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Four Republican Representatives from California Faces the Wrath of End Citizens United

Per the latest information, End Citizens United is boldly moving to the next set of strategies to fight big money. The PAC that is campaigning for legislation to control dark money groups in politics has declared its campaigns against the “worst of worst.” With that mission, ECU announced the names of four Californian representatives from the Republican Party, whom the PAC would campaign against to make them defeated. Interestingly, these four Republicans are included in the top 20 targets of ECU for the 2018 congressional elections.

End Citizens United has already expressed its intentions to spend millions for the elections to ensure that its mission is inching towards success. The candidates targeted by the PAC in California are Dana Rohrabacher from Costa Mesa, Mimi Walters from Irvine, Duncan Hunter from Alpine, and Darrell Issa from Vista. It is analyzed that all of them are facing tight competition in their respective districts. Tiffany Muller, an active campaigner and President of the PAC, confirmed that the state gets the best opportunities to restrict the worst examples that people saw. She further added to the reporters that Hunter is facing an investigation in regards to the misuse of the funds for campaigns.

Additionally, Issa also facing allegations of accepting campaign donations from telecommunication companies. While coming the formation of PAC, it was started by a set of liberal activists in 2015 as they were upset with the uncontrolled flow of big money into politics and campaign system. Though it was formed less than a year, it could collect nearly $25.5 million for campaigning in the 2016 election. When the years pass, more and more people are aware of the threats of unaccounted money in politics and rallying behind ECU to show their protest against it.

Muller says that the PAC would reach out to more independent voters to make them aware and serious of the threats of big money and ask them to prioritize it as a top issue. The PAC has designed plans to collect at least $35 million before the congressional elections scheduled this year. The information published by the Federal Election Commission showed that the PAC aggregated nearly $11.5 million by the close hours of October 30, 2017. The group did not respond to the questions regarding how much they are staking on the mentioned Californian districts in this year’s election.

While being one of the biggest and influential PACs in the country with enormous mass support and millions of grassroots level campaigners, ECU has set its expectations. It wants to elect as many pro-reform candidates to the Houses to pass the legislation curbing big money. Interestingly, people can only contribute a maximum of $5,000 to the PAC due to the conditions set by it to exemplify itself.

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President of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is known for being a human rights advocate and film producer. When he was just a young child, he began advocating for human rights in 1989. He organized opposition to South African apartheid in London. Halvorssen’s background is Venezuelan and Norwegian. His father became a political prisoner, which led Halvorssen to become fully involved in the promotion of individual rights. After revealing government corruption while working as Venezuela’s drug czar, his father was beaten and tormented in a Caracas prison.

In 2004, his mother was shot in New York during a political protest and Thor Halvorssen then founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation. HRF promotes tolerance and democracy in Latin America and is loyal to liberating political prisoners. They have secured the release of seven prisoners of conscience, provided evidence to Truth Commissions and have published two books on individual rights. He is also founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is an annual festival for human-rights.

Thor had a man named Václav Havel serve as HRF’s chairman until he died in 2011, he was then replaced with Garry Kasparov who was a Russian chess grandmaster and political activist. A year later, Kasparov was carried off by Russian police and repeatedly beaten. He was sentenced two years in prison for singing an anti-Putin song. Kasparov is not the only one to have been beaten for the cause, Thor himself has been as well. In 2010, Thor and a cameraman traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to interview the patriarch of Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. They were able to tape the interview, but on the way out Vietnamese authorities caught them and used Thor as a punching bag. HRF is a smaller human-rights organization, but their sights are set after big fish in order to make a difference in people’s lives.

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