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American Institute of Architects Commitment to Design

     The American Institute of Architects is a community of architects that are committed to making the world aware of the great quality of work, education, local support, and community rebuilding by engaging the public. The American Institute was started in 1857 by a group of architects that were very talented and desired to educate others about architecture. They wanted to make people aware of architects and the great quality of work that they put forth. The American Institute of Architects is now located in Washington, D.C. The number of members has gone from 13 to over 90,000 since their start in 1857.

The American Institute of Architects is now headed by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is a very talented individual that has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge of architecture. He received education from the University of South Tennessee and Tulane University, Louisiana. He has Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Architecture. He has been aware of his passion for architecture for a long time. He continues to do great design work.

Robert Ivy’s work is so great that in 2010 the American Institute of Architects named him the new Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. He duties began on February 1, 2011. George Miller, the president of AIA in 2010, made a statement acknowledging Ivy’s work and his capability to perform his new job very well. Ivy has been a part of AIA since 1993. In 1993 he became a part of the College of Fellows. In 1996 he became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. He is now the Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his positions at the American Institute of Architects, he is the leader of the editorial management team for McGraw-Hill Construction.

Robert Ivy has an enormous amount of experience in architecture. The architecture community is very excited about him stepping up. He is well known by many people at AIA. They are very confident that he has their best interest at heart. He works hard to make the issues that architects face to the world. The issues that everyone in society faces also affect the architecture community whether it be related to social, political, or the environment. Ivy is eager to let the success and issues that the architect community faces aware of everyone that believes otherwise.

The American Institute of Architect members and Robert Ivy are very optimistic relating to their future. Robert Ivy has over 20 years of relations and experience with the American Institute of Architects. He is excited to uphold the standard that the AIA has set concerning the quality and integrity of the design. Robert Ivy is overqualified for the task.

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Expansion Continues For Shiraz Boghani’s Spendid Hospitality Group

     When he arrived in the U.K. from his home nation of Kenya in 1969 to study accountancy, Shiraz Boghani could not have imagined his career would take him to the top of the financial industry and a career as one of the top hoteliers and healthcare professionals in Britain. In 2016, the success achieved by Shiraz Boghani was summed up with the awarding of the Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards in the U.K.; the award not only recognized the amazing work done by the business leader in the hospitality industry but also the excellent philanthropic work he has completed on behalf of many different groups.

The former chartered accountant has been the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group since the 1990s directing the strategy and forming a business model which has seen the company become one of the most innovative in the world. Breaking into the upper echelons of the hospitality industry began in 1995 with the decision to open one of the first limited services hotels in the capital of London; branded limited service hotels have now become the norm for many in the hospitality industry across the U.K. After developing 25 different branded limited service projects across the U.K., Shiraz Boghani has also added two five-star hotels in Great Britain in the shape of The Grand Hotel and Spa in York and the Conrad L0ondon St. James.

As one of the best-known philanthropists in the U.K., Shiraz Boghani has attempted to shine a light on the needs and reputation of his own Ismaili community for whom he serves on the National Council.Another area of great interest for Mr. Boghani is the development of programs for the education of children through the Aga Khan Foundation; across the planet, the Aga Khan Foundation is fighting to improve levels of literacy in children with the aid of philanthropists such as Shiraz Boghani.

Highland Capital Management Is Looking For People From All Backgrounds

When Highland Capital Management began over a decade ago, there were a dozen employees and a few small offices. Today, Highland Capital Management has almost 6,000 employees and an establishment the size of two football fields. Highland grows more every single day. They have plans to build another establishment in Texas, and they also have plans to hire approximately 6,000 more employees.

Highland once was only in search for people who knew investing and how to manage money. Highland is now in need of more of a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the positions Highland Capital Management needs to fill include clerks, customer service representatives, and promoters, to name a few. Some of these jobs can be done both at Highland’s establishment or in the comfort a person’s home. One area that has opened doors from tons of jobs of website development. Highland has hired an entire department to work on the development of their website.

