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Adam Stoender – The World’s Most Accomplished Tastemaker

To be a legend as an artist is something that every artist dreams about and very few artists actually obtain. The funny thing about being an artist is that those who chase and copy other famous artists rarely obtain fame, while those who would rather sacrifice a momentary applause to actually produce the groundbreaking work actually have a fighting chance at success and fame.

Adam Sender is the type of person that strives to achieve success by following his own passions as opposed to others. Since a very early age, he has made it his mission in life to give artists that he believes in a fighting chance to make it on the big stage, observed by only the world’s most powerful figures and millionaire investors. Adam Sender is a tastemaker as well as a career maker, having taking hundreds of unknown artists and making them celebrities overnight by displaying their artwork in galleries and museums all around the world.

Being the chairman of such a vast amount of boards that serve art galleries and art schools gives him the pull necessary to have access to some of the brightest minds in the art world, as well as some of the most prestigious stages that art has ever graced.

While it is important to note that an artist’s ability to create fascinating work is imperative, it is also crucial for the success of an artist to have the ear of the rest of the world. With his ability to take the world’s greatest artists, whether known or unknown, and put them on a stage with some of the world’s most famous artists, like Picasso and Matisse, he can instantly heighten and artists the allure and attraction, allowing them to receive a level of success and recognition that they could have never imagined.

To nurture artists who have dedicated their entire lives to making the world a more beautiful place is to live is something that supplies him with great pleasure. To make an unknown artist one of the world’s most attractive prospects is something that he takes pride in.

His very first investment was the1981 Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. He spent over $100,000 for a photograph that was expected to make no more than a few thousand dollars, tops. From that day on, the art world knew that he was an investor who cherished the act of purchasing art and that it is a very personal act for him as opposed to something that was meaningless and strictly for the money. When the art world got wind of his investment style and his passion for the sensual, he became the quintessential sought-after art curator that he is today and is known as one of the world’s foremost tastemakers in the field.

Eric Pulier– Timeless Philanthropist, Remarkable Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a serial entrepreneur and author of several highly acclaimed articles in publications such as the Harvard Crimson, Forbes Magazine amongst others. His ability to change the world through technology has enabled him to create over 16 multimillion and billion dollar corporations that serve enterprises all over the world that depend on his ingenious software that helps to increase their efficiency and bottom line. As well as being a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully endeavored in the world of venture capital, not only as someone who has businesses financially backed by venture capitalists and receiving over a half $1 billion in less than 30 years to build his businesses, but actually becoming a venture capitalist that helps firms choose winning businesses from the myriad of businesses he is presented with daily. Although he has several wins in his portfolio that have made him a millionaire hundreds of times over, most say his best work stems from his research and development of software that helps children with disabilities and special needs function better, therefore increasing the quality of their lives. He is also on the board of several nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping children with special needs in America as well as abroad.

As a Harvard University student, he began testing his ideas and philosophies about life in his weekly column that he published in the Harvard Crimson. His column got rave reviews and a lot of respect from students all around the campus. Students all over the Harvard challenged his philosophies and actively bounced ideas off of him, allowing him to sharpen his analytic abilities as well as helping him to understand the realities of the world at a more advanced level then what is typical for his age. When he left Harvard University, he realized that he did not want to be a journalist, because he felt that he would have a larger impact on more the world as a technologist, philanthropist and an entrepreneur.

When he began his career with over 16 victories in building software for corporate enterprises he realized that he has a soft spot for helping children reach their full potential, so he developed a program for children with multiple sclerosis, enabling them to communicate online, even without a keyboard. His groundbreaking technology has been implemented into over 126 hospitals all around the United States of America.

Aside from the 16 businesses that he co-founded that eventually wound up being sold for millions and some very close to billions of dollars, he has also done a large amount of Angel investing into small startups that he felt were onto great revelations and that his valuable name and generous backing would allow them to succeed well above their expectations. His role as a board member of companies all around Silicon Valley has helped companies to fully recognize their dreams while enabling them to develop into the multi-billion-dollar businesses that they are today.