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Chris Burch transforms Sumba Island

Chris Burch is an investor and an entrepreneur who has recorded great success in all his endeavors. The businessman was listed by Forbes magazine amongst the world’s billionaire in 2012. Burch has founded a number of companies including Burch creative capital that manages venture investments and also known for the fashion industry. Chris was raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania and studied at Ithaca College.

In 2012, the fashion mogul bought Nihiwatu hotel located at Sumba Island in Indonesia and started a new journey in hotel industry and hospitality. Burch and his partner Hotelier James McBride renovated the hotel with close to $30 million and reopened the hotel as a five-star resort in 2015 (wingsjournal.com). In just one year in its operation, the hotel was voted as the best resort in the world by Travel + Leisure.

Sumba Island was one of the most remote islands in Indonesia with low population. After the reopening of hotel Nihiwatu, the small island has thrived and is full of life with enticing adventure. The island which was formerly known as Sandalwood Island is slightly over 4000 square miles with close to 600,000 dwellers. It was discovered in the 16th Century by Portuguese, and since then, it remained marginalized due to its lack of natural resources. As a result, the island maintained its tradition and its rich culture since it was not influenced or contaminated by outside world.

Nihiwatu is located at the southwest of the island and has a half moon like shape. The hotel has been protected from the storms and sand by two reefs which help the hotel to maintain its pristine natural beauty.

The island has a rare and fascinating history that is connected to its ancestors Marapu. The dwellers believe that Marapu compassionate spirit remained in the Island and provides life protection. It’s an exciting history; it’s also considered to be an attraction to the people of Sumba who honor and admire the rich culture.

The early settlers named the beach as Nihiwatu because of rock formation. Nihiwatu means Mortar stone. Thus the settlers called the beach according to its surrounding. After its transformation, Burch named his hotel as Nihi. Burch found out that Clade, who formerly owned Nihiwatu, had plans to expand the hotel. He visited the hotel with his partner James McBride and Carlyle Hote. After the acquisition, the transition of hotel industry business was set. The resort is now the most breathtaking hotel that has remained in harmony with the environment.  For more reading, click on prnewswire.com

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Chris Burch Explains Why Mistakes Are the Impetus for Great Business

Nihiwatu was named by early settlers, referring to its isolated rock. Chris Burch burst onto the entrepreneurship platform with his investment in Nihiwatu Resort in 2012, and whose original name remains NihiSumba. He has interest in numerous other startups that have brought the world of investment to a standstill; not because they have failed it; rather, they have taught it to think differently. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has used the company to front his investment values. Chris is the true living example of an investor inclined to use the aspect of a surprise to turn new markets to live. He is the brains behind a great number of businesses that have positively impacted consumers in ways that were never imagined.

The Tale Of Nihiwatu and The Tourist Accolades

Nihiwatu refers to Nihi sumba. The investor, Chris Burch uses the name Nihi sumba to return the name of the beach resort to its original significance. The Sumba people are the original inhabitants of the historic island where Nihiwatu Resort is located. Nihi sumba is an island with a long history of adventure and mystery. The Marapu are known to be Sumba’s ancestors. They arrived on the secluded beach scores of years in the past. There have been various narratives that attempt to explain the conquests of the Marapu. Nevertheless, the strong indomitable spirit of the Marapu people has maintained its existence on the minds of the island people. Nihiwatu Resort is worth a mention in every investment forum because; it is located at a place that holds one of the world’s strongest reasons for tourist interest and curiosity. The story of the Sumba people has been carried through the generations to the present time (http://nihi.com/our-story/).

It will be remembered that it is Nihiwatu Resort that attracted the attention of the 1998 visit by Petra Graves searching for the perfect wave. Indeed, it may be argued that if Petra Graves had not graced the beach, perhaps, the investor Chris Burch would never have known about the island. Nihiwatu was voted by leisure readers as the best hotel to have been built in the world, across the categories; running from 2016 to date.

About Chris Burch

He has over forty years experience in investment ventures and entrepreneurship. He is also credited with the building of over 50 companies that have stood their ground, even in challenging economic times (bjtonline.com). Chris Burch, whose full name is actually Christopher Burch applies intuitiveness in dealing with the behavior of consumers and also uses the advantages of direct sourcing to positively impact businesses and to relate and link innovation and creativity to the real impact in business. Nihiwatu is one of the most recent introductions and startup companies initiated by Chris Burch.