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Growth in business is paramount. To maintain an upward trend in the market is a combination of many factors. Thus, only few business models have managed to turn around and to remain in functional. Such offers invaluable information to the aspiring business to maintain an upward trend that many envision.

To grow from a small business in a particular set up that is not such big, to world-class business requires quite an uphill task. Only a few individuals can be able to sustain that. In the ever-dynamic business world, a few can turn around the small business and have their mark in the world.

OSI group is one such company that has seen an upward growth over time. Having been started by Germany immigrants in a corner in Chicago, it began as a small butcher in the greater area of Chicago, the Great lake in the Midwestern United States of America. OSI group was later handed down along the family line to their sons.

OSI group and under the leadership of Otto and sons in 1928 was had a paradigm shift to a force to reckon. The company did grow to great heights to have a vast market share I meat industry I the region.

In the year 1970s saw the entry of Sheldon Lavin into OSI. Sheldon Lavin championed the turnaround of OSI, Sheldon Lavin shares did grow the company when he inherited the shares of one of the brothers in the company. Influence in the OSI group by Sheldon Lavin did even get higher since one of the brothers did decide to hand over his shares in the company.
OSI has seen growth from the meat supply only to even in the food industry, its growth in the US was when it acquired one warehouse in the US that was closer to its former warehouse and thus did increase its storage capacity.

Supply of meat products to McDonald was a milestone achievement this was due to its dedication to supplying to their customers. All this growth has been due to its commitment to ensuring that customers have meat on time. Consistent supply has seen the OSI being global premier as the food supplier .

In Europe, OSI has its mark by the fact that its based in Germany in Frankfurt. Its base in Germany is convenient in that it is at the port for convenient to receive its supply and for easier export of its products.

OSI is a company that has seen a positive growth over the entire time it has been in business. It, therefore, is a company that we all can emulate.

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OSI Group Equals Foodservice Excellence

The foodservice industry brings in billions and billions of dollars on an annual basis. This exclusive field of work offers a wide variety pf services, and it serves a huge geographical location. The Aurora-based OSI Group is the hands-down winner for foodservice excellence thanks to its beneficial attributes. The magnitude of this company’s services can be felt on a global scale. OSI Group is no longer a company in a sense, it’s an enterprise. In the United States along, this company has factories in Utah, in Illinois, in California and in Iowa. It’s also one of the biggest privately held companies in the country.

OSI Group has increased economic-growth all across China. It has numerous state-of-the-art facilities that cost well into the millions, and it is one of China’s largest producers of processed chicken. When it comes to worldwide facilities of the foodservice industry, OSI Group once again dominates. It has an abundance of innovative facilities in Ukraine, in Hungary, in Germany, in Brazil, in Germany, in Australia, in Austria, in Japan and in Poland. The company’s reach is rather outstanding, especially when it’s being compared to other food providers. CEO Sheldon Lavin has solidified the company’s infrastructure, and he has taken OSI to the highest of levels. In additional to that, Lavin was honored with the Visionary Globe Award just a few years ago. This award is all about personifying your dreams into a reality.

For any clients who are interested in creating a custom-food product, OSI Group can definitely help you with the cause. This phenomenal company has highly educated staff members that work in its many test kitchens as well as work in its many innovation centers. This is real-world food knowledge at its finest and everything is produced under strict safety standards. OSI Group is surely the present and is the future of the foodservice industry, and it’s changing the current status quo.

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OSI Group Leading the Food Industry

The OSI Group is a supplier of food products that have value added to them. They supply products globally and are among the leaders in their industry. They source, process and distribute products far and wide and are now have their operations in 17 countries. Their headquarters is located in Aurora. They have managed to put up over sixty-five facilities and higher more than twenty thousand people in their areas of operation. One thing that OSI Group is known for is their quality. Some of the products they provide include pork, beef, pizza, seafood and baked products among others.

OSI Group understands that not all people’s tastes are the same and this is why they strive to provide what is needed on the ground. In all their facilities they aim to provide what the users on the ground like and this is how they have managed to maintain their position at the top. OSI Group has created good relationships with people on the ground who help them know the needs of the local community. Through this, they use locally available resources to process their food products that fit their target audience.

