Hometown Journey

How Evolution of Smooth’s Focus on Product Design Led Them to Hit a Home Run

The delightfully colored orbs of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm have become popular among the younger generation. The founders behind this lip balm company went to great lengths to make sure the product they manufactured would succeed. Unlike most new companies, the team at EOS lip balm decided to focus on product creation rather than on promotion. The first thing they wanted to do was to create a container that would be different than the tubes currently used to hold the lip balms that were already on the market.

The founders of EOS used their own money to create a product and package that would revolutionize the lip balm industry. In order to help them visualize a new concept for packaging they hired a professional artist to do renderings in clay. They wanted a container that would be dramatically different, but that would still stand the test of time. The team at EOS also knew their balm had to be affordable in order to compete against the balms already on the market. To help them gain better insights into what type of products would appeal mostly to women of a younger generation, they conducted a survey on Facebook.

The results of the panel of women they surveyed led them to create a balm and container that appealed to all of the senses. The balm was created using organic ingredients with natural plant extracts that provided the smell, taste and color. The container they chose to use was spherical in shape so it would conveniently fit inside a woman’s palm. The exterior of the spheres were smooth in texture and made in a variety of pastel shades to make them more attractive. The effort the EOS founders put into designing their product paid off big time when their lip balm hit the shelves and started soaring in sales.