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M&A Deal of the Year Goes to Madison Street Capital

The 13 Annual Awards of M&A advisers has been given to Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm based in Chicago. The award was given to the firm because of their advisory services to Sachs Capital Group regarding the latter’s take-private of the RMG Networks. Under senior MD Barry Peterson, Madison Street Capital sealed the deal in partnership with several other companies that played various roles. One of these companies is Merion Investment partners who provided the financing for the debt and Virgo capital who were part of the investment.




Why Madison Street Capital won the award




While talking about the award, Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital said that they were delighted to be recognized for their contribution in the transaction. He also said that it would not have been possible without the input of the members of his team who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything falls in place. He also pointed out that the award was the underlining of their effort and highlights the ability of his team to handle transactions that are otherwise considered complex. The CEO says that his company will continue using their expertise to help companies that want to get into deals that are as complex as the one that led to the award.




The participating categories at the awards




Companies were participating in the Restructuring of the Year category. There were also winners in the transaction of the years, sector deal of the year, Refinancing of the year, Firm of the year, professional of the year, and turnaround service/product of the year categories. There were more than 275 companies nominated in these categories, and the winning company was picked through an independent jury of experts. The founder of M&A said that the winners in each category represent the best that the industry has seen, especially when you consider that they won in groups that consisted of companies that posted terrific results in the last year. He said that the new business environment requires professionals who are committed to providing innovative solutions.




About Madison Street Capital




Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based international banking company, has always been committed to excellence, integrity and service when it comes to providing corporate advisory services. They say that they have designed their services to help their clients to succeed in the international markets. In addition to that, the company focuses on emerging markets and has even termed them as their core interest when it comes to providing financial services.


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