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William Saito – A Venture Capitalist’s Career and Thoughts on Startups

The Passionate Cyber Security Advisor, William Saito

William Saito was born in Los Angeles California. He attended Damien High school in California and upon completion, he pursued a bachelor’s degree from the University of California. He also attended a biomedical Science program. He is known as a venture capitalist and advisor to security problems. He has developed various startups that deal with input and output software. William Saito is best described as an entrepreneur with a fascination in cyber security innovation and policies. He is a writer and an educator to the upcoming generations, whose interest is in the field if information and technology.

To begin with, William Saito began to develop computer security while in junior high, before incorporating it to input output software firm in University. His advancement in technology led to partnership with Microsoft firm after the development of a software that displayed Japanese characters in English, which is used by Sony. The partnership led to authentication technology used in Microsoft Windows. After about four years of partnership, I/O Software firm sold all of its assets to Microsoft.

In addition, William Saito has been awarded several titles. One is in a World Economic Forum where he was named as the Young Global Leader because, he was able to help many startups in Japan as a venture capitalist, through investments and funds. During his time in Japan, he was able to act as a cyber-security advisor to many important people and the government firms. Among them is the ministry of economy and trade, cabinet office and the prime minister.

William Saito was a board member of the Japan Times, he worked at the ministry of education, sports and culture as a policy advisor on education matters, and he was a member of various task force including the Paralympics and Olympics. Moreover, he was once appointed as the Information Technology support, assisting the National Diet committee, who were put in charge of disaster management after the nuclear disaster in Daiichi.

Furthermore, William Saito worked in several private firms such as the Japan Airlines in charge of digital innovation promotion and as a part-time executive officer. During his time here, he also served as a strategic advisor to the Airline. In conclusion, the various disappointments in his path has never influenced his passion and love for his achievements. He is an entrepreneur with the difference.