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What Shark Media Has Done for Customer Reparations

White Shark Media is a company that handles the addwords accounts of their clients. In the past they’ve had many, many compliments but they, like all normal businesses have had their share of complaints. Well, they did a rare and noble thing. They actually listened to their people and took radical action.

In an article on the White Shark Media Blog they’ve made reparations to the public they serve. The first complaint was the reporting. In surmising what the client was expressing they needed, they came to the conclusion that their reporting system just was not adequate enough.Now, they make sure they are adequately informed about their new accounts.

The second most important challenge they addressed was the communication was not good enough. Now, they make sure each client has a meeting to discuss their account with a representative. They share screen through GotoMeeting an internet tool that allows both parties to look at the same thing on the screen. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/ and http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

This saves time and all questions can be answered. They’ve also put phone lines with direct extensions. This means the client can get to a rep directly.

The next challenge was the performance. If the client does not see their account making progress in a month or two then this is an issue given the nature of the business they’re in. So, they’ve made sure SEM strategists stay connected with clients to report on progress.

Then the request for SEO services. White Shark Media Complaints team have yet to have that but they will certainly help you distinguish a good company from a bad one. they will also let you know if you’ve invested or are about to invest in a bad SEO company.

The last issue was that people didn’t feel that the contact at the company was in tune with their needs. So, what they’ve done is, make sure an SEM manager is there to run the client through the questions they needed to have answered. They keep the pipeline going smoothly from the sales person thereafter.

So as you can tell, this company has not only investigated the issues but taken the bull by the horns or rather the shark by the fin and deal with it!

How Could Someone Lose So Much Weight On NutriMost?

I have been looking for a lot of ways to lose weight, and then I saw a story on the news of someone who lost 80 pounds on NutriMost. It is a really cool plan because I know that it works, and I was also impressed because the woman in the story looked a lot like me. That was a pretty big deal to me, and I knew that I was going to lose weight because it was like the plan was made just for me. Having that feeling is really nice, and it helped me get started on the plan and sign up for it.

I also noticed that they had all their food categorized in a way that made sense to me as someone who is not a big food person. I was able to use this plan because I could just go to the category that made sense to me, and then I learned that I could stay in any category I wanted as long as I wanted. It was very easy to pick meals on this program, and they are all very easy to set up. I am cooking at home, and I am losing weight at the same time.

Someone like me who has not been able to lose weight in the past is going to be very happy with NutriMost plans because it is so basic. They do not make you feel stupid, and they do not make it hard to pick out the food. I have been able to eat a really nice meal every night, and I have been able to apply information about the meals to my food when I eat out. It has been really simple to lose weight, and I have not had any setbacks because of the way NutriMost is set up.




Securus Technologies Uncovers the Wrongdoings of Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies has been advocating for the communication rights of inmates for quite some time now. They are one of the leading companies in the inmate communications industry that have been pushing for change in regulations and practices in the industry. Lately in an article published on PR Newswire, Securus has uncovered some alarming information from competitor Global Tel Link. The leaders are Securus Technologies are offended that their industry’s name is being tainted by the wrongdoings of a competitor. One example of a wrongdoing from Global Tel Link was the programming they installed on phones placed inside of correctional facilities.
Securus prides themselves on owning an A+ accreditation from the BBB, their integrity and passion for inmate communication rights. Crunchbase reports that Securus is used in 2,600 correctional facilities for more than 1,000,000 inmates in 45 states. Securus is moving forward with many new technologies that have made it easier for family and loved ones to communicated with incarcerated individuals. A new video chatting option now makes it easy for inmates to communicate with their loved ones from the comfort of their own homes. The future looks very bright for both inmates and Securus Technologies as they continue to push forward with the best new technologies. For more info, see https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies.

Learning the Ins and Out of Investing for Passive Income

People that want to gain passive income would do themselves good to educate themselves about the activity. They can learn from sources like Igor Cornelsen who has a lot of knowledge about passive income. Igor Cornelsen recommends a lot of extensive research so that one could maximize the amount of money he can earn from his investments. There are plenty of banks and programs that can offer a lot of good features for the investor to take advantage of. Igor Cornelsen has looked at these features himself in order to maximize the income that he gains. Other successful investors know about these features as well.

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Managing Your Portfolio Utilizing Some Of Igor Cornelsen’s Methods

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insights Making Investments

One feature that is worth looking into is compounding. When one chooses an investment program with compounding, this allows for the amount of money gained in during the investment to grow at a faster rate because the amount of money updates with each interest gained. The interest that is paid to the client is based on the current amount of money in the account, not the original amount of money invested. This allows for the individual to gain a lot of money at a faster rate. This is one of the recommendations that Igor Cornelsen has for people that want to make passive income.

Re-investing the amount of money gained is another way to increase the earning rate. This is a bit like compounding. For one thing, the investor can invest a greater amount of money and then collect the interest based on the amount that he has invested into the account. Before he knows it, he will have a ton of money that he can invest. He could also diversify his earnings so that he will build a good portfolio. He will also discover new features that will take his earnings beyond what he thought was possible.

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The Highs and Lows of FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a relatively new phone carrier that provides either very affordable and even free service plans. They are partnered with Sprint, but save money by not buy the various connection from that partner. Instead they purchase these services independently and run them via their Sprint partner. It is not uncommon for Sprint to partner with smaller providers. It usually sells its own services to these companies. So many, in fact, that most cellphone users are using Sprint in some form or fashion. They have a slew of groundbreaking innovations.

FreedomPop offers phones, mobile data, and home internet. They became famous because they were the first to introduce a free data plan. This free plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Although there is this free plan, many of their other plans are among the cheapest on the market today. Their next one up is only $5 a month. This plan feeds off the giant network of more than 10 Million hotspots all across America. This is a great plan for urban areas, but kind of iffy for rural communities.

It also makes a good gift for a student since it does not allow service in a car. The next one up is $19.99 a month with unlimited talking, texting, and data almost anywhere. FreedomPop has 38 different phones that range in price starting at $50 to much, much higher. FreedomPop’s data service go for $99 up. You can either purchase a 500 MB for free or 2 GB for $19.99. Freedomtag sells multiple lines of tablets that start at the cheap price of $75. This cheaper model is good but does not allow for some big things such as email and Facebook.

Almost all Sprint smart devices are now compatable with FreedomPop and can be easily integrated into its system. You can purchase both new and/or refurbished FreedomPop devices from Newegg and Amazon. FreedomPop actively encourages people to get the free plan because with the free plan they are better able to convince people to get upgrades. And the customer service really lays this on thick, constantly pressuring people to make upgrades. In fact, FreedomPop is quickly building a reputation as having the worst customer service in the cell phone industry.

Getting information about your product from customer service is really hard and complicated. With that said, FreedomPop’s product are all well worth this relatively minor setback.

Source: http://www.savingfreak.com/freedompop-review/

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Who is the Man Behind Davos Financial Group?

David Osio is an integral financial advisor expert and the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Davos Financial Group, which is a financial advisory group of independent companies. David has managed to lead the firm by guiding its growth and expansion by applying his leadership and hands-on business skills. He has led the company to increased income and establishment internationally through offices located in New York, Geneva, Lisbon and Panama City.


David has mainly concentrated his efforts in developing comprehensive financial services through licensed independent companies and customized services that meet the demands of every client guaranteeing them the best services quality and confidential investment platform. His professional approach has helped Davos Financial Group to become a Financial Boutique that offers specialized services.


David Osio primary specialties include corporate and tax planning, portfolio structuring and asset management, successive planning and banking services.




David Osio has been the CEO of Davis Financial Group from 1993 to the present. He leads the company in both the domestic and international market whereby he establishes appropriate organization culture and strategic plan. He oversees the company management and ensures efficient operation and performance by making sure that the quality of services is offered to the customers.