People can visit the Highland Capital Management and fill out a job application. They will be able to pick the specific field they are interested in and even write a short essay on why Highland should hire them. However, Highland Personnel has seen a growth in the users on Indeed. This has caused the personnel department to post daily jobs on Indeed. There are at least several new jobs posted on Indeed every single day. Even better, every applicant is given a promise that Highland will look over their application.

Highland Capital Management employees have nothing but nice things to say about the company. This is especially true due to the amazing health benefits each employee receives. Employees also receive several vacation, sick, and personal days, and employees also receive a 401K that Highland contributes to on a weekly basis.

Highland Capital Management is also putting a call out for translators of all languages. Since its expansion, Highland is dealing more and more people from other countries. Translators working for Highland will receive all the benefits that traditional employees get.

How Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Made Grupo Televisa Even Better

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is now the CFO of Grupo Televisa. He has a lot of financial experience and he has worked hard to help himself become more experienced so he can do things the right way for everyone who is a part of the company. Because of this, he knows that he will be able to try different things. This is something that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is comfortable with and something that he is confident in. There have been many opportunities that he has, but the Grupo Televisa one is the most important one because of how popular the company is.

When Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was offered the position, he knew that he would be able to try different things and that he would be able to try new options with the experiences that he has. For Viadero these things, he had to make sure that he had the authority to do so. He tried to make sure that things were going to become better in different ways for him and that he was going to get better no matter what was happening in the area that he was a part of. For him to try these things, he had to make sure that Grupo Televisa was going to grow and get better.

Grupo Televisa has grown in the time that Salvi has been the CFO. They are going to continue to get better and they know that they will see more profits thanks to Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. They are hoping that this will translate to them being able to try different things and being able to make a difference with the media options that they have. For Viadero these things, he wants to be completely certain that the company is going to reach new heights.

One Of The 7 Most Important Professionals In The History Of Brazilian Advertising

     Alexandre Gama was an advertising and brazilian businessman in his time. He founded a company called “Neogama” which at the time was one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Gama was the first and only Brazilian to ever be head of a global network of communication agencies, while he was the Chief Creative Officer of the British BBH.

With this being an accurate but short summary of Gama’s life, there are other things to be learned. For example, Gama’s career began in 2982 in an agency called Standart Ogilvy. It was 17 years working in different agency’s before Gama set up his own advertising agency, Neogama which would later become very successful. Gama’s life continued at Neogama and would later lead to awards for his work.

It only took 7 years before Gama would first be noticed for his work. In 2006, Gama was awarded the title of 7 most important professionals in the history of Brazilian advertising by the national advertising market. In the same year, he was elected as the Director of Agency of the Year. The awards did not stop there, and Gama continued to produce amazing things in advertising.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Being Both A Surgeon And A Mother

People love a doctor that they can relate to, especially one that knows what their patients are going through or have been through. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very relatable doctor that is extremely down-to-earth and runs her business very well but is still a soft person at heart. The care she gives to her patients that come in for plastic surgery is similar care to the care that she would give to a family member, especially since she treats them very well when they are in her practice.


Dr. Walden had to move to Austin for personal reasons that had to do with her children, but she has never regretted moving home. She studied to become a surgeon, and after years of work, school, and opening her first practice in New York City, she eventually went back to Austin, Texas. The New York City practice that she opened before moving back home was a success, and with clientele constantly coming in, there was no other reason to leave except for what life brought her, which is her twin boys. Wanting her kids to have family members by their side, Dr. Walden ventured back to Texas.


Opening a practice in Texas proved to be extremely lucrative, especially since Dr. Walden has become renown as a plastic surgeon, and she has appeared on many television shows, solidifying her as the go to person for plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has an expertise in many surgeries, and her knowledge makes her someone that is highly sought after in the plastic surgery field. Dr. Walden is board certified and is even on the ASAPS board, which is an amazing feat in itself.


Since Dr. Walden has different skills that are all meant to help make anyone look more beautiful and youthful, many patients will only choose Dr. Walden as their surgeon, which means there is a long wait to get her services. Dr. Walden values her patients, and having a practice in Austin, Texas means that she can both be a mother as well as a surgeon, which are two important roles to her.

