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Shaygan Kheradpir: Resilient Leader and CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has always been a go-getter in whatever endeavor he chooses to engage in. This same principle is definitely true in his career aspirations as well. Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant, and the scope of his career has demonstrated his resiliency. There are many examples, but one particular instance definitely stands out. Before getting into that though, it is important to fully understand how the man arrives at his present state of success. How did he get to where he is today? So first, here is a little biographical information:

Shaygan Kheradpir began his illustrious career as a network routing assistant with GTE Laboratories in 1987. He rose through the ranks and eventually became the Chief Information Officer with the firm and served as president of Verizon’s business division after GTE merged with Bell Atlantic. He remained there until 2011 when he joined Barclay’s as a technology executive. In 2014 he left for a brief tenure as CEO at Juniper Networks and then in 2015 he became the current CEO of Coriant.

Kheradpir’s resiliency comes with the territory. In order to be a stellar chief executive, an individual must have tenacity. Kheradpir understands that sometimes people might encounter difficulty in life, but he also understands that where there is a will there is a way. Shaygan Kheradpir possesses the intangibles needed to be a fully professional chief executive and he understands the needed invisible and intangible attributes necessary to run a multi-billion dollar and multi-national company.

Kheradpir is not the type of person to give up, as his most recent position can attest. He did some headhunting and engaged in a relentless job search, and he was able to land the CEO position at Coriant less than a year later. The officials at Coriant have stated time and again that they feel fortunate to have an individual such as Kheradpir because of his extensive industry experience.

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Soros Is Right in His Crisis Prediction

George Soros is an American Billionaire of Polish origin. It is right to call himself made as he has steered himself to riches. From a tender age, George Soros has been a go-getter. After completing his education at the London school of economics, his hunger for a better life drove him to the USA where he has since never looked back. He is a strategist and an economic analyst who has made a business empire worth a name. Not many have been able to achieve what he has. Apart from being an economist, he is a philanthropist who never stutters and is very vocal on matters of economics and humanity.

Recently, George Soros predicted on uncommonwisdomdaily that a financial, economic crisis was looming as China enters a phase of financial crises. According to Crooks, George Soros said that the current economic situation of the world reminds him of the 2008 financial crises. However, comparing the current situation from the position in 2008 would be presumptuous and deceiving. Various pointers are showing that 2016 won’t be the same as 2008.

To start with, the world currently have a debt valued at $225 trillion. The value is worse than it was in 2008. The debt value has been on the trajectory since the year 2014. The situation has been made worse by the doubling of Chinas debt since 2008, and it now sits at 240% about Debt to GDP. Although the Chinese government continues to inject funds into the economy, the currency weakness is still evident for all to see. This trend will continue to be evident in China and other economies of the world.

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The fact that China is the second largest economy in the world does not help the situation. The growth of the world’s economy is on the decline. According to World Bank, the 2016 growth forecast for growth from 3.3% to 2.9. %. The head of International Monetary Funds (IMF) also predicted that 2016 might be worse economically. Soros prediction might have a basis but the current economic position I the world is not similar to the one in 2008. This is because then many organizations were not open on their books. However, the events have made organizations learn and transparency is the key to the why 2016 will not go the 2008 way. As expected, the banks and countries involved will try to counter the effects of recession by injecting cash flow to the economy. For more information see http://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/george-soros-is-right-22082

Winter 2015 Men’s Shoes He Will Love

Any wife who wants to treat her husband to a lovely gift will think of Paul Evans first. Paul Evans is a fabulous line of Italian-leather fashion and professional leather shoes and accessories for men to make any man feel like a king wherever he goes.

There are many styles of shoes to choose from. For starters, a classic loafer makes for an excellent winter 2015 accessory that any man will love. Paired with patterned socks, loafers in smooth chocolate brown or stark, professional black help complete any outfit. The versatility of loafers being worn with jeans, khakis or a business suit make them a popular choice for wives when shopping for their fashionable husbands.

The Paul Evans line of shoes also includes handcrafted Oxfords in luscious tones, including maroon for the fashion-forward male and more subtle tan for a low-key style. Since each shoe is hand-designed with classic Italian leather, every pair is infused with quality, unique appeal, and a brand name that tells the world that a man knows how to dress.

If wives are unsure which shoe to get their man, they can opt to get them a lovely and decadent accessory from the Paul Evans line of men’s footwear instead. Italian leather belts in varying colors, from shining black to light tan, can help any man feel more confident in his attire.

Briefcases are also available in the line, and help complete the winter 1015 look any wife is hoping to give her husband. Briefcases can be paired with a casual or professional Paul Evans shoe to give a man a complete stylish appearance from head to toe.

Paul Evans is known for quality, handcrafted Italian leather footwear, and the owners of the company know Italian class inside and out. This is apparent in the care that goes into every show, and any pair of shoes is perfect for a man’s wardrobe. If a wife wants to style her man for winter 2015, she should think of Paul Evans and the many available designs first.

Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founder Anthony Marsala Is Honored By The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts


National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts™ (NACVA®) has a program that honors people that have contributed to the advancement of financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions, expert witness testimony, business valuation and litigation consulting. According to an article published by the Chicago Tribune, the program is called the 40 Under Forty recognition program for 2015 and one of this year’s nominees is the co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala. Mr. Marsala is the visionary leader of the investment firm, and his expertise has made Chicago-based Madison Street Capital a leader in the investment industry.

Marsala was selected from a group of 125 nominees that are considered the cream of the crop in the industry. The 40 Under Forty recognition program is designed to give men like Marsala a voice as well as the opportunity to shine in an industry filled with professional mavericks that have an abundance of talent.

Mr. Marsala is the not only one of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital he is also the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Marsala is a genius when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and business valuation in the energy sector, food and agriculture industry, manufacturing and technology and wholesale and distribution.

After graduating from Loyola University of Chicago, he received a Master’s degree in Strategy from the University of Oxford. Marsala is a member of the American Society of Appraisers and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Marsala has a comprehensive understanding of finance and he is an important presence in Madison Street Capital’s European operation as well as operations in Asia and Africa.

When Marsala first started Madison Street Capital, the company had to prove its worth and thanks to Marsala’s commitment to excellence, integrity and service the company grew quickly especially in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Marsala’s opinions on finance and his astute knowledge of business valuations gave Madison Street Capital a firm position in the international investment world.

Madison Street Capital under Marsala and CEO Charles Botchway has developed a winning strategy when it comes to investing in emerging markets, and even though those markets are going through a major transition, Marsala and Madison Street Capital are maintaining and even experiencing growth in those markets. Madison Street Capital’s clients credit Marsala for their success. The recognition he received from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts just confirms his dedication and his incredible work ethic in an industry that is extremely competitive.

The Visionary Omar Boraie has Seen The Potential Of New Brunswick for four decades


New Brunswick has spent the last decade in meeting the same challenges as other American cities: neglect, declining values of property and the growing number of immigrants. But, Omar Boraie now has a different vision for New Brunswick.
As his latest project is almost done ( a deluxe high-rise residential in the heart of the city known as ‘The Aspire’), Omar Boraie’s vision for New Brunswick is finally taking shape, and many people support him.
Omar Boraie is the patriarch and president of Boraie Development LLC, a privately held company in New Brunswick that has been doing business for 39 years. His dream was to rebuild New Bruncwick in the similar way he witnessed when he was traveling from Egypt to Europe as a scholar of chemistry.
New Brunswick was in an awful state in 1972. People were not allowed to go out and walk on the streets after 4 p.m. Many had also left the city for different reasons, and this is why Mr. Boraie wanted to do something really big for this city.
Since there were more than 20 dilapidated and vacant buildings, he decided to buy them all and do something about them. For instance, Albany Street Plaza Tower One building brought 250,000 square feet and a famous Class A office space. This happened in the 1980s and 1990s. Then in 2003 Tower One building added even more Class A office space. But , according to Omar Boraie, this was not enough. He thought that New Brunswick needed top-flight residential units ,so he envisioned something that would be in a New York style ( One Spring Street Condominium building ). The building is incredible . With 25 stories, 10, 000 square feet of retail, 40,000 square feet of office space, more than 120 residential units and 400-space garage , together with the space for barbequing, it represents the tallest building in New Brunswick.
People were very suspicious about this, they didn’t think Mr. Boraie would do this, since it was impossible to build such building at that time. However, the building was finished in 2007, and sold out in just two months. This was when people started to believe. Mr.Boraies said that other names were also important for this project : Johnson & Johnson, John Lynch, Mayor James Cahill, David Crabiel and many others.
All in all, this luxury building will bring its population back to the city. Furthermore, the culture offered here has attracted many doctors, teachers, lawyers and other professionals, and all this will help New Brunswick grow even more.

Kyle Bass And His Wrong Choices That Have Cost Him Greatly

Kyle Bass was once a man held in very high esteem in the hedge fund market circles. That was until he started making bad call after bad call. To add salt to injury, he has been making those bad calls in full view of the public without a care of how they will take his professional image. His debut into the limelight was, however, contrary to his current image and reputation. In 2006, he started his Hayman Capital Management hedge-fund and made a fortune by making a positive prediction into the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

Many people thought the man was a genius of sorts because prior to getting into the hedge fund arena, he was involved in writing scripts and directing movies and got nominated in roles for the same. However, the magic touch, if there was any, has withered down with his shenanigan tactics all over the media. He has been moving from one media station to another offering his ‘professional’ opinion the latest being related to Argentina and Japan.

As if that is not all, he has also been involved in alliances that have not been doing any good to a man of his stature. He is a bosom friend to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a lady that many consider as an economically illiterate despot. He has been furiously defending her moves that have greatly cost her people in terms of finances.

Born in 1969, Bass attended the Texas Christian University and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Real Estate and Finance in 1992. He made a brief stint at Prudential Securities before starting to work for the Bear Sterns London Office and proceeded to become a Managing Director at the tender age of 28. He made his debut in the hedge-fund industry after raising $33 million from friends and family including his $10 million savings.

