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Learning the Ins and Out of Investing for Passive Income

People that want to gain passive income would do themselves good to educate themselves about the activity. They can learn from sources like Igor Cornelsen who has a lot of knowledge about passive income. Igor Cornelsen recommends a lot of extensive research so that one could maximize the amount of money he can earn from his investments. There are plenty of banks and programs that can offer a lot of good features for the investor to take advantage of. Igor Cornelsen has looked at these features himself in order to maximize the income that he gains. Other successful investors know about these features as well.

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Managing Your Portfolio Utilizing Some Of Igor Cornelsen’s Methods

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insights Making Investments

One feature that is worth looking into is compounding. When one chooses an investment program with compounding, this allows for the amount of money gained in during the investment to grow at a faster rate because the amount of money updates with each interest gained. The interest that is paid to the client is based on the current amount of money in the account, not the original amount of money invested. This allows for the individual to gain a lot of money at a faster rate. This is one of the recommendations that Igor Cornelsen has for people that want to make passive income.

Re-investing the amount of money gained is another way to increase the earning rate. This is a bit like compounding. For one thing, the investor can invest a greater amount of money and then collect the interest based on the amount that he has invested into the account. Before he knows it, he will have a ton of money that he can invest. He could also diversify his earnings so that he will build a good portfolio. He will also discover new features that will take his earnings beyond what he thought was possible.

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Martin Lustgarten Sheds Light On Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a crucial part of the banking sector. Investment banking refers to a segment of banking that is concerned with providing capital for various entities. Most of the large investment banks in the industry are either affiliated to or are subsidiaries of larger banking institutions. These investment banks include Goldman Sachs, which is the largest, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Investment banks shoulder the burden of large and complicated financial transactions, taking the burden of their clients. These banks offer services that include underwriting of new debt, aiding in the sale of securities, facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, valuation of companies, advice on the structuring of a business among others.


Various institutions and entities benefit from the services offered by investment banks. Some of these include companies, businesses, and governments. In helping their clients, investment bankers help in the planning and management of large projects, in the process helping their clients to save both money and time. These bankers are well versed with the latest information on the current investing climate. The recommendations that these bankers give are tailor-made to fit the current state of economic affairs.


When a company is in the process of issuing stocks, the investment bank will step in and act as a broker. The bank will provide assistance when it comes to pricing of the financial instruments with a view of maximizing revenue. They also help their client to navigate the regulatory requirements.


Born in July 1959, Martin Lustgarten has become a household name in the world of investment banking. Martin has worked from the very bottom to rise to the top with an experience of over 20 years. Martin is the founder and CEO if his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten, Martin. The firm is based in Miami, Florida.
His firm continues to enjoy success and boasts a long list of satisfied clients. This has made him one of the most sought-after investment bankers. Apart from his investment in his Florida-based firm, Martin has also invested in overseas markets. Martin enjoys interacting people through his social media pages, answering any questions and giving advice where needed.

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Solo Shah RecapHow To Become A Millionaire With Investing

The Sunday Times did an article about Yan Huo. Yan Huo is the owner of Capula Investment Management. Hou has a London-based hedge fund that gets their money by betting on the debt markets in Europe. Hou was able to make €27 million off of a dividend because of huge fall in the year 2011. Hou’s firm made a total of €92 million and that amount was split between their 18 top executives. This was a payment that they received in March 2011. This firm had their investments double in one year. Another very well-known name when it comes to the head hedge fund market in the UK is Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital and he made €19 million in March of 2011.

Solo Capital Market is a financial services company. They are based in the UK and they specialize in consulting, property trading, and professional sports investments. The owner of Solo Capital Markets is Sanjay Shah. Shah is the founder and the CEO as well. Shah is an individual that did not start in the financially industry. Shah was interested in becoming a doctor before he decided to become an accountant. Shah began to work for some big-name banks that included Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. There was a financial crisis that hit in 2009 and Shah had to make a decision about how he was going to continue. That was how he started Solo Capital.

Apart from Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is an organization that he started for his son. When his son was four years old he was diagnosed with autism, and Sanjay Shah found that there wasn’t enough information about the disorder. He decide to start up a fund to help raise awareness about autism and to help individuals find more information as well.