David has also been a vice president of Commercial Banking from 1989 to 1993 before founding Davis Financial Group where he was responsible for supervising and directing the management of the private areas and the corporate of the bank. He coordinated processes and defined marketing strategies to capture and maintain customers.




In an article recently published, David has spoken as a representative of the government to show dissatisfaction with the economic measures that have been implemented in Venezuela. He also said that efforts are being placed to see greater political stability to ensure that the public debt is renegotiated.


Venezuela has been requesting the China to make extensions on payment obligations and inject new capital in mining sectors including other measures. Venezuela had also requested time of grace to change the oil prices and recoup some of the lost revenue, but Chinese government response was by increasing shipment oil costs.


David claimed that if short term debts are met by attaining requirements by economic measures, the government then will have enough ways of covering the short and medium-term obligations. Venezuela’s problem is that it has concentrated debt for a short and medium term without consideration that such rates. The problem with the region is that it has failed to have firm economic plans, and there are no clear rules for investors making it a less transparent company and therefore enough justification for punishment.




David Osio is, therefore, an excellent financial advisor and regulator as it can be seen with the company it manages and his part of Venezuela debt management crises.

Learn more: http://www.davidosio.com/


Labaton Surcharow: WhistleBlower Program

The past decade has witnessed an influx in people reporting security violations to the SEC. This increase was welcomed by the U.S Congress who enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall street reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The law was specifically enacted to provide an avenue for whistleblowing. The act seeks to protect and promote significant employees who report possible violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission; which is the body formed to deal with issues of this nature. Further the law provides incentives as a tool to encourage any helpful information.

This law was long overdue and was received heartily by ordinary folk. Labaton Sucharow is the first firm on record to develop exclusively a practice that revolves around the idea of promoting and protecting SEC whistleblowers.

The firm has since its inception focused all its energy towards promoting fair play in the market. This explains the companies decision to branch out to offering SEC whistleblowers a haven. Labaton Sucharow is a household name in the industry. The firm has since developed a fully equipped and qualified department. This department has contracted the best investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountants. These individuals are qualified and have a vast experience in federal and state law experience. This investment is all in a bid to ensure unrivaled representation for whistleblowers.

The practice is led by the very able Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Assistant counsel in the Division of Enforcement at SEC. This makes him the best and most qualified individual to head the practice; having played a pivotal role in the development of the Legislation.

The law expressly provides for monetary rewards to whistleblowers. The program dictates that any eligible whistleblower is to receive a sum of between 10-30% of the financial sanctions gained as a result of their information or actions in which the sanctions exceed $1 million. This amount may increase depending on alternative monetary sanctions imposed by other regulatory and law enforcement organizations.

Further, the Dodd-Frank Act specifically outlaws any retaliation by employers against whistleblower employees who report to the SEC under the provided law.

More information about the SEC Whistleblower program or a request a case evaluation can be gotten through contacting our whistleblower program through telephone, email or electronic submission to the firm’s website. All clients are guaranteed of free initial cost and enjoy advocate-client privilege.

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Dumspter Diving is a Part of Life in Venezuela

To show how serious the food shortage in Venezuela is, it has been reported that people who were formerly members of the middle class are now “dumpster diving” for food. In other words, they are going through the trash looking for something edible to eat. The reason they are seeking out scraps of food from the trash because this is the only way they can keep from starving.
Dateas news reports noted a terrible tragic irony. A man who formerly owned a bakery – a store that produces and sells food – is now dumpster diving for scraps. Food shortages also mean ingredients necessary to make food such as milk, sugar, and eggs are in short supply as well.

“A sad truth has to be accepted here” says Norka Luque. Food can run out even in a country that once had a viable middle and working class. Venezuela did have a number of people in poverty before the beginning of the economic downturn started, but that number has risen massively after only a few short years.

