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Rebel Wilson in yet another hit film

Netflix is preparing to release a new film to the world titled “Isn’t It Romantic” after it premiered in the United Stated on February 13 2019. The film is a real representation of the situations that people go through, although they have been presented in a comical and satirical way.

It is all about romance, but as it unfolds, you notice that some o the situations that people go through can change any time. Acting as Natalie, Rebel Wilson experiences life in two different worlds and has to go through a lot of situations to rediscover her life.

An Architect in New York

While working as an architect in New York, Natalie knows no romance. It is something that she never experience because nobody seems to notice her. She tries many things s that at least someone will notice her, but she ends up even more disappointed.

At the office, she works so hard that her work may earn her recognition, but she only realizes that her dream of designing the next tallest building in the city may never be realized. Because of that, she believes that she is in the wrong place and s that she should try something else.

The new queen of attraction

Things change abruptly when Natalie gets knocked at the subway as she tries to flee after thwarting a mugger. When she wakes up, she is in a different world where everything is all about romance. She is surprised that there are so many people who care about her, and two guys show interest in her love.

These guys do every romantic thing to impress her, but she is confused. Considering the experiences that she went through in the previous world, she has to find a way of discovering her new life so that she can live the best romantic life that she always wanted.

About the cast

If you thought that Rebel Wilson is the only star actor on the set, you were wrong. There are other talented actors that help to make the film a hit.

They blend so well in their roles and that is the reason Rebel Wilson is able to bring out her best. Some of them include Tom Ellis, Jennifer Hudson, Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam Devine. The production team also consists of some of the best producers and editors and that explains the success story behind this film.

You probably know Rebel Wilson as the actress that lives in West Hollywood who features in “Isn’t It Romantic”.

However, you may not know that she has Australian roots having been born in Sydney in 1980. After graduation from the University of New South Wales, she started her film career in 2002. Rebel also sings and writes, and is a good producer when she is not on set.

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