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JHSF the Brazilian real estate powerhouse under Jose Auriemo

In the early 1990s, two brothers by the names Fabio Auriemo and Jose Roberto launched a company by the name JHS. The company dealt with construction affairs. In 1995, the two had some individual differences that prompted them to part ways. They both launched individual companies JHSF and JHSJ adding their name initials at the end of the original title of the company. Fabio Auriemo went on to make it big in the industry with JHSF.

About JHSF

JHSF is a commercial and residential real estate company based in Brazil. The company has and continues to partake in luxurious projects like the construction of the Sao Paolo Cidade Jardim Shopping mall, Pontra Negra in Manaus among several others all across the State of Brazil. The company is currently headed by one Jose Auriemo Neto who plays the roles of Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer in the company.

Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF

A few years back, Fabio’s son Jose Auriemo Neto approached his father with an idea to utilize the 80000 square meters of land on the edge of the Pinheiros Marginal. Jose’s idea was to construct high luxury complexes on the land. At this time, Jose had been working in the company from 1993 in a junior position.

An idea that sounded too ambitious at the time became the greatest achievement of the JHSF construction company. The company developed the Marginal Pinheiros Complex which currently comprises of a 180 stored shopping mall, nine residential towers, offices, apartments and luxurious hotels. Following this success, Jose Auriemo took over from his father as the CEO of JHSF as he showed potential proving he was ready to handle the family business.

Since then, Jose has led the company to great height including its first venture into retail. He saw JHSF by signing a collaboration with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. He also oversaw the partnership with Valentino through which the company launched the first Valentino stores in Brazil. These are just but a few projects that Auriemo has led in JHSF which is currently a big name in the Brazilian real estate industry.

Jose Neto’s Academic Background

Jose attended the FAAP University based in Sao Paulo.

Boraie Development’s Push To Do Even Better In New Jersey

Great leaders are those who see the light in the tunnel to complete their vision even when things look dark and the task is steep. This is something that Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development in New Brunswick, NJ has reckoned with several times in his professional career, yet he’s never given up no matter how dire the situation has seemed. The city of New Brunswick has had Boraie to thank for his property investments that have brought in both businessmen and residents to the area, and for spurring a rental market that people of all demographics have become interested in.

The Boraie Development portfolio has a variety of individual housing, large high-rise apartments and office spaces, and it all began in the 1970s with the beginning of the Albany Street Plaza. This area of New Brunswick had seen a decline in commerce and had become quite dangerous when Omar Boraie first moved into town, but after he purchased it he began construction of two towers. The first one was completed in 1988 and the second in 2003, and before long the area became a busy hub in New Brunswick.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie started investing in large modern apartments in 2006 when he had a 21-story condominium built on Spring Street. The building was built in the style of Brooklyn and Manhattan high-rises, and since these were not too common in New Jersey, most real estate experts didn’t think this property would rent out as Boraie predicted it would. But instead, it was completely filled within three months and it led Boraie to do even more with housing. He then copied this feat at One Rector Street in Newark, a project that also was sponsored by NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, and then in 2014 The Aspire was completed and it became popular because of its proximity to the metro station. They also completed the Estates at Waverly Place, and now they’re working on the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. Check out statetheatrenj to know more.

Omar Boraie has been interviewed along with his son Wasseem who is a vice president at the company, and they were asked about how they knew they could succeed in rebuilding the city. Omar Boraie said that he looked at examples of others who had turned old properties into profitable estates, and he believed he could do the same with the right research. And Wasseem said that his father was just unfazed by the criticism he received for undertaking the projects. Both also cited the turning point for deciding to do this was when Johnson & Johnson decided to stay in New Brunswick because they are the area’s most important healthcare service provider.

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