Hometown Journey

Hall Capital Partners Managing Director’s Resume Is Impressive By Anyone’s Standards

Helane L. Morrison, the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC has been a stand-out in a world ruled by men for several years. It’s hard to intimidate Helane. Her credentials are impressive and she has established a career that demands respect as it has been forged BizJournals.com. Helane was the director of the San Francisco office of the United States Security and Exchange Commission for eight years. Morrison served as District Administrator and then she was promoted to the Regional Director of the SEC. 

Her role at the Security and Exchange Commission was to enforce, litigate and regulate matters in Northern California as well as in five other Northwestern states. Morrison represented the SEC in financial as well as business and legal issues. She also worked with other government agencies and the news media.

Ms. Morrison practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the well-known San Francisco law firm. She became a partner in 1991. Helane studied law at UC-Berkley. She was Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review while she was there. Morrison also received a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. To see her litigation work in detail, check out the Google Book below.

After graduation, she worked as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Helane is a member of the American Bar Association and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee. She is busy, but she finds time to speak to investors about the legal issues that can have a direct impact on their present and future investments. According to the BizJournals.com article, Hall Capital is now one of the most successful investment firms in San Francisco. The firm now has more than $24 billion in assets under management.  The management team is an eclectic mix of investment experts that have been in the business for years. 

Investment firms are usually controlled by men, but Morrison and Hall are changing the face of the investment world. They have proven that women are excellent investors and money managers. Women that know Morrison admire her intelligence, drive, and her ability to function effectively in an industry that measures success in monetary terms. Helane is an inspiration to the generation of women that want to perform in industries that have been notoriously one-sided when it comes to leadership. 


Yeonmi Park: A North Korean Defector with a Message

It’s been several years since Yeonmi Park escaped North Korea, but she still remembers the pain that her family endured under the Kim regime. Her incredible story on Youtube starts when she was just a little girl living in a North Korean border town. They were so close to China that sometimes the television would show Chinese advertisements. Of course, North Koreans didn’t have advertisements, so this was totally foreign—and fascinating—to Yeonmi. It offered her an unexpected glimpse into a life outside of North Korea. On the television, Park could see young Chinese children who were well-fed, and she would marvel at this. After all, mostly everyone she knew was struggling to survive. Eventually, because Park’s father was arrested for selling metal on the black market, the Park family’s situation became even worse. With the male head of the household disgraced and imprisoned, it was practically impossible for Yeonmi, as well as her mother and sister, to get enough food to survive. They were starving by the time they all finally made the decision to leave North Korea in hopes of a better life in China. Yeonmi has often said that she wanted to escape North Korea for “a bowl of rice”; the women were that hungry. Yeonmi’s sister left first, then she and her mother made the dangerous journey across the border. Unfortunately, life in China wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Yeonmi and her mother were sold into human trafficking. After years of pleading with her captor, Yeonmi finally persuaded him to get her family back together. Surprisingly, the man actually made good on his promise. Sadly, Yeonmi’s father was very ill by the time he reached his family. Eventually, he died of colon cancer. The Park women had to make a decision to leave China, and so they did. Crossing the Gobi Desert, Yeonmi and her mother followed the North Star in the hopes of gaining refugee status in Mongolia and eventually becoming South Korean citizens. They did achieve their goal, but Yeonmi has never forgotten about the people she left behind in North Korea.