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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort Recognized As Top Tourist Destination

There are so many places dotting the Southeast Asian Pacific region full of vacation resorts one could only dream of visiting one day, and one of those resorts is owned by businessman and investor Chris Burch. Burch’s resort is Nihiwatu which is located on the Sumba Island of Indonesia, and this resort is full of breath-taking scenery and amenities that make guests’ stays ones that might make them want to make the island their permanent home. Chris Burch actually has a home on this island that he lives in at certain times of the year along with his homes in the Hamptons and south Florida. Business Insider actually listed this resort as the “best in the world” and showed photos of it. There is also the Sumba Foundation that Burch started to give humanitarian aid to Indonesia’s Sumbanese people.  Check on businessinsider.com to read more about this A-list resort.

Long before he was traveling and investing in major vacation villas in Indonesia, Chris Burch was bringing ideas to life and running businesses as a young man from a middle class family. He and his brother Robert decided to run a fashion business in sweater wholesale, and with $10 they used for buying sweaters and turning around and selling them for $15. This business was named Eagle Eye Apparel in 1976, and they were able to run a highly profitable company that in time had its own factory and distribution centers. Burch ran this company for many years until he decided to sell it in 1998 for $60 million.  Related article on bjtonline.com.

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Burch had started investing in other startups not long before he had sold Eagle Eye, and by the early 2000s he was already diversifying into other fashion and real estate companies. In 2004 he helped start the Tory Burch fashion line and that same year invested in a 5-star luxury hotel in Buenos Aires known as the Faena Hotel+Universe. In 2008, Burch started the company that is now known as Burch Creative Capital which has promoted so many different brands and become a sensation for new millennial entrepreneurs looking to get started. One of Burch’s most famous clients is talk show host Ellen Degeneres who saw her ED brand go public thanks to Burch’s company. for update on his recent timeline activities, check this.

In addition to the Sumba Foundation, he’s also a contributor to NY Langone and the Mt. Sinai Hospital as part of his healthcare philanthropy.  To have an idea of the diversity of his investment, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

For his latest cool offering to the market visit https://www.inc.com/magazine/201106/chris-burchs-latest-cool-company.html

Chris Burch Is A Philanthropist An Entrepreuner And A Legacy

Chris Burch has taken hotels, resorts, and living spaces to a level never seen before. His developments are exotic, innovative, and filled with creative style, and flair. He has achieved success as a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and as the force behind Burch Creative Capital. His career has spanned four decades, fifty companies, technology, apparel, investments, consumer behavior, hospitality, and sourcing. His investments fluctuated from Ellen DeGeneres, to a luxury label for fashion. He simply understands exactly what consumers desire, and provides the products, and service beautifully. His resort in South East Asia is aptly named Nihi Sumba, and the island is the epitome of exotic luxury. To read more about his diverse investments, check burchcreativecapital.com

One of the qualities Chris Burch shares with entrepreneurs is his success began when he was still a college student. Even then, his ideas were no less than brilliant. This was when he began to think like an entrepreneur, and established the course he would take during his life. When he decided he wanted to build a sensational resort, he combined the scenery of golden beaches, a lush jungle, and a luxurious resort consisting of magnificent villas. The resort is remote, peaceful, and he called it Nihi Sumba Island. He created villas made from natural stone, teakwood, and charm. They are surrounded by the forest, palm trees, and the views are sensational. The concept of leaving nature undisturbed created an elegance that make the resort a five-star destination. The resort encompasses the coastline, pools, safaris, hikes, waterfalls, and boat rides. Learn more about this magnificent resort, hit on businessinsider.com.

Chris Burch also left his footprint on miniature homes with Cocoon9. The concept is modern, and the construction of the homes is the highest quality. It only takes four months to build these charming little homes, they are easy to transport, and install, they are designed to save space, are mobile, energy efficient, and another feather in Chris Burch’s cap.

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Most individuals realize Chris Burch has succeeded in business, but are not aware of how much he gives back to the community. His philanthropy includes The Sumba Foundation because he wanted the Sumbanese people to have a community based on health, education, and nutrition so they could flourish. He has done so much more than help, he has created a legacy.   Additional article on bjtonline.com.