Things You Never Knew About CipherCloud

The internet is full of opportunities for any kind of business or engagement. This is one of the biggest platforms for business and learning and many have been able to benefit from different programs. Most importantly, the use of the internet has been a great relief to investors and marketers in general as they have been able to easily reach a large audience without necessarily having to spend much. This has also heightened competition, something that has led to an improvement in quality of products and general styles of production. Shopping is also something that takes few seconds with the modern online shops that allow one to pay for products after choosing what is right. However, lack of proper security systems has been an opportunity for fraudsters to thrive. They have taken advantage of private data that is supplied to various websites. This calls for the need to have modern security systems, which is what CipherCloud has risen up in support.

CipherCloud is made up of well trained professionals who have been in the industry for many years. The company was launched in 2010 and for the years they have been operational, they have handled hundreds of customer requests, some of which include a redesign of the system to make it more secure, while others seek help to keep their websites secured against hacking and unauthorized access of data. CipherCloud has been able to achieve massive growth and recognition due to the policies they have upheld towards offering top quality works that will help the company achieve its top status.

Due to the sensitivity of the online world, remaining unique in everything matters most. Using a system that many can fathom easily can be risky especially if the database faces threats from hackers. Therefore, it is necessary to design a system that is complicated and unique to make sure no one is able to access some useful data and any attempts to bypass security are thwarted. CipherCloud has strived to offer unique products that have helped to enhance security in the online world. Cloud computing is one of the areas they have performed perfectly well considering the fact they have been offering unique software that is inspired by the need to seal all gateways that can lead to losses while using the internet.

Hiring is a process that entails making a choice that will determine the future of a company. This has been in the minds of the managers at CipherCloud. They are more concerned about creativity and willingness to offer the best to work and dedication to handle different tasks. This has led to positive customer relations and a reliable team that has been able to come up with strong ideas for internet security.


We are a Cloud Security Company with our location in San José in California. Our primary service is cloud service adoption. We maintain and ensure data security, compliance and control. Our platform is secure and provides comprehensive. We have cloud discovery, risk management data usage and protection services for our customers. Our platform also serves as a gateway to encrypt data in real-time before sending it into a cloud environment. Only an authorized user can code and retrieve the data. We locally store our data encryption keys, and we never allow the cloud provider to use the data. The data remains safe in our users’ site. Our technology is modern and well tested. We use data tokenization technology. This technology makes its possible to substitute data that insensitive with that which is non-sensitive. Our platform offers data loss and malware detection as well as monitoring many clouds environment.

We have presence in over 30 countries and more than six languages and have more than 10 `industries in our customer base. Our clients have a high cloud adaptation than others in the market due to our cloud information protection. Our team is of experienced and professional employees who understand the cloud and are dedicated to offering maximum protection to the customer’s data. Cloud is becoming a necessity in many business that use online services. It’s becoming a crucial tool in company’s affairs and remains competitive in the market. We as the data security expertise continue to advance new technology to protect our client’s highly sensitive data. We give our customers fewer reasons to worry about their data and allow them time to concentrate on other pressing issues in their business.

Our company is the market pioneer in offering data security solutions for cloud users. We, therefore, have the highest experience levels to enable our clients to overcome the risks of data privacy. Also to better results in your business, we take priority to providing data residency, security and regulatory compliance. We continually monitor your data to detect any malware, prevent data loss and detect anomalous cloud users’ activities.

Several other leading continue to put their trust on us for our several services and capabilities. They include banks, insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals among others. Our outstanding services have received numerous recognition awards. Our company won ten awards at the 11th info security global excellence awards. The impressive grand trophy winner went to our firm Our Company’s CEO, Mr. Pravin Kothari the CEO of the Year award in the 10th Security Global Excellence Awards. We also featured in the sc magazines excellence awards for our excellence information security. Besides, our company received the best emerging technology in information security award in 2013.

