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Solo Shah RecapHow To Become A Millionaire With Investing

The Sunday Times did an article about Yan Huo. Yan Huo is the owner of Capula Investment Management. Hou has a London-based hedge fund that gets their money by betting on the debt markets in Europe. Hou was able to make €27 million off of a dividend because of huge fall in the year 2011. Hou’s firm made a total of €92 million and that amount was split between their 18 top executives. This was a payment that they received in March 2011. This firm had their investments double in one year. Another very well-known name when it comes to the head hedge fund market in the UK is Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital and he made €19 million in March of 2011.

Solo Capital Market is a financial services company. They are based in the UK and they specialize in consulting, property trading, and professional sports investments. The owner of Solo Capital Markets is Sanjay Shah. Shah is the founder and the CEO as well. Shah is an individual that did not start in the financially industry. Shah was interested in becoming a doctor before he decided to become an accountant. Shah began to work for some big-name banks that included Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. There was a financial crisis that hit in 2009 and Shah had to make a decision about how he was going to continue. That was how he started Solo Capital.

Apart from Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is an organization that he started for his son. When his son was four years old he was diagnosed with autism, and Sanjay Shah found that there wasn’t enough information about the disorder. He decide to start up a fund to help raise awareness about autism and to help individuals find more information as well.

Beneful Dog Food Shows Nutritional Selections Are Popular

All living being require a solid amount of good nutrients in their diet. Premium dog food has experienced a tremendous increase in popularity thanks to incredible interest by many pet owners to make sure their pets’ diets are well-rounded and balanced. The Daily Herald has published an article that effectively reveals why premium foods’ sales have spiked. More importantly, the article shows why premium foods help canines receive a better diet.
PurinaStore‘s Beneful is a brand of dog food known for its diverse ingredients. Selections with beef, turkey, and chicken serve as a reliable source of protein for pets. Beneful‘s wet, dry foods and treats (https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/) mix up many additional ingredients in with the main course. Spinach, rice, pasta, and tomatoes are among those ingredients. Their presence adds more nutrients and, yes, and interesting taste to the meal.

In the Daily Herald article, a look at the manufacturing is presented and owners can see how serious the process is. The roasting of poultry, fresh poultry, is done with a great deal of attention to making sure all high standards of quality of met. No processed poultry is used. The ingredients are the “real deal”.

With protein, a dog has to be able to digest the servings well. This is why it is so important to look for premium brands. Quality protein is going to serve a dog far better than protein from processed meats. To get the best quality, dog owners have to buy the best foods. The best foods and the best brands serve up the best selections.

Beneful serves up salmon, lamb, and other main courses not commonly found in traditional dog foods. No matter what the Beneful selection is, consumers do know they are getting something special

William Skelley’s Most Recent Achievements

The ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leader’ is a type of real estate magnets club which consists of the best and brightest minds in the sector. The leaders’ group is led and hosted by Michael Stoler. The club holds regular dinners that are not open to the public but specific people who are invited. In order to join the group one must have demonstrated exemplary qualities and techniques in the real estate sector. There are many people who are engaged in real estate but only a few are offered a place at the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. This year the group held its first dinner on January 27th and was held in New York City at the Columbus Citizen Foundation.

William Skelley who is a distinguished and honored real estate pioneer has been named as part of this group. It did not surprise many since his efforts have changed the real estate sector and it’s financing. Through the crowd sourcing system he perfected a system that allows investors to invest into projects. The module was adapted after the interpretation of Title II of the JOBS Act. The company was founded soon thereafter and incorporated in the business name iFunding, as illustrated by Crowdfunder. The beauty behind his company is that a person can invest as little as $ 5000. As of this year the company has funded over 40 high profit construction projects. Some have since matured and the respective investors have received their share of the profit plus their capital. Michael Stoler who also hosts the Stoler Report, has invited him to share a panel with other realtors to discuss and present their views about commercial trends in the real estate sector. Skelley introduced a new concept in the market when he launched his company in 2012, allowing diversification and critical use of crowd sourced financing.

Crunchbase portrays William Skelley as a business man and CEO of iFunding which is a crowd based Real Estate Company. He resides in New York City which is also the headquarters of his company iFunding. Throughout his life time he has been involved with the financial industry that has shaped him into the entrepreneur he is today. The company which mostly uses online applications is accessed to accredited investors only eliminating fraud. Using the internet is convenient and cost friendly. Through crowd financing the company has been able to construct multi-family residences, condominium estates, apartment towers, hotels and resort to mixed-use buildings.  Follow William on Twitter for updates, as he takes on this Crowdfunding adventure.

