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The Success of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a man with not only many accomplishments, but is also a man with many titles such as a family man, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and an individual who has become an expert at finding the best investment opportunities that promise the highest amount of returns with the lowest risk that is involved. In present day, Jason Hope is specifically involved in the world of technology and works hard to create new and innovative ideas that not only create a profit, but also work to benefit individuals all over the world that are in need of not only technological advancement, but also education on technology. Jason Hope is a self-proclaimed futurist who wants to make innovation by way of mobile apps, desktop software, as well as gaming software that help make the lives of individuals easier and also improves the well being of each and every individual.

Jason Hope has recognized that technology is the future and that technology is something that makes aspects of life easier and faster for humans. Jason Hope believes in efficiency and believes that his hard work within the world of technological advancement means that individuals can spend less time doing work and more time enjoying their lives. Jason Hope has always had the other person in mind and makes sure that life becomes easier rather than harder. Jason Hope is always creating new ways to bring a little bit more of relaxation into the lives of each individual.

In addition to his work as a technologist, Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist who has worked hard to fund and to create projects that all look towards the future of technology. At the local level, Jason Hope is an individual who believes in giving back to the communities. Mr. Hope has always believed that success should never be based upon the generated profits of a business, but should be based upon what is done with the profits. Any profits that are used to help individuals in need is the definition of success in the eyes of Jason Hope and his team.

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Securus makes new discovers when it comes to GTL

Securus is a leading provider of prison communications technology. Every day, they oversee hundreds of prison phone calls. The company prides itself on offer prisoners the best possible phone connection at a reasonable price. Securus also loves working with investigators and prison officials to help solve mysteries using their technology. Securus operates with integrity and they have for many years, so they were shocked when they made a major discovery about their competitor.

GTL is one of the largest prison communications companies in the world. The operate prison phone lines in almost every state in the country. The company is constantly growing, and they are considered a major competitor for Securus. GTL is extremely successful, but the success has not been fairly earned.

Securus recently discovered the depth of GTL’s action. GTL has built a great deal of wealth by overcharging their clients. GTL charges clients more than their quoted rate per minute. The company also regularly charges prisoners for time that they did not use. Making matters worse, occasionally GTL double bills their clients. Because GTL bills prisoners and the prisons they live in, these actions damaged prisoners and the government.

When Securus first discovered that GTL may be treating their clients unfairly, they immediately started investigating. Securus is looking into GTL’s actions in every state. The first state they looked into was Lousiana. In Louisiana, GTL managed to ripoff the state for more than a million dollars. That is money that was taken directly from the taxpayers of this country.

Securus knows that GTL presents a major threat to the industry and this country. GTL cares only about the bottom line, and Securus intends to fully reveal their deception. Securus will issue press releases as they make new discovers about GTL’s actions, so that everyone will be aware and avoid the company.

Securus Technologies Uncovers the Wrongdoings of Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies has been advocating for the communication rights of inmates for quite some time now. They are one of the leading companies in the inmate communications industry that have been pushing for change in regulations and practices in the industry. Lately in an article published on PR Newswire, Securus has uncovered some alarming information from competitor Global Tel Link. The leaders are Securus Technologies are offended that their industry’s name is being tainted by the wrongdoings of a competitor. One example of a wrongdoing from Global Tel Link was the programming they installed on phones placed inside of correctional facilities.
Securus prides themselves on owning an A+ accreditation from the BBB, their integrity and passion for inmate communication rights. Crunchbase reports that Securus is used in 2,600 correctional facilities for more than 1,000,000 inmates in 45 states. Securus is moving forward with many new technologies that have made it easier for family and loved ones to communicated with incarcerated individuals. A new video chatting option now makes it easy for inmates to communicate with their loved ones from the comfort of their own homes. The future looks very bright for both inmates and Securus Technologies as they continue to push forward with the best new technologies. For more info, see https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies.