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PSI Pay offers playful ways to pay.

I love to look at rings. Rings are fun and they can even be considered sophisticated. I like to wear different color rings when I’m wearing different outfits. I have never thought about wearing a ring to pay for my purchases. I believe these two companies have proved that capitalism and thoughtfulness can be a marriage engineered to last. I am so grateful for Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay they have used their imaginations to go way beyond our perception of jewelry and practicality. They have extended themselves to improve our lives in general to make everyday nuances a little easier for us

Kerv Wearables was founded by Phil Campbell and was recognized as a company based out of the United Kingdom. PSI-Pay is a company based out of Finland that provides alternative methods for financial administration and management. Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay originally produced limited quantities of these amazing rings for four months during 2016. Now the rings are considerably main streamed and are available practically everywhere. There are fourteen different color schemes to choose from. This means that you can order a different color ring for various outfits. The rings are super durable too! Kerv Wearables used cutting edge technology and zirconia ceramic to construct the rings. This material has been tested for durability. It’s waterproof material is designed to resist scratching and breakage. The ring’s smooth outer surface is harder than titanium, silver or steel.

Phil Davies is currently the facilitating Director of PSI-Pay Limited. Phil spent eight years working with MasterCard Worldwide as the company’s Vice President of Business Development before moving to PSI pay. His responsibility was also to work with new technology, collaborate with companies and individuals to increase growth in new markets throughout Europe.

Phil Davies is very well-rounded with a plethora of knowledge about various Financial payment cultures as they relate to various societies. Phil has voiced his observations about the utilization of the American wallet or electronic commerce that is prevalent in the United States. He indicates that the American Wallet does have differences compared to the European Wallet. For example: it has the ability to offer overdraft with E- Currency. He also mentions that there are quite a few companies that sell the technology.

Phil Davies also states that the wallet or electronic commerce in Europe has to cater to many different cultures therefore he is indicating that it is a bit more diverse. Both the American and European Wallets incorporate a stored value element. Another difference that Phil noted was that the European wallet includes multi-currency capability. Also E-Money or E-Commerce accounts are not allowed to offer credit so no overdrafting is possible.

Phil Davies was making a comparison about electronic cards that are assigned for your bank account which allows you the ability to overdraw versus the other card accounts or wallets that are simply the consumer paying for electronic funds. Phil Davies would like more people to be aware that there are differences between Wallets and Digital Accounts.

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The Success of Securus Technologies and the Innovation of Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technological innovation to not only prevent crime, but to also promote safety with only the most up to date technology that enhances the safety and the well being of others. Securus Technologies is known as an innovative company that promotes the public safety and also enhances the incarceration experience. With the help of Securus Technologies, technology as well as consultation is provided to thousands of law enforcement agencies as well as correction agencies. Users of Securus Technologies continue to comment on how their products are excellent and easy to use that are also readily accessible at all times. Securus Technologies continues to provide the best of the best in order to make sure that individuals feel safe and those that are incarcerated are also safe and treated fairly. This company will continue to grow as it provides some of the best services to the public. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The current leader of Securus Technologies is an intelligent leader known as Rick Smith who was put in charge of Securus Technologies in order to continue the path of excellence that the company has already been on. Rick Smith was put in charge of Securus Technologies in 2008 and had the perfect background with not only a degree in engineering and mathematics, but also with an MBA that has helped serve him to become a valuable asset to the company of Securus Technologies. During his time as the CEO of the company, Rich Smith has expanded the company and has helped to improve the reputation of this already stellar company even more.

With the corrections industry, Securus Technologies is one of the best companies to seek out as a company that was founded in 1986 and that has continued to grow in reputation over the past 30 years. With excellent customer service, Securus Technologies makes sure that only the best and most qualified individuals work at Securus Technologies. Securus consists of engineers, technologists, designers, innovators, as well as numerous think tanks that constantly think of new ways that the company of Securus Technologies can be even better.

Know more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/SECURUS-Technologies-Reviews-E40390.htm

Rick Smith along with his advisers are hard workers and wish to improve the public safety even more with the numerous products. Currently Securus Technologies is serving almost 3,500 correctional facilities across the United States and is also serving over 1.2 inmates across North America. Securus Technologies wishes to not improve the safety for the public, but also for the inmates within each facility. Securus Technology sees itself as a company that is for all of the people. Thanks to the innovations of individuals such as Rick Smith, Securus Technologies will continue to grow far into the future and beyond.

Jason Hope Promotes His Technology Stance And Goodwill Through His Donation

Jason Hope is a very popular business technology consultant from Arizona. Hope is the kind of business leader and forward thinker who has the insight and knowledge to know where the world of technology is headed in terms of business and finance. Hope has been predicting the impact of business related technology for years; and has been successful at this endeavor.

One thing that Hope is currently seeing is the benefit of the emerging Internet of Things. This is a technology trend that he endorses will be the future for businesses within the coming years. Hope firmly believes that this technology will be king because it allows organizations to provide so many services through appliances, computers, vehicles and other types of gadgets and machines.

