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A Hairific Tale: Bad Hair Can Turn Good With Wen

Wen is a hair care product line from Chaz Dean that evolved from his passion for improving hair. Chaz first took notice of how important hair was when he noticed how it is immortalized in photographs.

Beautiful hair seems to have a type of majesty, and Chaz wanted to be a part of that beauty, almost like a perfumer who wants to create his/her own flower essence.

Chaz went on to become a celebrated hair stylist, but his true legacy is his Wen by Chaz hair care line. His passion for creating picture perfect hair that should be immortalized was laced in the unique formulas used in his hair care line.

A Story Lathered In Beautiful Hair

Not too long ago, an article appeared in Bustle that detailed an unbiased product testing, which Wen passed with flying colors.

The young lady–who is fascinated by beauty products and hair products–could not resist the hype around Wen by Chaz hair care products, not to mention that her hair lacked volume. She was in desperate need of a solution and found one with these products.

The young lady had a few other problems with her hair, like lack of shine and a healthy bounce.

One thing that attracted her to the WEN products was the ability to eliminate other products, which can save money. The product that she used the most was the Cleansing Conditioner, which combined the duties of a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler, and conditioner.

She tried the product for a total of 7 days. Her hair went through and adjustment period, but she ultimately saw what other avid users saw; she saw a hair miracle in a bottle. Her hair felt stronger, vibrant, and shinier within a few days. Just make sure you follow the detailed instructions on the bottle, like using 10 to 16 pumps of the product for short hair.

You can clearly see that Wen by Chas is not simply selling a name, no, he is selling a solution on sephora.com.




Fabletics: The New Style In Fitness Fashion


By now, chances are you have seen a commercial or two about their store openings (PR Newswire) featuring Kate Hudson. She is one of the co-founders and is co-CEO of Fabletics. This new brand is growing fast in popularity and has a seventh store opening in the coming spring. This is the beginning of the coming 75-100 new stores planned to open in the near future. In the next 5-10 years to be exact. If the popularity of the company continues to grow like it is, then this projection should be an accurate one.

While shopping, customers are being recruited to the company’s subscription service. This is an exclusive deal that many customers don’t remember agreeing to. This had some folk’s upset. Adam Goldenberg, co-founder and CEO of JustFab, (parent company to Fabletics, was on record stating “For us five to ten complaints is five to ten too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800,000 items.” If you think of the sheer volume here, 5-10 isn’t bad. They are consistently striving to improve however. For the whole story from racked.com, just click here.

Kate Hudson is a huge fan of fashion and fitness. The Fabletics brand really gives her an outlet for that passion. You can learn more about Kate and her ‘fashion passion’ on Facebook as well. There you can find blogs, videos and screen shots of the latest things in the company’s news. It’s just another way social media is helping businesses branch out to the masses. Take a look at some of the screen shots for yourself. You can really see the look of satisfaction in Hudson’s expressions. She is loving what she’s doing. What better way to brand yourself than in fitness and fashion? For a celebrity, this is a great thing.

Another thing that is great about the Fabletics brand is the price. It is not going to drain your bank account to grab a yoga outfit. This is probably what has been the impetus for many women to buy from them. If you can get quality and style for a fair price, why not? With the complaints being low and the sales being high, (and climbing) the brand is looking primed to be a very big name in the industry. With the quality being good and the price point low, this is a key factor that is sure to keep the sales rolling in. For more great deals on the Fabletics brand check this link here.

You’ll be glad that you did.

Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital To The Forefront Of The Industry.


Solo Capital, based in London, England, was founded in 2011 by Sanjay Shah and is a financial service company that deals at an international level. Within a relatively short time Solo Capital has made a pretty big name for itself in the market. Mainly focusing on consults, sports investments and proprietary trading, Solo Capital has earned and impressive net worth of over 15 million pounds as well as nearly 70 million pounds in total global assets within just 5 short years. Shah has turned Solo Capital into a major player based on companycheck-UK reports, and continues to push the company towards success.

