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How Jose Auriemo Neto’s JHSF is Stamping its Presence in Brazil

JHSF is a Brazilian leader in high-end real estate developments. Founded in 1972, JHSF is well known for its unbridled ability to identify and take advantage of business opportunities where others do not. The company currently has operations in high-end residential and commercial developments, shopping malls as well as an executive airport. The company’s ability to develop and carry out projects that are sustainable and environmentally conscious is what has set it apart.

Majorly, JHSF is comprised of four main business units including malls, incorporations, Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, and an executive airport. As it continued growing JHSF consolidated its operations in Manaus, Salvador and Sao Paulo in Brazil and international operations in Miami and New York in the USA and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Under the leadership of its able CEO and Chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF has developed some of the most executive and internationally acclaimed buildings in Brazil. Some of its major projects include the Parque Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo and the City Garden Corporate Center which have become the City’s marvelous and most visited sites.

JHSF’s most recent project, the Catarina (São Roque – SP) has given the city an international status. The project comprises an executive private business airport. It is also comprised of the Catarina Fashion Outlet, hotels and business, education and convention centers. The project is located 60km from the famous Castelo Branco highway.

The purchase of a majority stake in the Fasano Hotels and Restaurant has made JHSF become the first company in its industry to venture into hospitality.

JHSF was listed in the Bovespa, the Brazilian stock market in April 2007 and has gained popularity ever since. The shares are currently listed in the Bovespa’s highest Corporate Governance segment.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and CEO of JHSF. He is the son of the founder of the company, Fabio Auriemo. Since he was just a boy, he had demonstrated the highest level of leadership. While a teenager, he was working in the company in its parking lot department. He slowly rose the ranks of the company and attained the role of the President of JHSF just at the age of 27.

It is during his tenure that Jose identified the opportunities available in the recurring income areas. His vision for the company is big and is what has led to the achievements of JHSF.