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NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Is Driving The Way We Mobilize Voters

In our technology based society, is canvassing neighborhoods still an effective way to reach out to voters before an election? A study conducted by Stanford and UC Berkeley in 2017 sought out to answer this question. Professors David Broockman and Joshua Kalla had some interesting findings.

  • Voters are much more partisan these days. Only about 39% of voters have views and values that fall in the middle of the political spectrum, a figure that has decreased significantly over the last 20 years.
  • Only about 1 in every 800 voters will change his or her opinion or vote differently based on a canvassing interaction.

While these facts might paint a bleak picture, the study did find canvassing to be a highly effective means of gaining votes from those who already support the candidate or issue. Sometimes all these voters need is a reminder that an election is coming up, or a quick moment of education about a candidate or policy that will resonate with their values to ensure that they make it out to the polls. How does a canvasser find these voters? Short of being psychic, like many things today there’s an app for that.

NGP VAN provides campaign software that helps make campaigns as efficient as possible. While the software itself does nothing to sway votes, it makes sure that canvassers are spending their long hours talking to the right people.

NGP VAN’s MiniVAN app has streamlined the process for Democratic canvassers. They are provided with accurate maps, helpful scripts, and voter contact information. They have the ability to upload data from their interactions with voters right into a campaign database. With MiniVAN, campaign organizers do not have to spend long, agonizing hours sorting through piles of paperwork and drawing maps.

This means that NGP VAN can also save parties and organizations a great deal of money when campaigning, yet still ensures that these campaigns are able to reach their full potential in terms of efficiency. For Democrats and similar groups that often rely upon grassroots funding efforts rather than donations from billionaires and giant corporations, this new technology gives them a fresh chance to spread their messages, rally voters, and bring the power back into the hands of everyday people.

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