Since the demand for their products is constantly growing, they have acquired various facilities to help them maintain their supplies and satisfy the growing demand. Amon the acquisitions they have made is Baho Foods and Tyson Food Plant. The acquisition of both the facilities was meant to expand their presence, capabilities, and supplies. Baho Food had the capability and experience that OSI Group was looking for and together they were going to build on a remarkable presence in Europe. Tyson Food Plant was well positioned to facilitate business growth forecasts.

The leadership at OSI Group views the acquisition of various food processing firms as a way of expanding their capabilities. This is turn would satisfy their growing demands as well as generate revenue for the company. As they expand further, OSI Group says that their main goal is to continue providing quality for their clients wherever in the world they are. The company is also very adamant about being environmentally friendly in their activities. In 2016, they were awarded by the British Safety Council with a Globe of Honour Award for their ability to facilitate their undertakings in an environmentally friendly manner. The event took place in London and OSI Group was among 18 other companies globally to be given this award.

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OSI Industries & The 21st Foodservice Revolution

OSI Industries is setting new standards in foodservices. The Illinois-based company seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each year and there seems to be no slowing down in the near future. OSI Industries is truly an industry of its own. The company has well-over 20,000 workers, and these workers are spread-out across numerous continents. Some of the most high-tech equipment can be found at the company’s 65 total facilities. These facilities are test kitchens, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants. This is where the magic happens. OSI Industries is a leader in custom-food productions. Some of the biggest of brand names work exclusively with this company.

Plant production is one of the major reasons work OSI’s success. Its facility in the Shandong Province of China holds at least a 600,000 metric-ton capacity. In Poland, the company has a state-of-the-art beef-processing plant, which has helped the plant’s staff bolster by 30 percent. The numbers are staggering when being viewed on paper. The Chinese economy has certainly benefited from OSI Industries’ presence. This company has been operating in China for nearly 20 years, and it has grown into being the largest producer of processed chicken in the country. That’s right! The magnitude of this plant is out-of-this-world. All in all, OSI Industries has up to 10 innovative facilities in the nation of China and that speaks volumes. Pizza, panini, fritters, cucumbers, fruits, onions, cooked sausage links, pot roast, beef patties, hotdogs, Tofu, chicken fried steak, steak, chicken nuggets, soups, chili, beans and other foods are being distributed on a daily basis.

Some of the strictest safety practices are being displayed and utilized here. Reputation means everything, especially when it comes to conducting business. OSI takes food safety to another level, which ensures the client that they will receive the best possible product.

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OSI continues to win Globe of Honour Award

OSI Group is a private holding company made up of meat processors that serves the retail and food service industries with its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The OSI Group provides bacon sausage, pork, beef, poultry and seafood dough, vegetable, fruit as well as cheese based products. The OSI Group recently received the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The British Safety Council awarded 18 other groups with awards. OSI Group and these other 18 groups had shown excellence in managing environmental risks over the last year. After review by the British Safety Council’s audit system, each group received five stars. British Safety Council reviews different companies to analyze their environmental risk management performance. Kelly Gramwood is the Environmental Manager in Europe.

The OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food, a European manufacturer specializing in convenience foods, deli meats and snacks, providing their products to food service and retail segments. This new acquisition gives the OSI Group a bigger presence in Europe. Baho has five companies that operate in Germany and the Netherlands. The companies include Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life, which serves 18 European countries. The finances of the transaction has not been made public.

The OSI Group has been ranked among the top 40 of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2014. The makers of this list considers the company’s sales of value and consumer goods processed across the globe. The OSI Group was originally known as the Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market in 1909 but was later changed to Otto and Sons in 1928. In 1975, the company transformed its identity to OSI Industries.

OSI Group prides itself as an equal opportunity employer. The OSI Group grabs graduates and professionals who idnetify with OSI Group’s vision. The criteria is not gender bias, which causes both men and women to apply for available opportunities. The OSI Group has been operating in Britain since 1989 and have won the Globe of Honor previously in 2013 and 2015. This shows their strong support of environment safety. OSI continues to grow as a major company.

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