Venezuelans Party Hard and Have Fun as Domestic Tourism Rises

Venezuelans are a fun loving people that cherish good times and making merry as often as they can. The popular Venezuelan beach destination of Puerto La Cruz still attracts many locals who come out to party and have fun. Apart from swimming and basking in the sun, beaches in the country also offer a popular party environment with loud music, cold beers and interesting people.

The country has always been a popular tourist destination. The beaches and tourist attractions attract both local and foreign tourists to the South American Country. Despite the low tourist season experienced in 2015, 2016 shows positive signs of improvement. Local tourists come out to beaches in large numbers to enjoy themselves while foreign tourists like David Osio usually prefer private beaches that offer a safe and laid back experience.

Shift from Foreign to Domestic Tourism

There has been a recent shift from foreign tourists to local ones. This is in a bid to create more income from the tourism sector after 2015 saw a decline in total foreign tourists visiting the country. However, despite the rising number of foreign tourists in 2016, many tourism businesses continue to focus their attention on local ones. Tourist businesses by David located in Caracas have started offering full day trips to local destinations like Choroni.

With the changing times currently being experienced in the country, local businesses and other citizens must also change and adapt as well. However, the Venezuelans remain defiant when it comes to having a good time, partying, relaxing and having fun.


Philip Diehl Explains Why The Gold Market Holds Good Returns To Its Investors.

In the American market, there is a large number of accredited investors looking for high-profit potential and safe investment opportunities. The American investor is a unique investor because they are ready to make huge investments in any sector that meet their expectations. Philip Diehl says that one sector that offers very high potential investment opportunities is the gold market.

Philip Diehl is the U.S. Money Reserve’s president, and he adds that not only is the gold market offering good returns but also security to its investor’s investments. The U.S. Money Reserve is a top precious metals private firm that facilitates investments in the precious metals market. The U.S. Money Reserve helps the investor in the United States place their investments in government sponsored precious metals which are gold, silver and platinum coins.

Philip Diehl was saying this when he was on an insightful gold market interview with Eric Dye. Eric Dye is a financial and investments markets talk show host at Enterprise Radio. The U.S. Money Reserve President took this opportunity to talk about the benefits of gold investments and the entire precious metals sector in depth. He began by comparing the gold investment market with other markets in the business sector.

Philip Diehl, who was previously the Director of U.S. Mint says that the gold investment market beats other investment markets in business. He says that this market offers superior security to investors investments. Philip Diehl explained that gold as an investment commodity will never loose its market value or demand. He went on and said that since gold is the most precious metal in the world, it will always have a high demand. He also stated that investors in this sector will be able to sell their investments easily whenever they feel like.

A Crunchbase.com recap has it that the U.S. Money Reserve president said that the gold market utilizes the high demand to give its investors good returns. Philip Diehl explained that gold as a product faces increased prices and demand as time goes by. He said that this characteristic of gold in the market makes this industry very potential as an investment opportunity.

US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl also said that the security of gold market as an investment option is prominent during depreciation and economic crises in the market. He said that all other types of investments including assets and paper money investments have a tendency of being affected by economic crisis in the market.

Philip Diehl assured investors that the gold market always remains stable during the economic crisis, and this is why long term investors should place their investments in this market.


The Good, The False And The Silly Of Cruz Super PAC’s Latest Attack Ad

George Soros has been a hot topic in Wisconsin lately. The liberal hedge fund manager turned philanthropist and democratic financier has been the star of television commercials running for the past week in the badger state. The Trusted Leadership super PAC supporting Ted Cruz have been funding the advertisements that claim George Soros has been financing the super PAC of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Some television stations in Wisconsin on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/ have stopped playing the ad because the claims made in it are false, according to PolitiFact Ohio. Here’s why these ads were important, false and silly:

The Goal

The Ted Cruz super PAC associated John Kasich with George Soros because Soros is a world-famous financer of liberal causes. This election cycle he’s donated more than $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC and in years past he has donated money to super liberal causes such as MoveOn.org, which now supports Bernie Sanders for president. Tying Kasich to Soros could easily sink the campaign by making him appear liberal to conservative voters on Twitter.

