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Chris Burch’s Rehabilitated Resort is Simply Breathtaking

Chris Burch is an American self-made billionaire, fashion mogul and active investor who founded Burch Creative Capital, a venture investment management and brand developer based in New York, NY (burchcreativecapital.com). In 2012, Burch had acquired the gorgeous remote Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia that was initially a surfer’s haven for its wild 20-foot waves. After partnering up with his friend James McBride, a world-renowned hotelier from South Africa, they started planning out their designs to rehabilitate the island resort and open it to the general public. By 2015, Burch’s Sumba Island paradise called Nihi, has now become a five-star resort.

The Nihi Sumba Island resort was recently voted twice as the #1 Hotel in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine, check businessinsider.com. Chris Burch has described that the Nihi island resort was a mix of ‘rugged luxury and unregulated freedom’ and a haven for those with an adventurous spirit. He would take his three surfer sons there for vacation and fell in love with its natural beauty. Burch has since made a vacation home at the resort and more than 30 luxury villas are available for guests. Some of the best accommodation for guests vacationing at the Nihi include a luxury five-villa estate located in the center of the resort and a jungle inspired tree house composed of three separate villas all built around the trunk of a tree. All of the island’s villas have breathtaking views of the ocean and are close to all of its main attractions.

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Chris Burch, an Entrepreneur, and an Inspiring Businessman

Chris is a great investor and entrepreneur for about forty years in different industries. He is founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital and board member of Guggenheim Capital in past years. He started his entrepreneurial success while studying at Ithaca College. Mr. Burch started Eagle’s Eye apparel with $2,000 which grew $165 million and sold it to Swire Group. He was among the earliest investors in Internet Capital group. He relied on his abilities to know the difference between innovation and implementation. Through this, he was realizing unusual success based on his understanding of consumer behavior and utilizing a lot of sources of infrastructure and channels to reach customers. He has ideas on how to allocate different portions of time in order to meet organization’s goals. Creativity is necessary for any business to succeed (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/).

In other cases, ideas come to businesses as they continue with their business. When these ideas come individuals have no time to make consideration with others as they need them to work on the same day. Mr. Burch greatly invested in several different businesses both domestic and international estate ventures, check wingsjournal.com. This makes him have diverse mind investments and management of businesses. He has worked in different business organizations occupying high positions of management and giving excellent results at the end. These positions include CEO’s, the board of managers and president. Mr. Burch did not only acted as a worker but also contributed to some firms such as philanthropic initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital and other organizations of interest.

Mr. Burch is the principal of Burch Creative Capital and among recognized entrepreneurs due to his wide knowledge about running and maintaining business. According to Chris some entrepreneur’s creativity and productivity bring a good relationship with others. They believe that racing to meet business’s goal is more important and thinking that spending time in envisioning ideas is a loss of time. One has to find a way on how to carry them at once because they are important to the business. A person has to arrange ideas and schedule others to help organize them well. Exchanging ideas with other people but one has should not have to wait for the ideas to exist anywhere. As people discuss ideas, one has to take a paper and write down what is being discussed. In some other cases, sketches are done and use to design plans for the business later. These ideas may be used as the motto for other new businesses.

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Chris Burch on Bringing New Companies to the Market

Chris Burch uses his entrepreneurial instincts to select new ventures to back with his extensive resources for fully meeting the needs new markets. With his help more than 50 companies have gotten off to a great start. His track record exposes examples of his firm understanding of consumer behavior, his ability to find impactful ventures and his international and direct sourcing know-how.

Chris Burch, the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital has helped bring to market brands like Ellen DeGeneres’ clothing and accessories, Cocoon9’s prefab homes, Nihiwatu Resorts in Indonesia and Poppin office design and office furniture. Chris Burch has a knack for bringing disruptive brands directly to the consumer and creating a lasting impact on their lives.

Burch Creative Capital is presently supporting a number of brands that have positively changed the markets they have entered. They have entered the food, apparel, hospitality, home furnishing, technology, organic and retail industries. Many are recognizable names such as Tory Burch, Chris Burch’s wife’s handbags and shoes; Soludos shoes; Chubbies, casual menswear; BaubleBar jewelry; Brad’s Raw Foods, dehydrated raw vegetables, seeds and spices; Blink Health, prescription drugs; and Little Duck Organics’ gummies (entrepreneur.com).