Contributions made by Attorney Dan Newlin in Providing Justice for Injury Victims

Dan Newlin is an American Lawyer who practices injury law. He is based in Orlando Florida. The personal injury lawyer is the head of Dan Newlin & Partners law firm that he co founded. Currently, the law firm has over 75 employees that constitute of experienced attorneys, former state prosecutors, certified surgeons and other employees. The firm recently set up new offices in Chicago.

Dan Newlin started his career at young age of 20 years as a law enforcement officer. He worked for the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department. He later accepted an offer from the Orange County Sherriff’s office in Orland Florida. He served there for a period of ten years and was promoted to the summit to become a Sherriff’s detective.
At Orange County, Dan Newlin worked under several police details displaying exemplary performance. He worked under the Narcotics, auto theft and fugitive divisions as a detective. Due to his dedication and commitment to his work, he was recognized by the United States Marshalls Office. He also received several other awards while working at the Orange County as a detective.

The Florida State College of law accepted Dan Newlin into undertaking a law degree in the year 1997. His acceptance to law school marked the start of his journey to becoming a successful lawyer. He graduated in the year 2000. Having previous experience in law enforcement, Dan Newlin chose to pursue the category of tort law that focuses on personal injury. It is an area of law that focuses on ensuring that injured individuals get the justice that they deserve. It also ensures that the perpetrators of different wrong doings are made responsible for their actions. Injuries can be either psychological or physical and can be caused by a person, government agency or company.
Over the years that he has been in practice, Dan Newlin has won over $150 million worth of compensation to injury victims. One such case is the $100 million verdict on November 2014 in a case tried in Orange County in front of Judge Donald Myers. The verdict was made on behalf of Danielle Simpson, a 15-year-old teen who had remained in a coma since 2012 due to brain damage. She was a victim of a stray bullet from a member of a gang fleeing after a home invasion.

Dan Newlin has always been passionate in providing services to injury victims. He has made access to his firm’s services easier by starting the famous hash tag, #DAN. The hash tag is a short code that victims of injuries and accidents can call to get his services at any given time. The lawyer has acquired massive experience in representing different clients and has built a name for himself as a personal injury lawyer.

What Eric Pulier Helped has Achieved at ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a subsidiary of the CSC and has its head offices in Falls Church, Virginia. It also has major offices across the world, and its 70,000 staff members serve its clients in over 70 countries.
What They Do

ServiceMesh is an international leader in the provision of next-generation IT solutions and services. Their mission is to help their clients gain superior returns on technology investments. They achieve this by applying best-in-class IT solutions, global scale, and domain expertise.

ServiceMesh Do Extraordinary Things

The tech giant helps to solve the most complex challenges and mission-critical tasks. The firm boasts of half a century of success. The parent company, CSC was started by two men who were seeking to realize their dream. From the time CSC was founded in April 1959, creativity has been the major driving force behind its success.

The ServiceMesh Management Team

Its senior management team boasts of an average of a quarter a century of international and domestic IT experience. It has a rich history of business, technological and academic achievements. Hundreds of firms in the world have unrivaled confidence in them.

Financial Achievements

It is through the efforts of Eric Pulier that CSC reported annual revenue of $11.7 billion for the financial year ended April 2015. Pulier happens to be the ServiceMesh Co-founder and formerly served as the Chairman and CEO of the entire firm. He was also the General Manager and Vice President of Cloud at the CSC Australia.

The highly experienced manager oversaw the creation of the Computer Sciences Corporation and delivery of cloud services that helped organizations to offer IT service from external and internal providers. That dramatically boosted productivity and consequently lowered operation cost.Mr. Pulier also served as the Secretary of the famous Santa Monica Media Corporation from June 2005 and worked as the Chief Technology Officer.Pulier founded the SOA Software in the year 1998.

He has previously served as the Chairman and CEO of the SOA Software between July 1995 and July 1998 and the Chief Technology Officer between July 1998 and May 1999. The high-flying entrepreneur has been a pioneer in the digital and software interactive sectors for more than two decades. Pulier is also renowned for co-founding the Interactive Video Technology in the year 1998 and Desktone.