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Jason Hope is working for the future

Jason Hope has donated 500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization in California. This organization is heavily involved in developing and spreading rejuvenation bio technologies, dealing with age-related diseases. Hope stated that he has been interested in SENS and the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey who were advancing medicine to deal with human aging and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Arteriosclerosis. This work will reshape the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industries. SENS Foundation CEO Mike Knope thanked Jason Hope for his notable donation and explained about more about the organization’s purpose. SENS will be a public research and outreach center committed to rejuvenation technology.

With his outstanding contribution, they will be able to further progress their research. Dr. Grey was more specific in how the money will be used, explaining that arteriosclerosis is caused by the unwanted build-up of molecular bonds between the proteins that keep the cells of an artery together. This also causes long sightedness and aging, and if they can break these bonds, it will restore flexibility of the body’s cell matrix. Jason Hope is a true believer of the Internet of Things. This term refers to the everyday devices that have access to the web, things such as smart homes, vehicles, tablets, cell phones, and even appliances. Researchers says that by 2020, 30 million objects will comprise the IoT.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope has written an E-Book about this potential benefit to mankind titled, ” Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era”. In the book, Hope explains what this concept is, as well as making sure people understand all the devices that are part of this interconnectivity. He also goes into his own belief about this will improve society as a whole. Even though there is some risk, such as information leaks and security breaches, personal awareness along with rules and regulations can minimize these dangers. Hope believes that the benefits outweigh the small amount of risk and will enable us all to improve our quality of life and make everything more manageable and run smoothly.

There Is Nothing Average About The Work Of Ryan Seacrest

The name Ryan Seacrest has become synonymous with success. From his humble beginnings as an unrecognized face in the early years of the American Idol talent competition show, Ryan has become one of the most successful, and well-known media personalities of the modern day era. Ryan started as a radio host before he was invited to host American Idol when it first began. The show had a long run before it ended. Not long afterwards, American Idol made a comeback in the spring of 2018, and again the host was the incomparable Ryan Seacrest. The growth of his popularity was an indicator that the show would once again draw the viewers.

According to the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest has had many accolades to his name since he was introduced to the world during American Idol. He had been a radio personality, hosting his own radio show. Ryan is an award-winning entrepreneur with a creative spirit. He holds positions in local and national syndicated radio, as well as cable and local broadcast television. He is involved with entertainment companies, and a wide range of diverse media. His radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, is a number one nationally syndicated show broadcast in Los Angeles. It is part of the iHeart Media system.

Ryan Seacrest is also executive producer and co-host of the ABC morning show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, which is broadcast every weekday morning. Ryan has also become the familiar face and is also the executive producer of the New Year’s Eve program, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest also has his own production company entitled Ryan Seacrest Productions. He produces shows including, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and E! Live from The Red Carpet. With all of this to keep him busy, Ryan Seacrest still managed to be the founder of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is a network of broadcast studios in pediatric hospital across the nation. Read this article from Men’s Journal to learn about Seacrest’s weight loss struggle.

Ryan is a style master who has his own menswear collection call Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and is only sold in Macy’s stores. Ryan works hard, and he enjoys everything that he does.

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Graeme Holm Leads Infinity Group Australia to Prestigious Award in 2018

Graeme Holm spent a decade working in a major Australian bank after college. He processed payments for loans and noticed a disturbing trend in home loans: Most Australian familes had bad mortgage deals, leading them to debt. And they didn’t have to do this: There were plenty of ways that families could reduce debt and get a better deal from their lending institution, but most of them didn’t know that. Once the banker or loan officer was finished approving the basic loan, they tended to drop off the clients’ radar. But Holm knew that people needed the kid of help only a financial expert could provide.


So Holm, along with business and life partner Rebecca Walker, started Infinity Group Australia with the goal of providing ongoing, steady financial and investment advice as well as helping their clients find loopholes, deductions and other money-saving aspects of debt and loans. With the goal of restructuring every home loan and debt in Australia, Infinity Group seeks to change Australian borrowing culture “one household at a time.”


Infinity Group Australia provides a personal banker for their clients who not only goes over their loans and debts but helps them find ways to pay down debt, reduce debt and make payments faster, as well as personal finance advice for debt reduction, retirement planning and investing. They do not provide loans, just counselling for those in debt, providing a service that the established banking and loan institutions don’t offer. Infinity Group Australia doesn’t get paid unless they can save their clients money and see an actual reduction in debt as quickly as possible. In many cases their clients end up paying off 20 or 30 years mortgages in 10 years or less, with money to spare each month for living their lives.


On July 30th of 2018, Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm received one of the Australian Financial Review’s esteemed Most Innovative Companies, landing at spot #58. The award is determined by the staff of the Australian Financial Review and Innovative. The list selects the 100 business from Australia and New Zealand from a list of 1,000 eligible businesses. Holm was on hand to receive the award and beamed with pride at the fact that his 5 year old business idea is working out so well, and helping Australian families in the process.


Holm was also named one of Australia’s MPA Top 100 Brokers and completed Customer Service Management from IQPC earlier this year. Holm spent six months doing research and R&D for Infinity Group Australia before launching it to the public in 2013. He has quickly become a recognizable face in personal finance, helping over 1,000 families personally find a path out of debt and into retirement savings and a disposable income.


The Australian Financial Review has been awarding the Most Innovative Company Top 100 for seven years now. The award was previously known as the BRW Most Innovative Company List. It is the only cross-industry national award given in Australia or New Zealand. Learn more: https://about.me/graemeholm