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Rona Borre Has the Pattern for Success

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting company that she started in the second bedroom of her condo. Today it is one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the United States.

Rona had worked for a large staffing company when she just got out of college and she would up breaking every sales record that the company had, but the company was purchased, and the entire culture went haywire, so Rona took the step of starting her own firm.

When in a recent interview she was asked about all of that and the question came up about her perhaps being scared in starting such an enterprising venture. Her reply was that she was still going to be doing what she did well, that is out selling and developing relationships with client companies so she can find them the best talent. It was just a matter of deciding to it for herself in a manner in which she could better control the outcome.  Check this out on ideamensch.com.

When she was asked what trait she thought she had that made her so successful, she answered that the is never satisfied and that she is always looking for a better way to do things. One thing she learned was that it is better that she focus on what she does well, and that is the relationship building and to outsource those things that she doesn’t like such as accounting and back office.  Read more about Borre, follow her linkedin.com page.

The secret sauce for Instant Alliance is the relationships that Rona has taught her account executives to form and develop. This allows her and her people to get to know the upper management of the hiring companies so they can get to know the corporate culture and how recruits will fit in. Talent is easy to find, but what is needed is talent that stays put, and what is what an inviting company culture will do.

Rona Borre is well-known in Chicago business circles and is in demand as a speaker and a guest on many local radio and television programs. After all, success is something that everyone wants to know more about.

For more of Borre and Instant Alliance hit on http://www.instantalliance.com/team_bio/rona-borre/

Rona Borre Conquers Inertia

Rona Borre is the ideal example of what happens when ingenuity and daring meet in the same package. Shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona, and landing a high paying job in the staffing industry, she left that job after shattering all the company’s sales records and formed her own company in the same field.

In a spare bedroom of her Chicago Condo, she started Instant Alliance in 2001, and it has since grown into a major staffing company located in downtown Chicago and billing millions of dollars in revenue annually. Borre concentrates on hiring financial and technology professions who fit in readily to growing companies when they are trying to reach the next level.

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Borre says that she uses a technique that many staffing companies overlook in her hiring process. She and her expert account executives make it a point to get to know the hiring executives very well so they can learn exactly what kind of employee is needed and how he or she will fit into the corporate culture.  Related articles here on cnbc.com.

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Once the information is known, Borre and her associates search day and night looking for the right candidate and the results are amazing. For example, there is an interview to hire ratio of 3:1 and an astonishing attrition percentage of only 1 percent over the past 15 years. These figures are remarkable in this competitive industry.

For more information about Borre click http://www.instantalliance.com/

Kate Hudson and Fabeltics Growing Active Wear Giant

Fabletics has become a fantastic extension of actress Kate Hudson. According to Racked is reporting that the brand of Fabletics is opening nearly 100 new stores in the next five years and has in fact opened seven stores as of this spring. The business model in unique and exciting and there is nothing else like it in apparel shopping. People who sign up for the subscription service will receive a new outfit each month and their credit card will be charged accordingly.

After a slow start, which involved some confusion about billing, the company has dropped the number of complaints to a manageable level. Customers are finding the convenience of getting new stylish active wear each month as a great bonus. They don’t have to travel to a store and spend a lot of time looking for a new outfit. It simply shows up at their door. The simplicity of the process and the style of the workout gear is the driving force behind their success.

A world famous actress and mother of two, Kate Hudson was always working to stay in shape and wanted to look good while she was doing it. Hudson has always been a motivator who supported women in the pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. That was the driving force behind her establishment of Fabletics. The monthly distribution of a “Kate approved” outfit is revolutionary in the business and could stand as a model for other businesses in the future.

Being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for any women. Fabletics provides monthly outfits that come in a different style and provides different prints each month. That means that your active wear is never going to leave you with boring choices to wear. Part of feeling good about a workout is looking good doing it.

When you go to thekrazycouponlady.com, her review immediately offers a quiz to learn more information about your style and what you like to wear. Based on that information, new outfits are recommended to you each month, based on how you workout and the personal style that you are comfortable with. On the first day of each month, Fabletics sends a new outfit that as a VIP member is significantly discounted. Customers can opt out of getting an outfit each month by logging into the website and choosing the “skip this month” icon. The shipping of the stylish gear is always free.

Kate Hudson has created a brand with great potential as the physical stores open up across the country and allows customers to browse and shop in person along with the fantastic online VIP experience. As the style grows and the active wear starts becoming the envy of all ladies at the gym. More and more people will be joining the Fabletics program each successive month.