UsefulStooges tells that his latest quick money making scheme involves ripping off pharmaceutical companies by short-selling their stocks and then challenging their patents using the Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he formed precisely for this purpose. He always makes a very calculated move while on it, and when the stocks go plummeting down, he makes a few quick million dollars. At the same time, the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies make prices go up which hurts the million of people who depend on them.

When asked about his motive at first, he was quick to point out that he was doing it for a noble reason but later on came to admit that he was doing it for the bucks.

Highland Capital Management Company’s Proficiency in Financial Marketing

The world and the ensuing global economy have changed the entire business landscape and people are gradually responding to the changes therein. This is true if James Dondero’s services are anything to go by. Dondero is a financial advisor whose skills have become very valuable in the business world ant it has seen him attract a number of investors. When it come financial investments, no one understand the trend better than James Dondero. This is why he has been one of the greatest financial advisors in the world. He has also contributed to the world of business by creating a number of enterprises himself.

As a result of global expansion in terms of economical landscapes, there has been a rising need for financial guidance in areas. This includes guidance to individuals, to organizations, as well as guidance to governments in matters to do with investments. The world has opened up to allow different regions to trade. This has created complexity in the way business is done amidst creating other opportunities for financial trade. As many investors are taking grate interest to understand the underlying advantages of financial markets, the legal structure in this trade are making it quite complex for the lay men to understand. This is where the highland Capital Management Company comes in.

Capital management is basically the prudent steps taken by investors before committing their resources in a particular venture. Highland Capital is a company well known for this and it has been in the business for years now. The company provides its clients with information that helps them determine the viability of a business venture. Financial markets involves moneys as the sole product of trade. However, the money does not have to be in its liquid form. It is normally traded in different forms including equity, hedges, bonds, and shares among other securities.

Highland Capital Management has been very crucial in advising it client on issues to do with structured investments. When a company, an individual or a government wants to commit its resources to an investment opportunity, it is important that they conduct a commercial due diligence which involves scrutinizing the economic risks involved. Unfortunately, most people, organizations, and governments alike do not have enough knowledge on the financial trends of the global economy. In addition, managing capital and putting the right resources in the right investment is a process that requires professional guidance. Highland capital is the best company for this.

With several years of experience on its hands, the company has been able to transfer mere dreams into realties by enabling its clients to invest in viable investment. The company carries out researches to keep tabs on the current market structure and trends in order ti be well informed about the market situation. It has been doing it for years to understand the no go zones and the favorable zones in terms of investment. Highland Capital is an expert player in the industry and it has several billions worth of assets under its able hand to manage in the American market alone.

The World Of Economists

Many people think that studying economics involving interpreting complex chats, table’s statistics and doing endless calculations. However, contrary to this popular myth, economics is simply a study concerned with rational behavior of human beings in their endeavor to satisfy their needs. In any social setting, one may find himself/herself having very limited resources, which must satisfy their unlimited needs. Consequently, one has to make a choice with their resources and decide which need to satisfy first. For instance, one will pay their rent first before buying extra clothes or will buy food before purchasing the newest car in town. Economists are particularly interested in the choices people makes in such situations. For instance, they seek to know if a person will still buy bar of chocolates after the prices increases by $ 3 per bar. In essence, economists examine how human beings and the society in general respond to material limitations and understanding how economic factors balance in currency trading. The subject assumes that human beings aim to satisfy their needs all times and each person makes rational decisions in their effort to satisfy the unlimited wants. Therefore, economists study the behavior of people based on their personal interests.

Economics as a Dismal Science

Economics can be viewed as a dismal science, which analyses the interaction of certain aspects in the society. In one of his articles in Quarterly Economics journal, Christian Broda, a renowned economist on valuewalk examines why some countries continue to prosper while others lag behind in poverty. He argues that, the manner in which a country allocates its resources determines whether its economy will grow, stunt or deteriorate. He adds that, when the economy of a country fails, the result should be attributed to the incompetency of the economists working in the government.

Broda is an experienced professional in the sector of economics. He graduated from the San Andreas University with a bachelor’s degree in economists and went on to work in Chicago University as a tutor in the economics department. He has served as the Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers. He also worked as the president of International Research at Barclay’s Capital Group, Federal Reserve Bank and Columbia University. He serves as a faculty member for the National Bureau of Research in Economics as well as the associate chief-editor of the Development Economics Journal.

How to Prepare For Economics Degree in the University

The students who aspire to pursue economics as a career should prepare themselves by reading economic journals and articles. The information gained will give them an edge over those who do not, particularly when writing their first assignments and essays. They should also read the books listed by their lecturers on the course outline for more background information.

Economists apply economic policies in real estate, natural resources, environment, transportation, agriculture, energy, and finance. These are key sectors in the economy of a country. They use the knowledge on economic relationship to guide the sectors on appropriate steps towards improving the economy of a country.