Hope wants enterprises and people to know that the internet of things is what they need to be successful in their future endeavors. Speaking of success, did you know that hope is also a successful philanthropist?

That’s right, hope knows how to give back to causes that he believes in. One such place is the SENS organization. In February of 2017 Hope has given $500,000 to SENS which is conducting research to end age-related diseases and problems. He knows that people are constantly dealing with age related problems.

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He is also a firm believer in preventing medical problems and is working hard to find solutions that will benefit all of mankind. Hope will continue to keep working with this organization to resolve problems in the future.

Reference: http://tech.co/author/jasonhope

Bob Reina Pushes Talk Fusion To Help Charities

Bob Reina Has never been the sort of CEO to follow the traditional path taken by business leaders who came before him; instead, the Online marketing trail blazer has led Talk Fusion and those he works with on a path that allows them to help those in struggling communities as quickly and easily as possible. Along with the traditional donations made to charitable groups the man who has headed Talk Fusion since 2007 allows employees of the company the chance to open one account at the highest level for the charity of their choice.

Not only does Bob Reina look to help not for profit groups, he also uses the skills and programs of Talk Fusion to allow charities the opportunity to aid their Online position with access to video and Email marketing programs created by Talk Fusion. Reina believes the success he has achieved as a business leader should be replicated for all who wish to do so in the number of charitable groups using Talk Fusion programs free of charge; Reina’s company has a global reach spanning more than 140 companies around the world that have benefited from his Talk Fusion charity programs.

The former law enforcement officer has been working in direct sales for over 20 years and has impressed those around him with his need to create a new and exciting way of giving back on a regular basis. The associates Bob Reina brings into the Talk Fusion family tend to focus on how the financial and business success they find has changed their life, but Bob Reina instead likes to place his focus on how the business as a whole has made positive changes to the lives of those working with him. For Bob Reina the chance to help people and animals around the world has seen him provide donations to those affected by natural disasters and to those in need of long term assistance closer to his Tampa home.

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Talk Fusion Donates One Free Charity Account

Talk Fusion is making headlines by having some pretty awesome video products. These video products were designed to help small businesses, charities, non-profits, and individuals communicate faster and more effectively with others around the world. Their products include Live Meetings, Video Chat, Video Email, and Video Newsletters. With these products, you can include your own video, which you can customize to your liking. The unique thing about Talk Fusion is that the video link will play right in the email rather than taking you to another window. These products not only help you communicate better, but they are user-friendly and compatible on all mobile-devices.

You can use these video products in a variety of different ways. You can use them to promote upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, announce the opening of your business, or even spread the word that you’re having an upcoming animal adoption event. Once you try out these products, you will see what wonders they can do for your organization. Nobody is more interested in how Talk Fusion’s products have changed your life than its own Founder and CEO, Bob Reina.

Bob is the most dedicated and passionate person when it comes to giving back. In fact, he made it his mission to do all that he can and instill this mission into the company’s DNA. He even took it a step further by offering the chance for Talk Fusion Associates to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choosing. This will enable that charity to customize the video to their liking before sending it off to potential customers. This is a wonderful opportunity for a charity to further their cause.

Bob is no stranger when it comes to giving back. He has donated to an Indonesian orphanage and to those victims affected by the tsunami in Japan. Bob has also donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and provided money, so countless animals can get life-saving operations. When it comes to these and many other donations, it’s no wonder why people are seeing all of what Talk Fusion can do for them.

Securus makes new discovers when it comes to GTL

Securus is a leading provider of prison communications technology. Every day, they oversee hundreds of prison phone calls. The company prides itself on offer prisoners the best possible phone connection at a reasonable price. Securus also loves working with investigators and prison officials to help solve mysteries using their technology. Securus operates with integrity and they have for many years, so they were shocked when they made a major discovery about their competitor.

GTL is one of the largest prison communications companies in the world. The operate prison phone lines in almost every state in the country. The company is constantly growing, and they are considered a major competitor for Securus. GTL is extremely successful, but the success has not been fairly earned.

Securus recently discovered the depth of GTL’s action. GTL has built a great deal of wealth by overcharging their clients. GTL charges clients more than their quoted rate per minute. The company also regularly charges prisoners for time that they did not use. Making matters worse, occasionally GTL double bills their clients. Because GTL bills prisoners and the prisons they live in, these actions damaged prisoners and the government.

When Securus first discovered that GTL may be treating their clients unfairly, they immediately started investigating. Securus is looking into GTL’s actions in every state. The first state they looked into was Lousiana. In Louisiana, GTL managed to ripoff the state for more than a million dollars. That is money that was taken directly from the taxpayers of this country.

Securus knows that GTL presents a major threat to the industry and this country. GTL cares only about the bottom line, and Securus intends to fully reveal their deception. Securus will issue press releases as they make new discovers about GTL’s actions, so that everyone will be aware and avoid the company.

