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OG Juan and his Association with JZ

OG Juan is a prolific figure in JZ’s lyrics. He is a childhood friend of the Marcy-Projects rapper and a co-pilot in Roc Nation Sports and a known entrepreneur in the US. Jz fond of him and mentions him more frequently in his artwork. They are business partners too. To many it’s funny how the get along yet they belong into two different categories, life patterns and even profession wise which the latter adopts a very distinct trait and culture from the other. But to them, they see each other as a family, a big family. They are always there for each other.

Being great friends and business partners, key decisions regarding their business and seeing their business prosper and the decision making process is a short one since it only involves the two of them, no many beauriacracies needed to come up with the decision. He is known for having traded one of his business premises with Robbie, a baseball player, who to him, he (Robbie) was the perfect guy to transact with, as he already had made a name for himself, had a massive inspiration to the Latin people and one of the best players in baseball with a massive follow-up.

Besides he was a hardworking and disciplined public figure, for Juan that was the perfect guy to trade with. And marketing him was easy. Trading with Robbie, a public figure to work with and help him publicize his business was easy, all Juan needed was to explain to him that they were a 360 company, who didn’t have any agents to negotiate with but had brands already existing, market share as well as the publicity and different departments. OG Juan, being an entrepreneur and a businessman, it was easy for him to lure Robbie into striking a business deal with him.

The Secrets of Investing by Jim Toner

Investment is widely seen as being a complicated process full of risks. However, Jim Toner notes that the identification of possible risks may help earn high returns in real estate investments. Toner has made a name in the real estate market through his unique leadership and financial skills. Jim Toner was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has for many years served as licensed real estate agent and investor. He has also played a role in the creation of user-friendly investment models. The investor introduced the Wealth Builders platforms as a way of equipping investors with strategies to attain higher earnings in the market. Other than modeling investment careers of many individuals, he has helped American families own homes.

Jim Toner

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) is a popular radio show host, motivational speaker and investor. His shows offer insights on ways that people may accumulate wealth and has been featured in the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Additionally, he has worked with notable figures such as Bil Bartman. The investment platforms have further been featured in platforms such as CBS, Fox News and ABC. The trend indicates that Toner is not only experienced, but he also has a significant level of command in the real estate market. He also engages in philanthropic activities and has participated in helping homeless families and veterans. He is a member of charitable organizations like the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation that run the Caring House Project and the Salvation Army. Being the director of some philanthropic organizations allows him to interact with diverse society members.

Investment Tips

Real estate investor Jim Toner has published many articles and books that serve as essential investment guides. He identifies records and recommends the right investment ventures. The Wealth Builders Platform was specifically designed to help people make wise investment decisions. He briefs his clients on the possible pitfalls and the gains that can be made by investing. Through adequate training and monitoring, the risks can be addressed, and huge profits earned. The entrepreneurs have a team of experts who monitor the market trends and the progress of the clients. He regards being informed as being an essential element in any investment ventures. It aids in making financial decisions and conforming to the ongoing market trends. Check out Toner’s accolades.

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/public/Jim-Toner

Herbalife Announces Design Competition with Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

In collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, Herbalife is offering students at FIDM with a unique opportunity to develop a brand new line of activewear for the independent distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. The students who are participating will be divided into different teams and will have to work to come up with a collection of activewear that represents a healthy, active lifestyle. Students will develop colors, fabric, development strategies, and overall designs both to members representing Herbalife Nutrition and FIDM faculty.


Over 15 students were selected by FIDM faculty to participate in the program. Students who were selected are some of the best who attend FIDM and who have distributed a unique skill set in order to excel in the competition. Herbalife’s recognition of FIDM’s position as one of the top fashion and design schools allows a number of top students in this area to develop styles for a leading brand. This year marks the 26th year that FIDM has partnered with a global brand in a way to create a design competition for students. Students will need to research an develop an understanding of the branding represented by Herbalife Nutrition in order to best achieve the goals of the competition.


Herbalife Nutrition is a global multi-level marketing company that markets and sells a variety of products in order to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. These products include nutrition supplements, personal care products, weight management products. The company was founded in 1980 and has around 8,000 employers all over the world. The company sells in 95 countries and oversees a network of approximately 3.2 million independent distributors who work to market the products. Independent distributors work much like independent contractors to operate their own business in order to earn an income with flexibility and freedom.








