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Kate Hudson and Fabeltics Growing Active Wear Giant

Fabletics has become a fantastic extension of actress Kate Hudson. According to Racked is reporting that the brand of Fabletics is opening nearly 100 new stores in the next five years and has in fact opened seven stores as of this spring. The business model in unique and exciting and there is nothing else like it in apparel shopping. People who sign up for the subscription service will receive a new outfit each month and their credit card will be charged accordingly.

After a slow start, which involved some confusion about billing, the company has dropped the number of complaints to a manageable level. Customers are finding the convenience of getting new stylish active wear each month as a great bonus. They don’t have to travel to a store and spend a lot of time looking for a new outfit. It simply shows up at their door. The simplicity of the process and the style of the workout gear is the driving force behind their success.

A world famous actress and mother of two, Kate Hudson was always working to stay in shape and wanted to look good while she was doing it. Hudson has always been a motivator who supported women in the pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. That was the driving force behind her establishment of Fabletics. The monthly distribution of a “Kate approved” outfit is revolutionary in the business and could stand as a model for other businesses in the future.

Being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for any women. Fabletics provides monthly outfits that come in a different style and provides different prints each month. That means that your active wear is never going to leave you with boring choices to wear. Part of feeling good about a workout is looking good doing it.

When you go to thekrazycouponlady.com, her review immediately offers a quiz to learn more information about your style and what you like to wear. Based on that information, new outfits are recommended to you each month, based on how you workout and the personal style that you are comfortable with. On the first day of each month, Fabletics sends a new outfit that as a VIP member is significantly discounted. Customers can opt out of getting an outfit each month by logging into the website and choosing the “skip this month” icon. The shipping of the stylish gear is always free.

Kate Hudson has created a brand with great potential as the physical stores open up across the country and allows customers to browse and shop in person along with the fantastic online VIP experience. As the style grows and the active wear starts becoming the envy of all ladies at the gym. More and more people will be joining the Fabletics program each successive month.

Bruce Levenson, former NBA team owner and philanthropist

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, DC, and he comes from a Jewish family.

When it comes to his education, Mr. Levenson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University and a law degree from American University in Washington, DC. Levenson has shown his interest in journalism while attending law school. His career took place at the Washington Star, the Washington’s newspaper of record.

Now, Bruce Levenson is a co-founder and partner at United Communications Group (UCG) as well as a former owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. After 27 years, Bruce Levenson continues to drive UCG’s business strategy and still plays a major role in the firm’s acquisition efforts. Mr. Levenson had his share of writing for the Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He also served as a Director at TechTarget.com, an IT industry media company. Apart from this, Levenson was a President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”, an organization which helps low-income children to pursue higher education.

He has been actively engaged in organizations, some of which include Community Foundation of Washington and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. It is known that Levenson is a donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and supporter of Bringing the Lessons Home program, whose aims are to teach inner city students of the Holocaust and train them to be tour guides at the Museum. This sort of an inspiration comes from his mother-in-law, who survived the Holocaust. Other significant donations he made were the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace. Mr. Levenson supports various Jewish causes including Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and BBYO, a Jewish-American youth movement and is involved in many others philanthropic endeavors.

In 2010, both Levenson and his wife led the development of the Centre for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

In April 2013, Levenson was chosen as one of the 100 famous American Jews who sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister advising him to cooperate with John Kerry, Secretary of State, in order to bring peace although it may include territorial sacrifices.

In April, 2015, Antony Ressler, an American businessman, with a former NBA player Grant Hill, and Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of Marquis Jet, made a proposition to buy the Hawks from Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon Jr., and other investors for $850 million. Bruce Levenson announced he would sell his share of the team in September. The sale was approved by the NBA Board of Governors on June 24, 2015, and Ressler has taken the ownership.

For those who are not informed, the Hawks are a professional basketball team that competes in the NBA. They are part of the league’s Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Their home games are held in Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The team’s colors are Torch Red, Volt Green, Georgia Granite Gray and White. With Skyhawk and Harry, the Hawk mascots, the Hawks will have a game against Pistons next week, at their very home base, Phillips Arena. Make sure to put on the team colors and watch the game on Wednesday, October 28th!

Business And Sports Combine For Bruce Levenson

The changing face and culture of the NBA has recently been highlighted by the departure of one of the best known and most respected figures in both sports and business. Bruce Levenson and the consortium originally known as Atlanta Spirit have been in control of the Atlanta hawks franchise for a decade, but have now relinquished control of the franchise to billionaire financial expert Tony Ressler. The change in ownership sees basketball follow the lead of a number of other sports in seeing an increasing number of individual owners take charge of franchises in a bid to invest their fortunes in sports and sports club ownership.

At the time Bruce Levenson on ucg.com and his fellow consortium members took control of the Atlanta Hawks franchise for $250 million they also gained control of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the operating rights to Philips Arena. Since the purchase of the Hawks in 2004, Levenson has become the face of the franchise and has seen the Hawks replicate his business empire in heading in an upward trajectory. The co-founder of UCG and the man behind the popular GasBuddy app has seen his business empire grow from its first days operating from a storage room to become one of the top real time analytics companies in the world.

In terms of sporting prowess, there can be few turnarounds as impressive as that orchestrated by Levenson at the Hawks. One of the biggest achievements in the business life of one of the most successful businesspeople in the world must be taking the Hawks from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed for the Eastern Conference at the outset of the 2014-15 playoffs.

At the close of a decade in charge of the Hawks franchise, Bruce Levenson had already taken the decision to sell the Thrashers franchise in 2011 for an estimated $170 million. That decision was followed by the choice to sell the Hawks and the operating rights to Philips Arena for a large profit at an estimated $750 million. Billionaire Tony Ressler has taken on the role as the latest owner of the Atlanta Hawks and will be expected to use his own fortune to make sure the Hawks move on to a higher level of success at the later stages of the NBA playoffs in coming years. The success already achieved by the Bruce Levenson consortium at the Hawks has laid a strong groundwork for the future of the franchise as it takes a new direction.