Bob Reina: Talk Fusion


Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Talk Fusion. Both Reina and his company Talk Fusion have been creating a buzz in their field for some time now. For those readers who still are not familiar with Bob Reina and/or Talk Fusion, have no worries, here is a bit of background on both of the subjects in question:

Talk Fusion, headquartered in Brandon, Florida, is a privately held business that began in 2007. It is reportedly one of the top ten biggest video communications company in the world. The company has been in the news quite often and they were listed in the top 50 companies in the DSA-Direct Selling Association when it comes to growth and sales revenue.

Reina and his company Talk Fusion are dedicated to assisting other companies to grow and expand through the use of of what is known as “proprietary, patent-pending video technology.” Reina offers his customers a number of new products through one-on-one sales via independent agents in over 140 countries across the globe. One of Reina and company’s most well-known products is the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

Reina and Talk Fusion specialize in a number of different areas. Said areas include: cutting-edge video communication products, video email, video newsletters, video conferencing, video chat, global income opportunities, lead capture, live meetings, the relationship marketing model and customer service in general.

Reina reportedly strives to see that his company maintains “the highest ethical business practices”. He is a member of DSA or the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Reina is also apparently a fan of Spider-Man comic books since he is often quoted as saying that “with great success comes greater responsibility.” He has also often been quoted as saying: “Bring us your dreams and we’ll help you do the rest!”

Reina also has a charitable side. He also understands the power of word of mouth advertising and good free publicity as well. His company is committed to giving back to not only family and friends but the community, animal charities and positive change in the world in general.

Read more at https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/13489891-talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reina-s-mission-to-change-lives for more information.


Flipora Is Helping People To Discover New Things

Social media is something that is used in most households across the United States, and beyond, and it is something that keeps people entertained and happy. Social media allows its users to find something fun to do when they would otherwise be sitting bored in a waiting room, or laying in bed and unable to sleep. Social media allows people to form connections with others that they would never have been able to have, otherwise, and it also allows small businesses to get a good start with their business. Social media makes many people happy, and there is nothing more exciting to most people than when they discover a new app.
Flipora has been gaining a good amount of users since it first came out. People are getting excited about this social media app, and they want to get in on the action. Younger people and older people alike are wanting to try Flipora out, and once they see all that it can do for them in connecting them with web pages that they will love, they will be hooked.
Flipora is different from most other social media apps that are out there, and its differences are what make it great. People enjoy learning something new and having something unique to keep them entertained, and that is what has gotten so many people’s attention when it comes to this new app. People saw that it was something like they have never used before, and they were excited to get their hands on it.
Social media allows people to be entertained in so many different ways, and it is a great thing when a new social media app comes out. It’s great for people to know that they won’t have to grow tired of the apps that they have on their devices, currently, because there is constantly something new coming out to keep them entertained. And it is a great thing when the new app that comes out is even more useful to them than the others that they have used before. Social media can help people out in so many different ways, and it is fun for people to discover all that they can through it.

Status Labs – How They’re Improving Business Reputations One Business At A Time

Status Labs is an online reputation management company who helps companies overcome the struggle involved with gaining bad reviews online. When you have a brand that can really provide customers with great service, you want to make sure other people know about your capabilities as a business. With a single bad review you may gain online, you could be ruining your brand down the road. If you never fix a single review, you may be causing your brand to lose out on future clientele.

Having an account on Yelp can be life changing in so many ways, and you can gain so many customers by hacking all of those great reviews. However, people who aren’t happy with your service won’t be afraid of saying horrible things about your business.

Status Labs focuses on a multitude of online reputation management. The brand has helped people with their online rankings and reviews on review webpages, but they have also helped with public relations and other forms of reputation management. Think of them as an overall company who can help any business in any type of brand crisis to beat it out and make it alive in their industry. No matter what market you are in and what kind of reputation crisis you’re dealing with, there are ways to overcome such trouble.

Online Scandals

In the world of online scandals, it’s easy to lose out on business and to lose your work when you get caught in a struggle. The Ashley Madison website focuses on giving people the chance to have an affair with other people. Just recently, a set of hackers took the information of the site and plastered all the usernames and names of every user, even getting a few celebrities caught up in the scandal for joining the website.

Now, clearly some people are outraged because of losing their job or having their business get torn down because they were a part of this scandal. Not only do the people with businesses need reputation management, but so does the Ashley Madison brand. The company had no intentions at all to deal with releasing all of the information of their users. Status Labs can easily help the brand get back on track.

Status Labs is extremely extensive with their team. They provide reputation management in all kinds of ways to help give business owners the guidance that they need for seeing progress and attaining back their good reputation again. It’s so easy to lose out on more progress and not gain anymore clients without having a good amount of people protecting your reputation.

The Internet is very fast paced. It’s easy to lose out on more clients if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring an experienced team like Status Labs can go a long way in getting all the reputation help you need.