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Chris Burch Gives Back In Spades

Every successful entrepreneur is a generous giver. That giving can take the form of monetary giving, giving of ones time, or giving of gifts. Entrepreneur and investor Chris Burch loves giving his time and money to worth cause but giving gifts to his loved ones is something he enjoys. Chris recently revealed some of his favorite gifts to give to those he cares for.

Chris’ work takes him all around the world and so one of his favorite things to do is purchase gifts that reflect where his travels have taken him. He also likes to buy from companies that he invests in. His list of favorite gifts include: a Snowe Home Candle Set, a Barbour Gisburne jacket, a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, and chocolate or candies from Fatty Sundays. These are all wonderful gift ideas that show Burch’s character but perhaps none accomplishes that feat like his number one gift idea: giving to a charity on behalf of the recipient. Check releasefact.com for a related article.

Chris has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember and he would not have it any other way. While still in college, he and his brother Bob each invested a couple of thousand bucks to start a clothing company. They named the company Eagle’s Eye and initially sold sweaters to other students. The business gradually grew and the brothers eventually sold the company for a reported $165 million. Talk about a great return!  Read more here.

Chris then began investing in start-ups and one of his first major investments was in the Internet Capital Group. He invested in their Initial Public Offering and soon after the company went public it exploded in value.

A Global Investor with Branding Specialty

Chris is currently the owner of many real estate properties all over the world, see architecturaldigest.com.   Perhaps his greatest venture is the Indonesian resort island of Nihiwatu, which is home to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. he is a branding genius with a portfolio of clients that include Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Poppin, and many others. he has donated millions of dollars to non-profits such as the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Sumba Foundation, and the Child Welfare League, among others.

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Chris Burch: Mogul And Lifelong Learner

Mastering the skills that are needed in order to be a successful business person is not easy. Many people spend years starting at the very bottom of large companies and studying their employers as they rise through the ranks and learn which factors are needed in order to build a business that stands apart in the marketplace and that creates a legacy. While people can study business in places such as graduate school, college and community college everyone who has ever been responsible for keeping a large business afloat knows that there are only so many things that one can learn about guiding a business towards reaching its goals in a classroom. After a while every student will eventually need to put down their textbooks, graduate from school and go out and get their hands dirty doing the nitty gritty work that is required to ensure that a company is able to keep its doors open and pay its bills.

Many of the most successful business people don’t have a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). For example, Shawn Carter who is also known as Jay Z did not attend business school. Despite this he was able to launch and sustain a profitable career as a musician and from there he was able to launch is his own record label and popular clothing line. After that Shawn Carter would go on to serve as an executive at a record label that was even larger than the one that he started and launch other businesses that focused on managing talent in the entertainment industries and in the sports industries. Another example of a luminary of Corporate America who did not get a Masters of Business Administration is the billionaire Chris Burch.

While Chris Burch did attend a four-year college course he did not appear to get an advanced degree in business. Regardless of this Chris Burch has been able to become a billionaire through developing his business acumen and throwing himself into the experience of being an entrepreneur headfirst. See proof of his entrepreneurial skills, click on the newsversion.com.

Even while he was studying to earn his college degree during the 1970s Chris was also spending time developing his skills as an entrepreneur by running his own business in between completing his studies. More to read on Bjtonline.com.

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Running his own clothing company in college gave Chris Burch the confidence to pursue his other goals as a professional and entrepreneur. For an overview of his diverse investments, browse on crunchbase.com.

Today Chris Burch has an investment company and the bragging rights of having launched a world renown fashion brand as proof of the fact that anyone can achieve their goals in business as long as they are persistent and willing to learn as they go.  Visit this investment company’s website, check on burchcreatiivecapital.com.

