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Sean Penn’s acclaimed Book Release, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has had extensive exposure in acting in various theater occasions and film production projects. He is a talented writer, producer, and key director besides others in the Best Actor Academy Awards. His work has been published capturing various pieces. Sean has been interviewed on various platforms and various contents. From acting, Sean Penn enters into the world of establishing himself a novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The novel captures a septic tank sales person and a contract killer hence drawing comparisons to the satirists on the yore. This current production from Sean is provoking one not to give up on some day jobs.


In an interview, Sean Penn says that he is currently in Los Angeles, California. For Sean, it is all a brand new experience and a great feeling to have a book under his work compared to the normal film work he has been into for many times. He is proud of the work and reveals that it is a good thing to work in collaboration with other people in the industry. For Sean, writing a book instead of a screenplay is the main reason why he would have wanted to own the work entirely by himself or the need to tell out something through the story. Sean Penn says that it was time for him to disclose that he was not enjoying well playing with others and that kept bothering his mind. He was in search of freedom in creativity and finances. Sean was at the point in life and career where he had been fed up with the burdens of peoples’ personalities and the expectations. Included is a summary of Bob Honey who just do stuff. With writing and publishing a book on your own, it means only working with the publisher and determinant factors of having the work done is between the two of you. Sean Penn says that apart from this release, there are many more others that are being manufactured and will be released into the market. Sean revealed that he does not intend to work on a movie project as at now, but he is currently directing a movie though it is still under considerations. He does not have interests to make films because he wants his time to be focused on writing books, which means it may require his creative energy and thinking.

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Successful Yet Humble: Joseph Bismark Is Changing The Face Of The Business Industry


The things that I have been able to read and learn about Joseph Bismark have left me feeling inspired. This man is someone who has worked hard to show people that what he believes in is the right way of doing things. He has been an unconventional businessman, and he has served as an inspiration to many people. He has been encouraging and kind in the things that he has done, and he has given people hope of having a better work environment than they’ve ever had before.
Joseph Bismark believes in the power of spirituality. He believes that it should be a part of everyone’s lives, and of every aspect of everyone’s lives. He believes that there is a place for spirituality in every business, and that is the big thing that he has gone to prove by starting up his own business. He wanted to show people that acting kind toward one another and respecting one another can greatly benefit a business. He wanted to be able to show people that giving one another the benefit of the doubt is the right away to do things. And he has been able to get a lot of people to see that through the way that he has run his business.
Joseph Bismark grew up with monks, and they are the people who have taught him to live the way that he has. Without growing up in the way that he did, Joseph Bismark would most likely not be the man that he is today. And that would be a shame.
There are few business people who I feel truly inspired by, and who I would like to be similar to, but Joseph Bismark is one of them.

Joseph Bismark is the Managing Director of QI Group, a group of companies whose biggest subsidiary is the direct-selling company Qnet. Bismark co-founded QI Group in 1998 with partner Vijay Eswaran and joined the Group as a member of the board in 2008. His other endeavors include The V, a network development company, and the RYTHM foundation, (“Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”), which practices philanthropy to the masses. Joseph’s progressive business style has increased the revenue and notoriety of his companies, expanding his influence across the world to operation within various countries. He lives and works in Singapore, conducting his newest business ventures and spreading his spiritual philosophy.

Much of Bismark’s success in the business industry can be attributed to a strong belief in positivity, which allows him to open his mind to new ideas that have proved advantageous to his company. After spending his teenage years as a monk in the Philippines, he joined the business industry, endeavoring for worldly success while maintaining a peaceful inner self. His Vedic beliefs are integrated into his workplace as he promotes life enhancement products and inspires his employees to become better people as well as a better team.  This outlook has cultivated an encouraging, creative atmosphere within his company that continues to inspire his employees to dream bigger and then carry out those dreams.

Besides his successful career as a businessman, Joseph Bismark is a thriving spiritual adviser to a wide range of people inside and outside of his workplace. Bismark maintains a personal blog entitled “Gems of Wisdom…with Joseph Bismark”. Each post is an inspirational reflection on life, containing prudent advice on how to cultivate a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. He also updates his Twitter under the username “@TheDailyGem” with regular posts concerning the health of the spiritual self as well as the physical self. His Facebook page is another outlet for his spiritual counseling and influence. Overall, Joseph Bismark is a humble, dynamic leader whose harmonious business style continues to flourish in spite of the dog-eat-dog world of business.