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Whitney Wolfe Shows her Creative Side with Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is doing some interesting things when it comes to dating app technology. She knows a lot about the dating app world, and people that have seen her work with Bumble. It is evident that Bumble is the company that has given people a lot of options that they may have never had before if they were dating in traditional manner.

Singles are excited about what Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble, and it is just a matter of time before people become loyal to this dating app. Wendy Wolfe pitches Bumble to be more than just another dating app environment. She actually wanted to give people something that would allow them to also build friendships. She wanted people to use the app for socializing and building networks. All of these are things that have made bumble one of the most popular socially conscious dating platforms around. When people have found the one that they would like to settle down with they still have the opportunity to utilize Bumble for networking. This is where Whitney Wolfe was showing her intelligence as an app developer.

Whitney Wolfe has continued to be a lightning rod for creativity in the dating app world. She has done her very best to make sure that people look at her dating app and strike up conversations about what she is doing. She is always in the news, and this makes it easy for people to start conversations about Bumble and the life of Whitney Wolfe.

She got married recently, and this was something that users for Bumble were discussing, but they were also discussing also the way that she has transitioned into a company that would make as many as a million matches with this dating app.

People would also talk about the way that Whitney Wolfe was trying to create a room where singles that met through the Bumble app could interact in person. Whitney Wolfe also had people talking about the way that she was expanding her company with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. All of these are things that make people stand up and take notice of this Bumble app. This allowed people to really get connected to Bumble and the way that this company is doing things.

Whitney Wolfe definitely makes it possible for more people to look at app technology differently. Whitney Wolfe wanted to make her own lane.

Understanding the New Fabletics

Every so often, every company needs to reinvent itself to attract new customers. Usually, companies don’t reinvent themselves unless the public develops a negative opinion about the brand. Sometimes, companies change with the ever-changing tides of consumer behavior. That’s the kind of company that Fabletics is.

Recently, consumer behavior gave way to review-centric marketing strategies. As the economy became more tech-savvy, it was only a matter a time before online reviews got their time to shine. Today, over 80 percent of consumers rely on online reviews to make their final purchase. They actually trust reviews from people they’ve never met more than traditional advertising.

Not surprisingly, only the savvy companies are able to capitalize on this trend. That means that smaller, agile enterprises have a chance to outperform the larger big-name brands. That’s how Fabletics found its success. Fabletics is an activewear brand that joined the activewear market after it’d already been dominated by a horde of powerhouses.

Last year, Fabletics grew an additional 43 percent thanks to user reviews. In fact, many of the company’s executives credit its success to the crowd. One executive truly thankful for all the support is co-founder Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson’s been dreaming about starting a business like Fabletics for years. She’s always been a fashion icon in the eyes of most people. She’s also a devote health and fitness enthusiast. Her resume is full of accomplishment, not least of which is motherhood, and she knows the difficulty of staying healthy as a working mother.

That’s why she takes Fabletics so personally. She wants to use Fabletic’s fashion to inspire women to embrace more active lifestyles. She also wants every woman of all sizes to feel appreciated and noticed by fashion companies. Plus-size women are usually left out by those companies; Hudson didn’t want Fabletics to join that group.

While every company has its reason for ignoring plus sizes, Fabletics started working on plus sizes their first day. Their first plus-size line came out early this year. Now, they sell products in sizes from XXS to 3X. Hudson credits all the brilliant to her talented design team.

Her interest and knowledge of the company’s inner workings show that she actually works at the company. She goes over sales numbers every week and even works with the advertising department.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot in a Colorful Wedding Ceremony

The CEO and founder of Bumble, one of the largest online dating sites, finally said I do to the love of her life in a colorful wedding ceremony in Amalfi Coast of Italy. This great news was not only received well by the Bumble family but also the online dating family as well. Whitney Wolfe is a young techie who has built her career helping individuals find their perfect match.

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding to her fiancé now husband, Michael Herd, a Texas oil heir was nothing short of a spectacle. Everything from the venue to the food was breathtaking, with Whitney’s Oscar De La Renta gown being the talk of the day. The couple treated their guests to a panoramic view of the Italian coast. Whitney’s wedding was attended by family members and her close friends. However, people were still able to follow the wedding, thanks to the custom and creative # home iswhere theherdis hashtag.

About Whitney Wolfe and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is one of the revolutionary young techies we have in the industry today, with a key eye on the online dating industry. Despite being a major player in industry, Whitney Wolfe is an international studies’ graduate from Dallas Southern Methodist University. She was brought up in Utah’s, Salt Lake City, where she lived with her parents. Whitney Wolfe’s entrepreneurial skills can be traced back to her formative years. At 19 years while still in college, Ms. Whitney started making bamboo bags as an effort to help with the conservational activities of the community. She also played a part in community service by working in orphanages while in college.

After college, Mrs. Whitney started off her tech career. Whitney founded Bumble in 2014. Bumble is an online dating that seeks to demystify the notion that surrounds women and online dating. Currently, the online dating platform is doing well with the Bumble BFF extension launch already showing a lot of prospects. Apart from online dating Bumble BFF seeks to encourage women to socialize, interact, and network. Even as Whitney Wolfe starts her marriage life, her commitment to ensuring Bumble achieves its objectives is still undeterred.

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How Evolution of Smooth’s Focus on Product Design Led Them to Hit a Home Run

The delightfully colored orbs of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm have become popular among the younger generation. The founders behind this lip balm company went to great lengths to make sure the product they manufactured would succeed. Unlike most new companies, the team at EOS lip balm decided to focus on product creation rather than on promotion. The first thing they wanted to do was to create a container that would be different than the tubes currently used to hold the lip balms that were already on the market.

The founders of EOS used their own money to create a product and package that would revolutionize the lip balm industry. In order to help them visualize a new concept for packaging they hired a professional artist to do renderings in clay. They wanted a container that would be dramatically different, but that would still stand the test of time. The team at EOS also knew their balm had to be affordable in order to compete against the balms already on the market. To help them gain better insights into what type of products would appeal mostly to women of a younger generation, they conducted a survey on Facebook.

The results of the panel of women they surveyed led them to create a balm and container that appealed to all of the senses. The balm was created using organic ingredients with natural plant extracts that provided the smell, taste and color. The container they chose to use was spherical in shape so it would conveniently fit inside a woman’s palm. The exterior of the spheres were smooth in texture and made in a variety of pastel shades to make them more attractive. The effort the EOS founders put into designing their product paid off big time when their lip balm hit the shelves and started soaring in sales.