Chris Burch is dedicated to charitable causes. He has provided medical training, established foundations in China to help the children, and assist the efforts for social work. His mind never stops creating new ideas, ways to provide assistance, and make a difference in the world. He is planning a new resort designed to be easier to access for Millennial travelers that is certain to become another unique, breathtaking, and successful achievement.  For more of his recent timeline activities, head over to crunchbase.com.

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Making the World a Better Place, Avaaz

Throughout the world there are many injustices that occur. There are those unfortunate people who have their human and civil rights violated or denied to them. It is a great tragedy, one that activist groups try to fight. One such group is Avaaz. Its name is derived from the Persian word for ‘voice’ or “song” which is very apt as that is what they do; give a voice to those who are silenced and more information click here.

Avaaz is based in the United States and is considered one of the world’s largest and most powerful online activist groups. Avaaz is currently led by Ricken Patel, a Canadian-British citizen who studied Politics, philosophy and economics at the Balliol College, Oxford University. Before founding Avaaz, Ricken worked with the International Crisis Group throughout various areas in the world and their Linkedin.

The global campaigns being worked on by Avaaz is managed by a team of campaigners working from around the world, including over 30 coutries such as the U.K, India, Brazil and Lebanon to name a few. Communication between members is generally conducted through emails. Avaaz generally uses tactics such as videos, email-your-leader tools, some cases Avaaz uses commercial advertisement as well as online public petitions and what Avaaz knows.

Avaaz is run similarly to a democracy in that campaign suggestions come from members and are then analyzed by guidance teams. If a suggestion has been taken in and has potential, an email poll is sent to 10,000 Avaaz members to determine the overall vigor for the campaign and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz claims that it unites practical idealists from around the world to bong them together over a singular cause. Overall the mission at Avaaz is to create a bridge over the gap between the world we currently live in and the world we want to live in. It is clear that the members of Avaaz take positive global change very seriously and http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/.


Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot in a Colorful Wedding Ceremony

The CEO and founder of Bumble, one of the largest online dating sites, finally said I do to the love of her life in a colorful wedding ceremony in Amalfi Coast of Italy. This great news was not only received well by the Bumble family but also the online dating family as well. Whitney Wolfe is a young techie who has built her career helping individuals find their perfect match.

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding to her fiancé now husband, Michael Herd, a Texas oil heir was nothing short of a spectacle. Everything from the venue to the food was breathtaking, with Whitney’s Oscar De La Renta gown being the talk of the day. The couple treated their guests to a panoramic view of the Italian coast. Whitney’s wedding was attended by family members and her close friends. However, people were still able to follow the wedding, thanks to the custom and creative # home iswhere theherdis hashtag.

About Whitney Wolfe and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is one of the revolutionary young techies we have in the industry today, with a key eye on the online dating industry. Despite being a major player in industry, Whitney Wolfe is an international studies’ graduate from Dallas Southern Methodist University. She was brought up in Utah’s, Salt Lake City, where she lived with her parents. Whitney Wolfe’s entrepreneurial skills can be traced back to her formative years. At 19 years while still in college, Ms. Whitney started making bamboo bags as an effort to help with the conservational activities of the community. She also played a part in community service by working in orphanages while in college.

After college, Mrs. Whitney started off her tech career. Whitney founded Bumble in 2014. Bumble is an online dating that seeks to demystify the notion that surrounds women and online dating. Currently, the online dating platform is doing well with the Bumble BFF extension launch already showing a lot of prospects. Apart from online dating Bumble BFF seeks to encourage women to socialize, interact, and network. Even as Whitney Wolfe starts her marriage life, her commitment to ensuring Bumble achieves its objectives is still undeterred.

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OSI continues to win Globe of Honour Award

OSI Group is a private holding company made up of meat processors that serves the retail and food service industries with its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The OSI Group provides bacon sausage, pork, beef, poultry and seafood dough, vegetable, fruit as well as cheese based products. The OSI Group recently received the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. The British Safety Council awarded 18 other groups with awards. OSI Group and these other 18 groups had shown excellence in managing environmental risks over the last year. After review by the British Safety Council’s audit system, each group received five stars. British Safety Council reviews different companies to analyze their environmental risk management performance. Kelly Gramwood is the Environmental Manager in Europe.

The OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food, a European manufacturer specializing in convenience foods, deli meats and snacks, providing their products to food service and retail segments. This new acquisition gives the OSI Group a bigger presence in Europe. Baho has five companies that operate in Germany and the Netherlands. The companies include Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life, which serves 18 European countries. The finances of the transaction has not been made public.

The OSI Group has been ranked among the top 40 of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2014. The makers of this list considers the company’s sales of value and consumer goods processed across the globe. The OSI Group was originally known as the Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market in 1909 but was later changed to Otto and Sons in 1928. In 1975, the company transformed its identity to OSI Industries.

OSI Group prides itself as an equal opportunity employer. The OSI Group grabs graduates and professionals who idnetify with OSI Group’s vision. The criteria is not gender bias, which causes both men and women to apply for available opportunities. The OSI Group has been operating in Britain since 1989 and have won the Globe of Honor previously in 2013 and 2015. This shows their strong support of environment safety. OSI continues to grow as a major company.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

Everything That Chris Burch Touches Triumphs

Travel + Leisure voted for Nihi Sumba Island, which used to be called Nihiwatu, as the best hotel worldwide for two consecutive years. Based in Indonesia, the luxury island resort managed to beat the Brando, which was the recent vacation spot for Barrack Obama. Chris Burch established Nihi Sumba Island. Burch is best known for co-founding or founding several retail brands that are internationally known (Tory Burch and C. Wonder) and also investing in others.

In 2012, Buch and James McBride, who is a hotelier, purchased a beach hostel based on the Indonesian island of Sumba. Check wingsjournal.com.  In 2015, they spent $30 million on the renovation of the hostel, and the hostel was re-established as a five-star resort. In 2015, Buch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler, he said that he bought the hostel for his children and as something that preserves and also gives back to the community.

He continued saying that when people are in a place with a beautiful palette, they are capable of doing things that others can’t in different areas, such as having a butler in all the rooms, go to places that others haven’t been to, or building a spa beneath a waterfall. Wall Street Journal stated that Burch is splitting his time between his Indonesian resort, the Hamptons, and Miami. There are 27 private villas on the Nihi Sumba Island, including Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. That particular area has the main house and four separate villas, each having its private plunge pool.

Chris Burch is the chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of a firm that manages brand development and venture investments-Burch Creative Capital. Lean more about him, check christopherburch.com.   He has been working as an entrepreneur and investor for almost four decades. He has been part of the success of more than 50 famous brands, including Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, and Tory Burch. Burch was a billionaire by 2012, Forbes magazine profiled him in its yearly “The World’s Billionaires,” it stated that the 2012 valuation of his majority stake in a fashion retailer known as C. Wonder drove the net worth of Burch over a billion. For more interesting news, head over to this.

Burch was on Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation board. He served Co-op Board of Pierre Hotel as the president. He gave contribution funding for research and also philanthropic initiatives at Henry Street Settlement, China Child Welfare League, CASW (China Association of Social Work), Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, and Mt. Sinai Hospital based in New York.  For his latest cool contribution to the market, hit inc.com.

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How Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Made Grupo Televisa Even Better

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is now the CFO of Grupo Televisa. He has a lot of financial experience and he has worked hard to help himself become more experienced so he can do things the right way for everyone who is a part of the company. Because of this, he knows that he will be able to try different things. This is something that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is comfortable with and something that he is confident in. There have been many opportunities that he has, but the Grupo Televisa one is the most important one because of how popular the company is.

When Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was offered the position, he knew that he would be able to try different things and that he would be able to try new options with the experiences that he has. For Viadero these things, he had to make sure that he had the authority to do so. He tried to make sure that things were going to become better in different ways for him and that he was going to get better no matter what was happening in the area that he was a part of. For him to try these things, he had to make sure that Grupo Televisa was going to grow and get better.