Burch Creative Capital has invested in many brands which have gained notoriety, including Voss Water; Jawbone, the creators of Up, the health app; and the Faena Hotel + Universe, the luxury hotel in Miami Beach and Buenos Aires. These projects, as with the others he has helped bring to market all began as startups. All startups struggle with the perfect blend of time spent on creativity versus hours spent on productivity. Burch believes the right mix of the two is actually a marriage between them.

Burch believes companies should have creative brainstorming sessions where everyone has a blank piece of paper and a pen before them. Their task is to jot down their ideas or notes and sketch any images that come to mind. At the end of that reasonably timed session, they should compile the ideas that are generated and start to produce the ideas that make the most beneficial ideas for the company. For more of Burch views, click medium.com.

The ideas and notes could lead to a company motto or a promotional campaign. By budgeting company time for both creativity and production, each activity is prized and appreciated by the team. Most importantly, Chris Burch sees these activities as definitely the most important blend of elements thrusting the company forward in the market.

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Chris Burch Has Created A Luxurious Paradise In Nihiwatu

The name Chris Burch is often associated with Burch Creative Capital. He is a well-known entrepreneur and has been making successful investments for almost forty years. His contributions have aided in the growth and success of numerous luxury and technology brands. Chris Burch has also been involved in real estate including developing luxury homes (architecturaldigest.com). Perhaps his most renowned venture has been the acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu. This luxury resort is located on the exquisite Indonesian island known as Sumba.

Burch established the perfect mixture of comfort, luxury and pleasure without going over the top. The atmosphere is casual, shoes are not required, friendships are form and dreams are realized. The island of Sumba is unique with just one resort and 650,000 residents. The culture has remained traditional with thatched roofs, gorgeous ikat textiles and dowry’s. The story began when Chris Burch visited the island in 2012. The resort was once a retreat for surfers and he has transformed it into an exotic paradise.

Chris Burch had a mission to make Nihiwatu one of the best resorts the world had ever seen. He wanted the resort to operate in harmony with the Sumbanese people and the environment. He has succeeded beautifully. Surfers still come to Nihiwatu but now the resort offers so much more. Yoga is taught on the deck most every evening and morning, the equestrian program is sensational, there is a cool club for the kids and real beans have started to grow in the cocoa bean outpost.

The valley of Nihi Oka is nearby and offers a spa in breathtaking surroundings. The guests hike through the villages and rice paddies or ride a jeep and usually spend the day. The open-air bales offer treatments, lounging, breakfast and lunch. Many guests remain overnight in a lovely air-conditioned villa designed for comfort. Chris Burch designed the resort with a small footprint, a lot of luxury and ensured Sumba retains the charm of the community.

The 32 villas are serviced by a staff of 400. They are caring, thoughtful and curious about the lives of the guests. Most of the staff are natives to the island with a notable exception. Ben McRae is an Australian chef preparing exquisite meals from the local produce and fish. The guests delight in the food to the sounds of crashing waves and amazing views of the seas and stars. The experience is completed by the infinity pool, guided hikes, visits to the village and treks to the waterfalls.

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Chris Burch one what gifts are he personally recommends

Businessman, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and all around good guy Chris Burch is a fantastic gift giver and has a few recommendations. 40 years in the work field and 50 companies down, Mr. Burch has seen a lot of products. He has helped a number of consumer product brands companies rise to success with his professional business expertise. Some great gift recommendations Chris suggests are a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, a Barbour Gisburne jacket, a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, a Snowe Home Candle Set, or candy and chocolate for a sweet tooth at Fatty Sundays or Pretzables. Chris Burch has another recommendation but it doesn’t include giving someone a product or physical gift. It is about giving back and thinking about those who have less. Giving a charitable donation in the name of your gift recipient is always a good idea and feels so good to give back. There are so many charities out there to pick from. You can choose a charity or organization that your gift recipient is passionate about like the environment, children, or education. The sky is the limit.  To read views from him on matters around his area of focus, check ideamensch.com.

Brad’s Raw Foods, Cocoon9, Poppin and TRADEMARK, Voss Water, Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Nihiwatu, BaubleBar, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies are some of the companies that Chris Burch has worked with at his creative firm Burch Creative Capital. The entrepreneur uses his unique eye and creative spirit to help over 50 companies grow from scratch. One of his biggest collaboration has been with Tory Burch, the fashion brand and ED by Ellen DeGeneres the lifestyle brand.  Additional article about his investment expertise on businessinsider.com.