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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort Recognized As Top Tourist Destination

There are so many places dotting the Southeast Asian Pacific region full of vacation resorts one could only dream of visiting one day, and one of those resorts is owned by businessman and investor Chris Burch. Burch’s resort is Nihiwatu which is located on the Sumba Island of Indonesia, and this resort is full of breath-taking scenery and amenities that make guests’ stays ones that might make them want to make the island their permanent home. Chris Burch actually has a home on this island that he lives in at certain times of the year along with his homes in the Hamptons and south Florida. Business Insider actually listed this resort as the “best in the world” and showed photos of it. There is also the Sumba Foundation that Burch started to give humanitarian aid to Indonesia’s Sumbanese people.  Check on businessinsider.com to read more about this A-list resort.

Long before he was traveling and investing in major vacation villas in Indonesia, Chris Burch was bringing ideas to life and running businesses as a young man from a middle class family. He and his brother Robert decided to run a fashion business in sweater wholesale, and with $10 they used for buying sweaters and turning around and selling them for $15. This business was named Eagle Eye Apparel in 1976, and they were able to run a highly profitable company that in time had its own factory and distribution centers. Burch ran this company for many years until he decided to sell it in 1998 for $60 million.  Related article on bjtonline.com.

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Burch had started investing in other startups not long before he had sold Eagle Eye, and by the early 2000s he was already diversifying into other fashion and real estate companies. In 2004 he helped start the Tory Burch fashion line and that same year invested in a 5-star luxury hotel in Buenos Aires known as the Faena Hotel+Universe. In 2008, Burch started the company that is now known as Burch Creative Capital which has promoted so many different brands and become a sensation for new millennial entrepreneurs looking to get started. One of Burch’s most famous clients is talk show host Ellen Degeneres who saw her ED brand go public thanks to Burch’s company. for update on his recent timeline activities, check this.

In addition to the Sumba Foundation, he’s also a contributor to NY Langone and the Mt. Sinai Hospital as part of his healthcare philanthropy.  To have an idea of the diversity of his investment, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

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Everything That Chris Burch Touches Triumphs

Travel + Leisure voted for Nihi Sumba Island, which used to be called Nihiwatu, as the best hotel worldwide for two consecutive years. Based in Indonesia, the luxury island resort managed to beat the Brando, which was the recent vacation spot for Barrack Obama. Chris Burch established Nihi Sumba Island. Burch is best known for co-founding or founding several retail brands that are internationally known (Tory Burch and C. Wonder) and also investing in others.

In 2012, Buch and James McBride, who is a hotelier, purchased a beach hostel based on the Indonesian island of Sumba. Check wingsjournal.com.  In 2015, they spent $30 million on the renovation of the hostel, and the hostel was re-established as a five-star resort. In 2015, Buch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler, he said that he bought the hostel for his children and as something that preserves and also gives back to the community.

He continued saying that when people are in a place with a beautiful palette, they are capable of doing things that others can’t in different areas, such as having a butler in all the rooms, go to places that others haven’t been to, or building a spa beneath a waterfall. Wall Street Journal stated that Burch is splitting his time between his Indonesian resort, the Hamptons, and Miami. There are 27 private villas on the Nihi Sumba Island, including Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. That particular area has the main house and four separate villas, each having its private plunge pool.

Chris Burch is the chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of a firm that manages brand development and venture investments-Burch Creative Capital. Lean more about him, check christopherburch.com.   He has been working as an entrepreneur and investor for almost four decades. He has been part of the success of more than 50 famous brands, including Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, and Tory Burch. Burch was a billionaire by 2012, Forbes magazine profiled him in its yearly “The World’s Billionaires,” it stated that the 2012 valuation of his majority stake in a fashion retailer known as C. Wonder drove the net worth of Burch over a billion. For more interesting news, head over to this.

Burch was on Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation board. He served Co-op Board of Pierre Hotel as the president. He gave contribution funding for research and also philanthropic initiatives at Henry Street Settlement, China Child Welfare League, CASW (China Association of Social Work), Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, and Mt. Sinai Hospital based in New York.  For his latest cool contribution to the market, hit inc.com.

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