Shah did not actually start off in the financial industry, but after realizing medicine was not the course he wanted to take, he pushed his way into accounting and investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. To get things rolling, acting CEO and founder, Sanjay Shah, started off working on investments alone. Starting with a small number of clients to begin expanding his business, he has since turned the company into a large enterprise. Sanjay, since gaining success, has also founded an organization that raises money and awareness for those with autism, known as Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital is managed by Aesa S.a.r.l., the corporation that is used to manage assets as well as all of Sanjay’s companies. While Solo Capital is at the center of the operation, there are over a dozen companies under the management of Aesa, and it continues to grow. Sanjay will continue to expand his business ventures worldwide, adding more companies to become part of the Solo Capital family.

As an exceptional businessman, Sanjay has manage to build an empire through consistent good decisions, and he is always finding and investing in good companies. Because of his unique management style, which focuses on customer service and the attention to detail, customers will always get the best services from from Sanjay’s companies.

Missouri University Staff Member Suffers because of Racial Campus Climate

In November of 2015 the University of Missouri campus was in a turmoil. Racial tensions had come to a head after an incident involving a black student by the name of Briana Gray and her white roommate. Both students were involved in an altercation over a photo that revealed a lynching of a black woman.

This incident was not the only racial problem on the university’s campus. Many other incidents also had taken place up until that point. One incident in particular involved a Swastika made out of feces placed onto a wall. The university’s leaders at the time (Tim Wolfe and R. Bowen Loftin) did not handle the racial problems that were happening on campus.

On November 9, 2015 students had protested to the point where they caused Wolfe and Bowen to resign from their positions. A large crowd was gathered outside of the campus on this day watching the events as they unfolded. Members of Missouri’s faculty were trying to disperse the crowds. One in particular was named Melissa Click. She was an assistant faculty member that had called for some muscle to remove a cameraman that was covering the event. She has been charged with third-degree assault charges and was suspended from the university. Since that time, Ms. Click has been trying to get her life back in order.

One thing that Melissa Click did during her absence from the university was to get the help of a reputation management firm known as Status Labs. This organization is in the process of helping Click to be seen in a positive light on the internet.

In today’s world, having an online reputation is critical to a person’s success and well being. Status Labs is a professional public relations company that knows how to reduce negative comments and feedback. They can help just about any person’s online reputation to improve after it has been tarnished online. Status Labs is currently helping Click to get her reputation back in order and they can do the same for just about anyone.

Kate Hudson and Fabeltics Growing Active Wear Giant

Fabletics has become a fantastic extension of actress Kate Hudson. According to Racked is reporting that the brand of Fabletics is opening nearly 100 new stores in the next five years and has in fact opened seven stores as of this spring. The business model in unique and exciting and there is nothing else like it in apparel shopping. People who sign up for the subscription service will receive a new outfit each month and their credit card will be charged accordingly.

After a slow start, which involved some confusion about billing, the company has dropped the number of complaints to a manageable level. Customers are finding the convenience of getting new stylish active wear each month as a great bonus. They don’t have to travel to a store and spend a lot of time looking for a new outfit. It simply shows up at their door. The simplicity of the process and the style of the workout gear is the driving force behind their success.

A world famous actress and mother of two, Kate Hudson was always working to stay in shape and wanted to look good while she was doing it. Hudson has always been a motivator who supported women in the pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. That was the driving force behind her establishment of Fabletics. The monthly distribution of a “Kate approved” outfit is revolutionary in the business and could stand as a model for other businesses in the future.

Being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for any women. Fabletics provides monthly outfits that come in a different style and provides different prints each month. That means that your active wear is never going to leave you with boring choices to wear. Part of feeling good about a workout is looking good doing it.