Grupo Televisa has grown in the time that Salvi has been the CFO. They are going to continue to get better and they know that they will see more profits thanks to Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. They are hoping that this will translate to them being able to try different things and being able to make a difference with the media options that they have. For Viadero these things, he wants to be completely certain that the company is going to reach new heights.

InnovaCare Health Adds to its Family

In its efforts to continue to serve the global community within the healthcare field, They adds key professionals to InnovaCare leadership team. Collectively, these experts have multiple decades of experience between them. And, even though these additions to the executive level of this organization total up to three, the results are projected and expected to be awesome.Actually, two of these acquisitions are seasoned in the field. Their working focus and expertise is with government programs that include the Medicaid and Medicare systems. Of course, each of these additions come with quite impressive, and in some cases extensive resumes.Jonathan Meyers joins the InnovaCare family, functioning as its Chief Actuary Officer. This position fits him well, as he has experience as the director of actuary services for Horizon BCBS.

The services under his direction, during his past service with Horizon, focus on Medicare and Medicaid. On top of that experience, his past service includes being Chief Actuary Officer for Healthcare Partners New York. So, his transition into the fold should prove seamless.As an extra added bonus to the actuary department of InnovaCare, Mike Sortino is also coming on board as a Chief Actuary Officer. His experiences do not quite mirror that of Jonathan, in the sense that his working experience includes being a controller of Samsung Fine & Marine Specialty. On his resume there 20 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance field.Staying within the general tier of power and service, in the name of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides joins the team as its Chief Administrative Officer. And, just like her other high-ranking colleagues, she has extensive experience with Medicaid and Medicare.

In fact, she has all those working chops and applicable skills in managed care. Her resume boasts the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare.As good as all of three of these professionals are, they do have a leader themselves that takes their talents to a higher level. That individual is Dr. Rick Shinto. InnovaCare has something special in this president and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). And, just like the other three additions to the team, his experiences gives him the credibility needed to not only perform his duties but to excel at them as well. His past service includes being President and CEO of Aveta. Knowing what he knows and getting his new hires to share what they know all but insures success for the company they work for Penelope Kokkinides.

One Of The 7 Most Important Professionals In The History Of Brazilian Advertising

     Alexandre Gama was an advertising and brazilian businessman in his time. He founded a company called “Neogama” which at the time was one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Gama was the first and only Brazilian to ever be head of a global network of communication agencies, while he was the Chief Creative Officer of the British BBH.

With this being an accurate but short summary of Gama’s life, there are other things to be learned. For example, Gama’s career began in 2982 in an agency called Standart Ogilvy. It was 17 years working in different agency’s before Gama set up his own advertising agency, Neogama which would later become very successful. Gama’s life continued at Neogama and would later lead to awards for his work.

It only took 7 years before Gama would first be noticed for his work. In 2006, Gama was awarded the title of 7 most important professionals in the history of Brazilian advertising by the national advertising market. In the same year, he was elected as the Director of Agency of the Year. The awards did not stop there, and Gama continued to produce amazing things in advertising.

Kim Dao Takes Viewers for a Tour of Italy

Kim Dao is rising youtube vlogger. She creates videos about her life and her beauty secrets. She graduated from the University of Western Australia with degrees in Japanese and Psychology. Kim Dao’s homeland is Australia, but she has an avid interest in Japan and Europe. Recently, she spent some time in Japan and exploring the culture and lifestyle. Then, Kim Dao ventured to Europe to visit family and friends, and to explore landmarks. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


In a recent video, she posts about her first day in Italy. She tours Florence eating delectable Italian food and finishing her day visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Kim Dao has a special talent of taking her viewers on a wonderful journey by capturing the essence of where she is visiting. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


Her love of culture and people are evident in the way she captures video. The sun is bright, the sky is blue, and Kim Dao makes sure to give close up shots of each Italian meal she eats. Kim Dao takes viewers from around the world on a wonderfully European journey. The skinny, Italian, cobblestone streets and small unique shops complete the aesthetic of the Italian experience. She details every part of her journey making it easy for viewers to replicate the experience by going there themselves on vacation. The travel tips and tricks she gives prove to be invaluable to anyone traveling abroad. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


For more of Kim Dao’s videos, visit her on her channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NOaHDJa93M