Why It’s False

Political science professor Tom Sutton explains that the accusations are silly because super PAC donations are unlimited and out in the open. George Soros could simply infuse the Kasich campaign on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/ with over $1 billion if he pleased, and there’s no need to hide it. But the ad falsely claims that he has made these donations through two former employees in an apparent attempt to hide the money trail.

Turns out that these former employees have been donating to conservative causes for years and have a long track record of it. These former employees disagree with her former employer George Soros on bloomberg politically even though the ad makes it sound like they’re all on the same side.

The advertisement also goes on to state that John Kasich has been complicit in receiving monies from George Soros. But again, according to political science professor Tom Sutton, John Kasich is prohibited by law from communicating with his super PAC thus unable to turn down any money donated to it from any source.

Why It’s Silly

Reports started popping up that George Soros had been funneling money to John Kasich just before the Ohio primary, which Kasich won. Ohio awards all delegates to the winner and this victory is helping to prevent Donald Trump from clinching the nomination before the Republican convention. Without clinching, it looks as if the convention will be contested and there is a rule that states that the nominee must have won 8 states during the primary season. If front runner Donald Trump is to be denied the nomination, the only other candidate available could be Ted Cruz and he has John Kasich to thank for that.

The US Money Reserve and the plight of the penny

Once upon a time, there was a common belief here in America that if you found a penny lying on the ground face up it was good luck and by picking it up the rest of your day would go perfectly. Is this still the case? If you were to find a penny on the ground would you take the time to bend over to pick it up? Unfortunately, in this day and age rife with inflation, one penny does not do much so the answer more times than not is to leave Abraham Lincoln lying on the ground with regards to the U.S. Money Reserve. This being the case, there is now an ongoing debate going on at the Federal level on whether or not the 1 cent coin should be discontinued.

According to Retail Mont, in modern America only 25% of all transactions deal with cash. The remainder is completely dominated by the use of electronic currency. With the constant rise in internet usage the data shows that the elimination of the penny will not negatively affect commerce in any way.

However, by removing this denomination from the financial system the Federal government will save 105 million dollars a year annually. You may wonder how such a low valued coin could be costing the government so much money? The truth is that penny production has been outsourced resulting in the price per coin to rise to a whopping $2.41 (US).

Add to this the fact that a cashier spends about 730 seconds per year handling pennies and the cost for “Ol’ Abe” rises to about $900 million dollars a year according to Robert M. Whaples, an economics professor at Wake Forest University. I’m sure that I don’t have to go into detail about how this affects the United States economy. In situations where we generally use coins like pay phones, parking meters and vending machines pennies are not acceptable forms of currency. So the question that we must ask ourselves is was Benjamin Franklin wrong when he said, “A penny saved is a penny earned?”

Below you will find the Good Search interview of Philip Diehl, the U.S Money Reserve President, where he speaks candidly about the demise of the penny.

The Remarkable Career Life of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a renowned Russian tycoon and philanthropist. He graduated from INSTEAD University where he received his MBA in 1997. Mr. Beltyukov faced the challenge of learning French before he enrolled at the University. He gave a hand to the establishment of the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship that supports Russia citizens who are admitted to the University.

Beltyukov began a career in medicine but later changed his mind and started doing business. Since then, he has founded numerous successful companies. In 2013, he established the Endemic Capital where he served as a Managing Partner. Beltyukov used this company as a resource for connecting with other entrepreneurs by providing funding for businesses in Russia. He has created various organizations that support Russians who need to attend business school.

Beltyukov established the New Gas Technologies in 2006. He is currently the chairperson of the company’s boards. The company focuses on natural gas production and application to various industrial uses. It also develops technologies that reduce the costs of refining oil. Mr. Beltyukov also created A-Ventures Limited in January 2007 and served as its Managing Partner. The firm helped companies that were struggling financially within Russia. A-Ventures clients received an annual return that exceeded 40 percent. The company was sold in June 2014. He currently serves as an observer on FORO Energy’s Board of Directors. FORO Energy is a corporation that is specializing in the commercialization of high power lasers for geothermal, mining, oil and natural gas industries.