The New York City businessman sits on the Board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has donated to such organizations as The China Association of Social Work, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, The Henry Street Settlement, and NYU Langone. Chris attended Ithaca College and studied business. He co-created Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother. It was sold to Swire Group later when it rose the ranks of other big fashion brands. It was worth an estimated $165 million dollars.

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What Would Creative CEO Christopher Burch Give?

Burch Creative Capital, a private investment company, is based out of New York. Christopher Burch, who has over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of the company. His creative talents in combination with intelligent financial practices has contributed to his success. Burch has taken part in the building of over 50 companies.

In an article written by releasefact.com, Christopher Burch shared ideas for year-round gifts. The ideas are inspired by his own personality, places he has traveled, as well as companies he has invested in. Some of the gifts he listed candy, business tote, and a zero-gravity massage chair. He included a donation to charity as a gift.

The most pivotal thing Christopher Burch’s investment success is his creativity. Burch Creative Capital focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who are creative, passionate, and create value. Burch strives to help other entrepreneurs reach their creative goals. Using their funding, Burch Creative Capital hopes to bring unique possibilities to life. The company supports a wide array of products including apparel, home furnishings, and organic food, along with several others.

In 2012, Christopher Burch purchased Nihi Sumba Island. Nihi is one of the highest rated luxury resorts in Indonesia. Check businessinsider.com.  Burch has also partnered with Ellen DeGeneres with the launch of ED, a lifestyle brand. He is currently supporting several other consumer products on the market including brands such as Blink Health and Little Duck Organics.

Christopher Burch has spent his career investing in new and bright entrepreneurs. During his undergrad at Itchica College, Burch’s career first began. In 1976, Burch made his first investment, along with his brother, in Eagle’s Eye apparel. That business grew to more than $150 million. He has a diverse background of investments in several different companies. Burch has invested in companies in the fashion industry as well as real estate.

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Christopher Burch is the founder and the head of Burch Creative Capital, which is a private investment company based in New York. Chris Burch is an investor active in the investment market and is also a co-founder of an extravagance fashion brand known as Tory Burch. He has been in the investment industry for about forty years. Among the brands that Mr. Burch has added to its growth include a variety of technological and luxurious brands like the jawbone, Voss water, and poppin. Chris Burch is also a former board individual of Guggenheim Capital.

Chris Burch started his entrepreneurial success while he was as yet an undergrad at the college of Ithaca in the year 1976. While in college, Chris and his brother invested in Eagles Eye Apparel, which made profits and later it developed to a $165 million venture. They then sold it to a firm known as the Swire Group. Following the selling of Eagle Eye, Chris Burch became one among the initial shareholders at Internet Capital Group, which is a known IPO on the internet. He depended heavily on his capacity to discover the association in innovation and implementation where he kept on being fruitful. This depended on his comprehension of customer conduct which utilized superior sourcing infrastructure. Read his views on business, click on  entrepreneur.com.

Mr. Christopher Burch has been seen to invest in a few local and global land businesses. He has been able to develop luxurious homes across the country in areas like New York, Florida, Palm Beach. A related article recommended for reading.

Also, he has partnered with the greats like Philippe Stark and Alan Faena, to redevelop an unused bundle of land into Faena’s hotel. Mr. Christopher acquired a luxurious resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and renovated it. The resort was named Nihiwatu.  Check this link on businessinsider.com.

In the year 2012, Chris Burch opened C. Wonder which was apparel, accessories and a home décor retailer that was later purchased by Xcel Brands. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Burch did not stop at that as he went on to announce an association with Ellen DeGeneres who was launching her life brand ED by Ellen DeGeneres. During late 2014, he added Cocoon9, a luxurious prefab home that had sleek finishing on them. Click on burchcreativecapital.com and learn more of his diverse business ventures.

Christopher Burch has been the face behind great business minds and the entrepreneur sector. Mr. Chris has not limited his resources to the business and entrepreneurial industry only. He has used some of his funds in research which usually needs a lot of money. We can see that Chris is not just great in the business world, but he’s also a humanitarian, which makes him a great man.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com.

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