Innovacare Health solution is one of the best healthcare service providers. Its headquarter is located in New Jersey the healthcare company specializes in giving healthcare facilities, Medicare plans and Medicare programs which are specialized. The Invacare focus on giving the quality care they manage this by ensuring all the models used are effective.


The Innovacare has a record of qualified leaders who work in this company like Dr. Rick Shinto he has a very good education background where he achieved several degrees from the top Universities. He has accomplished many goals for different companies through the quality services he gives. Earlier he worked for Aveta and MMM healthcare, he also worked at Pathway company where he worked as a medical officer and operating officer. He has a great experience of about 20 years in clinical jobs.


Dr. Rick Shinto currently is working at Innovacare as CEO and the president, he is the person who drives the success that innovacare holds today. His aim is to expand the healthcare to other markets and also give other patients benefits of that the company. Dr. Rick has given much inspiration through his equality work and success he has achieved. He gained his experience when he worked at Avetas as CEO and president.


Dr. Rick has won several awards one of them is the award of the year as the Ernst and young entrepreneur. The awards he has achieved was as a result of devotion to his work and also the implementation of new ideas.


Dr. Penelope Kokkinides (ideamensch.com) also served in Innovacare Health Company as a great leader. Earlier on she was administration official who was in charge. She achieved her first degree at Binghamton University where she specialized on biological science and classical language. She also did her masters in social work at New York University.


Before she joined Innovacare Company she worked at Centerlight Healthcare as executive deputy president where she acquired managerial experience. Dr. Penelope Kokkinide was interviewed by Business Wire about her success as a businesswoman. Moreover, her success came as a result of dedicating her time to current developments in the industry which is crucial for an entrepreneur. She also insisted on reading books and articles to be informed on what is trending in your field. Dr. Rick and Dr. Penelope Kokkinides will assist LAN to change US Health system on payment based on the quality of services given to patients rather than quantity. Innovacare health announced to add three leaders, Jonathon, Penny, and Mike they have a high level of experience and they are also widely known experts and they have been requested to be leaders in Innovacare Health.




OSI Industries – A Food Solutions Leader

OSI Industries has continued to expand its food solutions business by expanding its business in Spain. The high capacity production line that they have added allows them to produce 24,000 tons chicken products per year. This is an increase from the previous 12,000 tons they produced. As a whole, this allows them to produce 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products and increase their employee base in Spain by 12.5%. The focus on chicken products has been due to the demand in Spain and Portugal steadily rising especially in the last three years by eight percent each year. With such continued growth and expansion, OSI Industries has also taken the time out to make sure their employees benefit. The new building addition has included areas to address clients’ and consumers’ changing needs and also an employee lounge. As the business has expanded, OSI Industries has also made decisions that are environmentally friendly. The new equipment they installed in one of their offices decreased energy consumption by 20%. The commitment they have shown to the environment and to increasing employment have gotten them funds for the expansion project and an award from the Chamber of Commerce.

OSI Industries recognizes that the tastes and dietary preferences of consumers change over time and so have included test kitchens in their expansion efforts. For over 100 years, they have focused on innovative food product manufacturing and a quality customer experience. These have continued to factor into the expansion and product efforts. Another area they have given adequate attention to is safety and security. Not just for the product, but also for their employees. They have invested in perimeter access controls, indoor cameras, surveillance systems and an advance fire suppression system. As a food solution leader, OSI Industries has lead by investing in its product, facility, and people. These core investments will always promote growth.

There Is Nothing Average About The Work Of Ryan Seacrest

The name Ryan Seacrest has become synonymous with success. From his humble beginnings as an unrecognized face in the early years of the American Idol talent competition show, Ryan has become one of the most successful, and well-known media personalities of the modern day era. Ryan started as a radio host before he was invited to host American Idol when it first began. The show had a long run before it ended. Not long afterwards, American Idol made a comeback in the spring of 2018, and again the host was the incomparable Ryan Seacrest. The growth of his popularity was an indicator that the show would once again draw the viewers.