When you go to thekrazycouponlady.com, her review immediately offers a quiz to learn more information about your style and what you like to wear. Based on that information, new outfits are recommended to you each month, based on how you workout and the personal style that you are comfortable with. On the first day of each month, Fabletics sends a new outfit that as a VIP member is significantly discounted. Customers can opt out of getting an outfit each month by logging into the website and choosing the “skip this month” icon. The shipping of the stylish gear is always free.

Kate Hudson has created a brand with great potential as the physical stores open up across the country and allows customers to browse and shop in person along with the fantastic online VIP experience. As the style grows and the active wear starts becoming the envy of all ladies at the gym. More and more people will be joining the Fabletics program each successive month.

Defected: Life Outside of North Korea

In recent years there’s been increasing fascination with the hermetic and enigmatic nation of North Korea. Furthering this interest are defectors who trickle across borders into South Korea, China and other neighboring countries. Of those who’ve survived the escape and have found lives in new societies, Yeonmi Park has arguably been one of the most outspoken. In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, she explores what life was like within the borders of her country and the daring escape that led to her career as a human rights advocate.

After crossing the Yalu River, Yeonmi Park crossed the border into China in March of 2007. Stepping into a larger world than she ever knew existed, she crossed the Gobi desert and Mongolian lands before ultimately reaching South Korea by plane. A trek like this would take an incredible strength of character for anyone to complete, and is seen as an even more harrowing experience when one considers the fact that Yeonmi was only 13 years old at the time.

Her time living as an undocumented refugee in South Korea was accompanied by abuse, homelessness and starvation. She was to be reunited with her father, only to be left alone when he passed away due to the complications of untreated cancer.

In a recent interview with Reason TV, Yeonmi spoke about the democracy her father was never allowed to see, nor the bounty many enjoy in western countries. It’s a general excess those living in other know that her fellow North Koreans aren’t even aware of.

Being outspoken of a brutal despotic nation, unsurprisingly, drew criticism. Yeonmi and her mother have been targeted by North Korean media and the government, branded agents of the United States, a constant propaganda target for the officials in Pyongyang. The main charge leveled against her concerns the quality of life inside North Korea, and that is isn’t as brutal as the narrative Yeonmi has detailed on DailyMail.

Yeonmi Park absolutely affirms the accuracy of her accounts, including what she refereed to as a “shameful” sexual assault she experienced at 13. However, with a growing community of North Korean defectors numbering in the tens of thousands, many of her accounts seem to have corroborators.


North Korean Defector Shows Strength

While communist regimes like North Korea are known for striking fear in the hearts of those that live within it and those that live without, there are people who have found the strength to resist. One such person that has recently fought against the North Korean regime is a young woman who goes by the name of Yeonmi Park. The woman, who made her escape from the country with her mother in 2007 has recently written a book about her struggle to get out and make a life for herself once she was out.

Yeonmi Park recently sat down with dailymail.com and talked about the fact that she understands the things she has are not something other North Koreans can even realistically hope for. “My father died without knowing even this kind of democracy exists in the world. He didn’t even know this much food was available in the world. And if I could’ve had the things that Americans throw away, I never would’ve escaped North Korea. That’s how much we were desperate.” She told the website.

Since Yeonmi Park has actually been out of the clutches of North Korea for more than nine years, why is her name surfacing so much these days? In part because the communist country has gone out of its way to put a video together claiming Park is basically a liar.

The country has attempted to discredit key parts of her story, probably in order to bring all of her story into question. For her part, Yeonmi says her story is very, very accurate. If there were changes, according to the author, they were made in order to protect friends and family she still knows back in Pyongang. The problem is that there are tens of thousands of refugees who could be affected by a story that proves not to be true. This is why Yeonmi’s tale has to be true.