The food that does exist in supply in the country costs so much, few can afford it.

Strong economies are not just about acquiring luxuries for the populace. A good economy exists to provide a reasonable standard of living. When currency declines in value, fuel and electricity are both depleted, and inflation runs rampant, everything becomes scarce. A massive decline in imports further complicates the situation.


How Whistleblowers Can Be Protected And Compensated

Are you a whistleblower? Is the company you are working for committing securities violations? Have you spotted fraudulent activity at a company that you work for, have worked for or have done business with? Do you suspect criminal activity or insider trading at a financial company? If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then you could be a whistleblower. Read on to find out how you can be protected without facing retribution from a firm and even compensated for bringing fraudulent activities to light to the securities and exchange commission.

After the economic crisis of 2007-2008 Congress passed the Dodd Frank Act as part of its financial regulation reform aimed at better regulating Wall Street. This new piece of legislation prevents a company from retaliating back at a whistleblower for reporting misconduct at a company. Companies cannot fire an employee who becomes a whistleblower. They cannot also retaliate in ways such as severing benefits, retirement packages or shares earned in a company just because a person reports fraud occurring at a company to the SEC.

In addition to employment protection and retaliation protection the Dodd Frank Act also established compensation for whistleblowers. If a company gets fined or has to reach a settlement in excess of $1 million dollars or more, the whistleblower will receive 10-30% of the fine or settlement amount the accused company has paid out to the SEC. This serves to encourage whistleblowers to speak out against companies and not be afraid of being retaliated back or fired from a firm. Additionally if other law enforcement agencies fine the said company, the whistle blower can receive additional compensation.

As a result of the new whistleblower program established by the securities and exchange commission, the law firm of Labaton Sucharow created a special litigation division to fight on the behalf of whistle blowers in the financial sector and represent them in court. Labaton Sucharow employs financial analysts, forensic accountants and people who have worked in the SEC and successfully prosecuted fraud and regulation violation cases.

The person in charge of the Labaton Sucharow Law Firm division of whistle blower litigation is Jordan A. Thomas. He has served in the division of enforcement of the SEC as an assistant director and legal counsel. An important thing potential whistleblowers should keep in mind is that a whisthleblower can remain completely anonymous if they have a lawyer represent them in court.

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Search Cleanup: Keep Your Reputation Sparkling

Mudslinging. the very word evokes in your mind an image of some poor soul being pelted with globs of sticky brown mud that will be impossible to wash out. Most consider this practice to be something done only in times of old however it, like society, has evolved to a more efficient means of humiliation that is often viewed by thousands rather than just the occupants of the schoolyard. This new form of mudslinging is usually vented using a keyboard and left on the brightly lit screen so to ruminate on a website as it gains views and sways the opinions of potential future customers.

What was just described is the nightmare of any business owner who operates a website or has a customer who is experienced with apps such as Yelp. Statistics say that one negative review of a company or product cuts profits by 20%, while two negative reviews can effect revenue by almost half. So in this day and age where to recover from a severe case of mudslinging requires more than bleach and a stiff upper lip, how do modern business owners face these venomous comments? Quite simply Online Reputation Management.

Online businesses such as www.searchcleanup.com dedicate their time and resources to clean up search results on the internet. But why is Online Reputation Management so important?

Every day successful businesses suffer losses because of one negative review. Online Reputation Management helps keep the bad press to a minimum, allowing your company to grow in the way you dreamed. Remember when you were a kid and the Dentist told you to brush your teeth every day because if you didn’t your teeth would decay and fall out? Consider Online Reputation Management to be your company’s toothbrush. It isn’t difficult, and very often worth any expense. They take care of negative articles, harmful PDF’s and even bad business reviews. If you’re interested in this service www.searchcleanup.com is always accepting orders. Online Reputation Management isn’t just necessary it allows your company the freedom it needs to succeed in ways you’ve only dared dream.

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