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Omar Yunes Highly Successful Entrepreneur in Food Business From Mexico

Omar Yunes is a highly successful entrepreneur in Mexico and is also the winner of the Best Franchisee in the World Competition that was held recently in Florence, Italy. Hundreds of participants from 34 countries, including Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain, and others, took part in the event. But, Omar Yunes won the competition by a considerable margin, thanks to his years of hard work and determination to make his franchise network successful and popular in Mexico.

Omar Yunes is the owner of 13 Sushi Itto franchise units in Mexico, which are all running successfully and are popular in their respective areas. People love to have their meals at Sushi Itto restaurant because Omar Yunes has ensured that all the branches he owns maintain hygiene, provide value for money, courteous services, attentive customer service, and more. The consistency of food and service offered at the franchise units owned by Omar Yunes is exemplary and is one of the parameters that helped him win the Best Franchisee in the World Competition.

Omar Yunes’ journey as an entrepreneur started when he was just 21 and started his first Sushi Itto fast food restaurant. At that time, Japanese fast food wasn’t that popular in Mexico, but Omar Yunes predicted that it would be a great hit among the people, and he was right. With time and success of his first restaurant, he continued to roll the profits he made to start new Sushi Itto franchises across the country. Currently, he owns Sushi Itto franchises in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. Omar Yunes has many exciting plans under his belt and believes that with time, he would be in a position to expand his franchise network further.

Omar Yunes said after winning the BFW Competition that winning such a highly competitive award wasn’t possible without the help of his workforce consisting of 400 employees. Omar Yunes ensures that his team of employees are motivated and well-paid, and there are many training and orientation schedules that are held from time to time to keep the employees well-groomed. Such activities planned by Omar Yunes across his network of franchises has helped in ensuring that his business remains successful and also popular among the people. To know more about him click here.

Adam Milstein: A Great Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate owner with over $2 billion worth of property across the country under Hager Pacific Properties, a company whereby he’s the managing partner. On top of Milstein’s incredible and impressive track record in the real estate world, he’s also a renowned philanthropist. He’s invested very much in safeguarding the Jewish culture through various means such as encouraging Jewish people all over the world to learn Hebrew.

Adam Milstein is very outspoken, and he has gone lengths when it comes to fighting for the rights of the intimidated or the marginalized throughout the world. Through The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, many Jewish scholars have been helped with the opportunity to trace their Jewish roots and also increasing their ties back to Israel.

He has worked to establish ties between the United States and Israel through the establishment of Israel-American Council. He has also expanded the United States foreign policy regarding Jewish community at large.

Adam Milstein has also written many publications which advocate for the Jewish people to hold on to their culture. He has achieved this by explaining the importance of being Hebrew literate which goes to a great extent in strengthening their deep connections with their religious practices and beliefs.

Being a philanthropist, Adam Milstein creates a bond with his works rather than just writing a check, unlike most of the philanthropists. He engages actively in the tasks he’s doing at hand and always finds new ways and methodologies of helping out his local community and people across the world.

Adam Milstein works have earned him recognition and his name has been included in the prestigious list of the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurship Top 200. With that, he has joined a list of other renowned philanthropists across the globe such as Warren Buffet, Bill & Melinda Gates, and many others. On this list, Adam Milstein is number 187 which is based on the influence of his Facebook and Twitter accounts in the philanthropic world.

Adam Milstein’s zeal to advocate for the rights of the marginalized is also attributed to the fact that his wife had immigrated from Morocco to the United States. Therefore, she shares the experience of marginalized social groups living in the United States of America.


The Davos Real Estate Calculator

David Osio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group advisory group. He has successfully led the company in both international and domestic markets position. For a long time, the business guidance specialist has been in constant collaboration with the non-profit institutions that support culture and art in communities. In addition to developing financial services, Osio advances assistance to charitable organizations on a universal scale.

Osio was ranked as a lawyer with recognition from the Andres Bello Caracas Catholic University. He has helped to increase Davos’ revenue in Miami, Lisbon, Panama Geneva, and New York City. He established his profession in Venezuela as the Director of the Legal Desk MGO, contributing legal counsel to multi-national customers like the Consolidated and Ferro Bank. Additionally, David Osio helped modify the Davos Real Estate Group into an international association, with agencies in leading commercial stations all over the world.

The Davos Real Estate Group is an independent firm that helps design the Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group has been an international business group and a leader in the Latin American business, presenting general economic information. The firm’s business objectives focus on the formulation of investment policies that match the requirements of every client. The company consolidates premium products within a high-quality service regulatory framework, with experienced professional partners, licensed, and specialized for all of the services given.

The Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of a new mobile application known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The mobile app intends to evaluate clients real estate investment returns. Over the past months, Davos REG Executive Director Gerard González has worked jointly with the company’s Tecknolution to develop and design this useful accessory. This mobile partner will allow clients to estimate property investment gains after associated property expenses.

The application is drawn from the most advanced technological programs and is now available on both Android and iPhone devices. This primary form is the opening of a line of similar apps that will cover the capacity to recognize property through mobile equipment. The application also encompasses the ability to transmit actual real estate reports to a Davos agent, through an interactive conversation.

A statement from the Chief Executive Officer revealed that the developed application is a novel mechanism to permit investors extremely certain financial concepts when acquiring a real estate property. Through the CAP Calculator, clients will be able to measure property rental price that best accommodate their proposed income.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Politics Is Important

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is vying for the gubernatorial seat as the governor of Guarico. He has several parties that are rallying behind him. He is also an agricultural businessman and was the previous president of the FEDECAMARAS and the current deputy of the national assembly of the state of Guarico. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the only person n the country that offers the state of two independent and successive experiences to serving the public from the two different angles that are yet again complementary in nature. He is an active entrepreneur that politics as borrowed to have itself shaped.

He says that in his opinion he is tired of looking for false messiahs in the name of politicians. We, as a country are also tired of the political affiliations and parties as well as the sole owners through which the country was created to such a point where the charges are divided. The people want the national assembly to be won to them no matter which party they are n. But on numerous occasions, the party interests that cloud that overshadows the interests of the country are not always represented by the suitable. This is the reason why the chances of a successful management as well as a government and the eventual administration. It should be heard clear and loud that t is not the people that are strong and very active in politics are very suitable for the positions, but the people that have the heart and a proven record are supposed to lead the people.

Manuel hates to say that under the keen and accurate analysis, the Lara state candidates where they were denied in the primaries, Eduardo Gomez was voted by Henry, who had the decision of the candidates as decided in their hands. Despite the unsurpassed performance, this was done. These votes are the many things and qualifications that the government practices they have the same authorization as well as force.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Ph.D holder in economics from the University of Columbia. He has served in numerous positions as an advisor in economics including, IMF, European Union, and the World Bank. He is an also a professor of economics.