inspiration to the generation of women that want to perform in industries that have been notoriously one-sided when it comes to leadership. 


Michigan CEO Helped Kennedy Center Exceed Fundraising Goals

The fact that the arts play such an important part of our lives makes the contribution that Dick DeVos has given to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts worth more than face value. Helping to contribute to the Center’s new expansion, the million dollar contribution by Dick and his family has helped the fundraising effort surpass its original goal of $125 million.

New Features for the Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center for Performing arts originally started fundraising for a new expansion in 2013 with hopes of getting $125 million to create a new riverfront pavilion that would connect with the already existing center. 

Along with the new Riverfront pavilion, fundraising will bring these other new expansions to the center

  • Bridge from new pavilion to existing center over the river
  • new pavilions for the center itself
  • educational and rehersal spaces within the center
  • offices
  • dining spaces

The new expansion is meant to act as a new front door to the performing arts center that has served the community since 1971. 

The DeVos Family’s Charity

Dick DeVos is no stranger to philanthropy as he and the rest of his family started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that works with the community through various means to help achieve a better life for many.

The foundation helps transform lives through these major areas:

DeVos has taken his financial success from his long career as a businessman and given back to the community showing his genuine care and wanting to live a life of true and good meaning. It is a lesson that could be learned by many who are fortunate enough to make a good living that helping those who helped you get where you are is a very important part of the cycle of capitalism.