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Securus Technologies Brings GovPayNet into its Wings

Securus Technologies is regarded as the innovation leader in the incarceration industry for long with the acquisition of companies, technologies, investments in product developments, and more. Its latest purchase confirmed, and the GovPayNet, the leader in payment processing towards government and government organizations, is going to part of Securus. The acquisition which is announced in the early weeks of January 2018 is expected to enhance the payment services business of Securus Technologies. I have noted that GovPayNet is the leader of the debit as well as credit card payments and processing that are remitted to governmental agencies.



It is known for offering a number of services including cash bail, traffic, court fines and other charges, fees to be levied on parking and speeding issues, and tax payments such as property and real estate taxes. I am impressed by the fact that GovPayNet is covering a significantly large domain and serving 2,300 agencies in approximately 35 states in the country. It can roughly come over 26 percentage of the total counties in the United States. While coming to the transaction, Robert E. Pickens, the President and CEO of Securus Technologies, confirmed that the firm is excitedly waiting for adding GovPayNet services to its extensive portfolio of services.



He continued that GovPayNet has experience in the industry for two decades, and it built the business over three critical parameters: excellent customer approval, a wonderful team of associates, and highest quality service experience. Interestingly, these are all the attributes that make Securus valuing GovPayNet as a solution provider and innovator in the industry. Pickens also explained the plans of the firm including the collaboration and said that Securus wants to build a core competency in offering payments solutions that are linking consumers and governmental agencies. Pickens also said that the boarding of GovPayNet has helped Securus to grow its payment processing and hit 40 million annually.


Securus Technologies Making Prison Communication Faster and Easier

Securus Technologies has been on the forefront of developing new communication systems servicing prison facilities around the United States of America. These new communication technologies utilize Internet connections to make audio/video communication systems for prison facilities as a way to connect with the outside world of friends and family. This new form of communication has advanced the needed communications required for the rehabilitation of the inmate. Now family and friends can easily communicate with loved ones who are behind bars. This form of communication system must be able to monitor communications to prevent any escape attempts or a plan for retribution or to commit more crimes. No longer is it necessary for friends and family to travel long distances to talk with inmates. Now the expenses of traveling and staying in lodgings away from home are no longer necessary. Securus Technologies have saved countless dollars, and the agony suffered by the family having to be strip searched and humiliated by the prison experience.

For the valiant efforts of Securus Technologies, the company has been awarded the Gold StevieĀ® Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category for Sales and Customer Service. These awards represent the world’s top honors for customer service.

Our world has recently gone through a major communication revolution. Now we have many programs that allow us to communicate with friends and family around the entire world. This latest revolution has even impacted that delicate area of communication between friends and family and those who are serving time for crimes committed. The former model of prison communication unfairly placed the onus of responsibility on the friends and family of convicts. Now communications can take place more often and without the expense and travel time placed on the friends and family. More frequent communications can serve as an enticement to those behind bars. Rehabilitation may become faster and more effective thanks to the efforts of Securus Technologies.


Video Visitation Good For Children This Holiday Season

Children all across the country will enjoy the holidays this year. They will enjoy the warmth of the inside of their homes, the company of their families and they will open gifts with a smile on their faces. There are very few other times of year that connect a family like the holiday season.


But what if you awoke on Christmas morning, ran down the stairs and discovered one of your parents was not going to be there? It would be devastating. That’s what over 2.7 million children will experience this holiday season because one of their parents will be in prison. The United States has the largest prison population in the world per capita, but we shouldn’t allow that to break up families on Christmas.


That’s why I am such a big fan of Video Visitation technology from Securus. Securus is a telecommunications company that provides digital communications services to prisons around the country. They are good at what they do. The company is an industry leader in positive reviews, carries accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and keeps an A+ customer rating from the same ratings agency.


Video visitation is simple. The family logs into their Securus account to schedule a video visit. The prison then approves the time requested. The family simply logs back into the account on Christmas to visit with their inmate. It really is as simple as that.


You can really see the benefits of this technology in this viral video. A father talks to his small son on Christmas, telling him how much he loves and misses him. His son is in the comfort of his own home. He is wearing warm pajamas and a smile on his face.


The young boy is not in some dark prison. He didn’t have to go through a scary security check. He didn’t have to sit inside of a car for hours on Christmas day to visit his father. Instead, he simply visited from the warmth of his bedroom.


The ACLU reports that losing a parent to prison is the same as losing that parent to death. This technology mitigates that negative psychological consequence of having the largest prison population on earth. I think we can all agree that children shouldn’t suffer needlessly during the holiday season. This video visitation technology should be on the wish list of every prisoner and prisoner’s family this holiday season.


Baseless Accusations

Information has recently arisen during the past few months about how Securus, an information communications corporation, is about to have several of its patents expired. This information was provided by GTL, another corporation within the industry, who suggests that a multitude of different patents that secures currently has will soon expire or have already expired This should mean that Securus products would no longer be protected by United States law, and would be open for use within different companies. After further investigation by Securus and third-party sources it would appear that these accusations were baseless and completely inaccurate. Securus still maintains valid patents on its products and services and the company should be growing stronger, not weaker as a result. Inmates seem to consider these products to be extremely useful and reliable, and many ways a lifesaver to what they are used to. By providing these services and products to the customers secure it can be considered and extremely customer-driven Corporation, and one that definitely has loyalty towards its customers.


Securus Technologies is a company that represents inmates currently residing within the American penal system. They produce products and services, such as mobile applications that provide seamless video streaming conference tools for inmates and their family members. This makes open forms of communication easier between the two parties and allows both of them to avoid long periods of time that it takes for Transit and for visitation. It is also interesting to note that security is not only represents inmates but also the security guards and enforcement Personnel that watch over them on a daily basis. By providing security services to these individuals the prison system has become a much safer place.


Securus Gives Free Calls to Inmates

Securus Technologies recently announced that it would be working with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to help families during an urgent crisis. Currently, there is widespread flooding in Louisiana which has been devastating for local families. Many of those families have an incarcerated member. Securus will be allowing all families in Lousiana to have one free phone call per day to stay in contact with their incarcerated family member. This will last until September 7th. Securus Technologies is a company that provides public safety, corrections, monitoring, and criminal justice solutions to the community.

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, released a personal statement on the matter. He said that allowing inmates to connect with their families is an important part of what he and his company strive to do. He considers it to be a critical service and his desire to help people at this time comes from his company’s core values. He has personally witnessed the devastation caused by the flooding in Lousiana. He knows how people are filled with anxiety and stress due to this disaster. He felt it was important to allow free calls because he wanted allay people’s fears for their family’s well-being. In total, Rick believes that his company will be giving away $300,000 in free phone calls to the family’s of inmates. Moreover, Securus will be making a cash donation to the state of Lousiana Department of Corrections totalling $50,000. This money will further help the inmates and the family’s of inmates at this difficult time. It is likely that Securus Technologies will be connecting more than 250,000 free phone calls during this period.

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas but its reach is broad. It provides services to more than 3000 law enforcement and penal system agencies across the nation.