Hometown Journey

Rona Borre and The New Kind of Company

When Rona Borre started her new staffing company, Instant Alliance, in Chicago in 2001, most people would have thought her to be a little crazy. She had just quit her very high-paying job with a global staffing company where she had just annihilated all of their sales records.

Rona, however, knew exactly what she was doing. She had reached the pinnacle of what she could accomplish with that company, and now it was time to move out on her own. Instant Alliance was started in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, and yet today, it is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the land.

Situated in the downtown financial district of Chicago, Instant Alliance is billing out millions of dollars in fees with its owner in high demand for speaking engagements, check on techweekchicago2014.sched.com for additional article. Rona has been interviewed by just about every television and radio station in the area and is also very involved in the Chicago business community. She holds leadership posts with such organizations as The Chicago Network, the Economic Club of Chicago, and the Young Presidents’ Organization.  Head over to this related site.

Rona Borre owes her success to her ability to see the market for what it is and then being able to supply what it needs. She specializes in the placement of technological and financial candidates because they are what growing companies need to get off of dead center and grow to the next level.

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