Alexei Beltyukov is the founder of SOLVY, which is an online educational system. In February 2005, he became the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY. This education program solves the problem of innumeracy by enabling students to learn and enjoy mathematics through a personalized approach. The program keeps track of the students’ progress as they learn. The system then provides a direct feedback that helps the student to know where they are wrong and informs the teachers on areas that they are required to assist the students. Beltyukov plays a significant role in the education sector by being involved with SOLVY.

Alexei Beltyukov is popular for his excellent work at the Skolkovo Foundation where he provides economic guidance for the Russian government. He was appointed to be the vice president of the company in January 2011. During his service, the organization has created 12,700 jobs. Beltyukov is known for his expertise in modern day business. He is well informed in social media marketing and can offer professional help in this field.  Watch some of Alexei’s educational Vimeo videos for a more in depth look.

Sam Tabar’s Career Path

Sam Tabar is a New York City based attorney and investment specialist. He studied law at Oxford University and joined Columbia Law School after his graduation. At Columbia Law School, he became an Associate Editor for Columbia Business Law Review, which is a law journal published by the institution’s students. Following his graduation from Columbia Law School, Sam rendered services to various law firms in an Associate’s capacity upon his successful completion of the law school program. The firms he worked for included, among others, Skadden, Slater, Arps, Slater and Flom LLP. His performance while at these firms speaks for itself. At Skadden, for instance, Sam is remembered for his expert counseling on investment management agreements, side letters, employment issues, regulatory and compliance matters, and hedge fund formation and structure.

In 2004, Sam diverted his attention from legal career to financial realm. As a matter of fact, he started working as a counsel at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors. His efforts at the company were rewarded when he became the company’s Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. His achievements at the company included management of global marketing and investor relations for a $2 billion hedge fund, designing and implementation of strategic marketing plans, and provision of more than 2000 investors. He also facilitated the increase of the firm’s asset investment to $1.2 billion.

Sam’s career path continued to star when he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011. At the firm, he offered counseling to hedge fund clients. He also spearheaded the firm’s engagement with institutional investors such as funds for funds, pensions, endowments and foundations. His other duties at the firm included managing capital allocations between investors and fund managers. One easily noticeable achievement at Bank of America Merrill Lynch was the establishment of more than 1250 institutional investors for the firm.

In 2012, Sam joined Adanac LLC, BVI, as the firm’s Director. During his tenure as the director, he invested in American start-ups and properties. Verboten and Thinx constitute some of the start-ups he invested in. A year later, About.me shows he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, where he worked until 2014 in the capacity as the firm’s Senior Associate, a move that indicated his desire to embark on a legal career. Some of his duties in this capacity included counseling clients on private placement memoranda, fund formation and structure, side letters, regulatory and compliance issues, and investment management agreements.  Sam can be contacted on Thumbtack, or you can check out what he’s been doing charity wise through his GoFundMe.

A Hairific Tale: Bad Hair Can Turn Good With Wen

Wen is a hair care product line from Chaz Dean that evolved from his passion for improving hair. Chaz first took notice of how important hair was when he noticed how it is immortalized in photographs.

Beautiful hair seems to have a type of majesty, and Chaz wanted to be a part of that beauty, almost like a perfumer who wants to create his/her own flower essence.

Chaz went on to become a celebrated hair stylist, but his true legacy is his Wen by Chaz hair care line. His passion for creating picture perfect hair that should be immortalized was laced in the unique formulas used in his hair care line.

A Story Lathered In Beautiful Hair

Not too long ago, an article appeared in Bustle that detailed an unbiased product testing, which Wen passed with flying colors.

The young lady–who is fascinated by beauty products and hair products–could not resist the hype around Wen by Chaz hair care products, not to mention that her hair lacked volume. She was in desperate need of a solution and found one with these products.

The young lady had a few other problems with her hair, like lack of shine and a healthy bounce.

One thing that attracted her to the WEN products was the ability to eliminate other products, which can save money. The product that she used the most was the Cleansing Conditioner, which combined the duties of a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler, and conditioner.

She tried the product for a total of 7 days. Her hair went through and adjustment period, but she ultimately saw what other avid users saw; she saw a hair miracle in a bottle. Her hair felt stronger, vibrant, and shinier within a few days. Just make sure you follow the detailed instructions on the bottle, like using 10 to 16 pumps of the product for short hair.

You can clearly see that Wen by Chas is not simply selling a name, no, he is selling a solution on sephora.com.