According to the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest has had many accolades to his name since he was introduced to the world during American Idol. He had been a radio personality, hosting his own radio show. Ryan is an award-winning entrepreneur with a creative spirit. He holds positions in local and national syndicated radio, as well as cable and local broadcast television. He is involved with entertainment companies, and a wide range of diverse media. His radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, is a number one nationally syndicated show broadcast in Los Angeles. It is part of the iHeart Media system.

Ryan Seacrest is also executive producer and co-host of the ABC morning show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, which is broadcast every weekday morning. Ryan has also become the familiar face and is also the executive producer of the New Year’s Eve program, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest also has his own production company entitled Ryan Seacrest Productions. He produces shows including, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and E! Live from The Red Carpet. With all of this to keep him busy, Ryan Seacrest still managed to be the founder of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is a network of broadcast studios in pediatric hospital across the nation. Read this article from Men’s Journal to learn about Seacrest’s weight loss struggle.

Ryan is a style master who has his own menswear collection call Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and is only sold in Macy’s stores. Ryan works hard, and he enjoys everything that he does.

Get more info: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Looks to Regain Customer’s Trust

The founder of Papa Johns John Schnatter has been under a lot of negative criticism lately. With sales going down, Schnatter blamed the National Football League for not properly addressing the national anthem protests. Since the two parties were unable to resolve this issue, the NFL decided to no longer sponsor Papa Johns. As well as having a dispute with the NFL, Schnatter also made a racist remark during a recent conference call. This further damaged his image as well as the reputation of the pizza chain. Major League Baseball became another major sports league to cut ties with Schnatter and his company Papa Johns. His image has been removed from all marketing materials as a result of his controversial remarks. However, the chief executive officer of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie will look to help restore the reputation of the company among both sponsors and customers.

According to Yahoo Finance, with the reputation of the company going in decline, Steve Ritchie decided to first write a letter. The letter would address the recent actions of John Schnatter as well as a sense of accountability. Ritchie wrote in the letter that he and the company are sorry for any hurtful remarks made to anyone. The letter written by Steve Ritchie also stated that the company condemns racism and that making offensive remarks is never tolerated at the company. On his LinkedIn account, he also stated that the racism is never a part of the company’s values as it always embraces diversity and inclusion. In an effort to help address this issue, the company will bring in experts to make recommendations on how to improve the company culture. These experts will be brought in to evaluate the demographics of the company and find ways to make the company more accepting of multiple groups of people.

Writing this letter has proven to customers and the public that Steve Ritchie and Papa Johns (@PapaJohns) are showing consideration for people from all walks of life. It proves that the company is looking to find ways to improve its culture and relations with all members of the community. With the letter, there is also an apparent apology that is sincere as well. By apologizing to the community about the recent conduct by the founder, Papa Johns will likely be in position to regain its standing and reputation as one of the top pizza restaurant chains in both the United State and the rest of the world. Read this article about the promotion of Ritchie as CEO.

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Graeme Holm Leads Infinity Group Australia to Prestigious Award in 2018

Graeme Holm spent a decade working in a major Australian bank after college. He processed payments for loans and noticed a disturbing trend in home loans: Most Australian familes had bad mortgage deals, leading them to debt. And they didn’t have to do this: There were plenty of ways that families could reduce debt and get a better deal from their lending institution, but most of them didn’t know that. Once the banker or loan officer was finished approving the basic loan, they tended to drop off the clients’ radar. But Holm knew that people needed the kid of help only a financial expert could provide.


So Holm, along with business and life partner Rebecca Walker, started Infinity Group Australia with the goal of providing ongoing, steady financial and investment advice as well as helping their clients find loopholes, deductions and other money-saving aspects of debt and loans. With the goal of restructuring every home loan and debt in Australia, Infinity Group seeks to change Australian borrowing culture “one household at a time.”


Infinity Group Australia provides a personal banker for their clients who not only goes over their loans and debts but helps them find ways to pay down debt, reduce debt and make payments faster, as well as personal finance advice for debt reduction, retirement planning and investing. They do not provide loans, just counselling for those in debt, providing a service that the established banking and loan institutions don’t offer. Infinity Group Australia doesn’t get paid unless they can save their clients money and see an actual reduction in debt as quickly as possible. In many cases their clients end up paying off 20 or 30 years mortgages in 10 years or less, with money to spare each month for living their lives.


On July 30th of 2018, Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm received one of the Australian Financial Review’s esteemed Most Innovative Companies, landing at spot #58. The award is determined by the staff of the Australian Financial Review and Innovative. The list selects the 100 business from Australia and New Zealand from a list of 1,000 eligible businesses. Holm was on hand to receive the award and beamed with pride at the fact that his 5 year old business idea is working out so well, and helping Australian families in the process.


Holm was also named one of Australia’s MPA Top 100 Brokers and completed Customer Service Management from IQPC earlier this year. Holm spent six months doing research and R&D for Infinity Group Australia before launching it to the public in 2013. He has quickly become a recognizable face in personal finance, helping over 1,000 families personally find a path out of debt and into retirement savings and a disposable income.


The Australian Financial Review has been awarding the Most Innovative Company Top 100 for seven years now. The award was previously known as the BRW Most Innovative Company List. It is the only cross-industry national award given in Australia or New Zealand. Learn more: https://about.me/graemeholm


Ryan Seacrest Becomes A Global Media Icon

When Ryan Seacrest began his career as a primetime TV host alongside Brian Dunkleman hosting “American Idol” he began a journey which continues to the present day. Now a leading radio and TV personality, Seacrest has also launched the careers of leading reality TV stars including The Kardashians. During the “American Idol” hiatus, Seacrest has explored many different options for furthering his career, including his position as host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and his fashion line.

According to Forbes, before getting his big break as the host of “American Idol”, Atlanta, Georgia native Seacrest spent a number of years hosting various kid’s shows and radio programs. In 2002, the arrival of “American Idol” on the U.S. TV screens led to the career of Seacrest hitting the stratosphere. “American Idol” and Seacrest remain intrinsically linked as the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” hosted the show until it was finally canceled by Fox in 2016.

During the final Fox-produced show of “American Idol”, Seacrest had expressed his desire for the show to return, a wish granted in 2017 with news of ABC purchasing the rights. Further shocks were in store for fans of the show with news of the host failing to agree on a contract and removing himself from the show. Executives at ABC took matters into their own hands and ensured Seacrest was afforded the contract he felt he deserved and time to fulfill his duties with Kelly Ripa on daytime TV.

There is much more to Ryan Seacrest than simply his work in front of the camera. Instead, Seacrest has become a well-known and respected producer for his work with the E! Network in developing “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” In terms of philanthropy, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation develops a range of programs for young people including his work with the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Reference: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

The Life And Times Of Labor Activist Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin, who lived from 1876 to 1947, was labor organizer and activist. His family was Irish and he grew up in Liverpool, England’s slums. He wasn’t provided with an education and instead started doing labor jobs. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Wikipedia

He eventually found work at the docks and became heavily involved in its labor union. He didn’t feel that workers were treated fairly by employers and vowed to personally do something about this. By 1905 he was working as a trade union organizer on a full-time basis.

He was a fan of militant strike methods, something that the leaders of his labor union found unsettling. They were able to get him transferred to Dublin which removed him as their problem. Jim Larkin started his own labor union, the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union.

His goal was to represent all workers in Dublin. He held a series of strikes which eventually led to employers giving into some of his demands, such as the establishment of a 40 hour work week and pensions. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://ireland-calling.com/james-larkin/ and http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison

When World War I started, Jim Larkin led protests against Ireland getting involved. He wanted to fight against the British and in order to do so he traveled to America where he planned to raise funds. A few years later the police arrested him and he was charged with communism and criminal anarchy. He served three years in prison before he received a pardon and was put on the next boat back to Ireland.

Back in Ireland, Jim Larkin started another labor union, the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He was able to get the Communist International organization to recognize his union. He had been married and they had four sons together.

During this period he and his wife divorced and he ended up living with his sister and her husband. None of them liked this arrangement and after Jim Larkin moved out they never spoke to each other again. Jim Larkin was always a fiery person. He is said to have mellowed quite a bit during the 1930s. He moved politically more towards the center and dropped some of his more radical ideas.