Skout Goes Global

Skout honored international Online Friendship Day by taking a moment to recognize the important role friends play in our ever-changing digital world. Founded in 2007, Skout is a pioneer is the world on online socialization, who gives us the opportunity to meet people and expand our social circles globally. According to CEO and co-founder, Christian Wiklund, “We facilitated more than 680 million connections on our platform last year, and as our latest survey shows, having friends you met online is the norm in today’s digital society.”

Key points from Skout’s online survey included to the following:

On average, 3 out of 4 people have online friendships with people that have never met in real life.

  • Out of the participants, 76 percent state they have at least one online friend they have never met in person.
  • Over 83 percent would like to meet their online friends in real life.

Out of the all the surveyed participants,62 percent stated that they have at least five online friends, and over 41 percent have over 10!

Globally United

Interestingly, over 64 percent of Americans have formed friendships with people on a global level. Over the past 10 years or so, there have been many changes in the way we live, work and communicate, but one thing that has remained the same is the need for friendship. Skout makes it easy to connect with people around the world. With over 16 million journeys taken during 2015 via Skout’s Travel feature, it’s become apparent that online friendships are no longer a fad.

Skout Specifics

As the largest global medium for meeting new and interesting people, Skout has made it possible to expand our social circles. Skout’s community spans over a whopping 180 countries and is currently available in 16 languages. Skout’s innovative cutting-edge technology has change they way we look at friendships.

Yeonmi Park: A Beacon Of Hope In A Tragically Dark Place

If you have been keeping up with current events, then you are fully aware of the tragic and harrowing tale of a girl and her mother escaping the ruthless grip of North Korea. It has been a hot topic for obvious reasons and Yeonmi Park’s new book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, has the whole story in her own words. It’s hard to imagine a place where the very notion of freedom is but a fantasy to a child, or an adult for that matter. Living with famine, brutality, inhumane treatment and rape are the order of the day for many that still live there. In Yeonmi’s own words she stated “I didn’t even know the word. I didn’t know the concept. I never heard of that word, ‘freedom.’ To me, the happiest thing was having food.” Many of us know the feeling of hunger, some more than most. But, here in the US, it’s not common to associate eating with the happiest we can be. It’s mostly taken for granted by many. Most people will never have to. This is one of the many reasons that her book came into existence. It brings attention to an area of the world that is highly secretive and overly oppressive in nature. The capital of North Korea Pyongyang, has released a Youtube video that attempts to discredit the story of this survivor. Some say that this is a front to keep their brutal secrecy going strong and to discourage any other transgressors from speaking out. Others say that the story is blown out of proportion for publicity and fame. One thing is certain here. Whether fully factual or partially, this story carries a heavy weight that young Yeonmi Park feels compelled to tell the world. The fact is that nobody can say anything if they weren’t there to see it firsthand. For a deeper look at this tragically compelling story, check out the article from reason.com by clicking this link here.

Gambling Investments: the Predictions of Kyle Bass

On the first full trading week of the new year, Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, joined the traders on “Halftime Report” to share his outlook for the coming year.

While 2015 closed with a considerable number of people concerned over China’s performance, many turned their attention to peak profits. Bass says that it’s their banking structure is to blame, not unlike that of Europe he claims is behind their own financial crisis. And their is an actual imbalance in China, with it’s banks holding $35 trillion dollars while the nation’s GDP is a mere $10 billion. Bass says without enough circulation, a crash is imminent.

In the US, things aren’t looking much better to Kyle Bass. He predicts a 10-20% loss by the end of the year. This loss of credit growth wouldn’t be as devastating as the one gripping global markets, but would prove financially problematic.

These sorts of predictions are by no means new for Bass. In fact his claim to fame came through similar readings of the market. In the early years of his firm, Bass made a fortune during the 20008 subprime mortgage crisis that he accurately predicted would send US markets into a tizzy. For a great deal of time he was considered something of superstar in the finance world, and his predictions became the product he peddled on every talk and radio show that would have him.

Time went on, Bass offered more predictions, but fewer people are interested in what he has to say.

Bass has made many connections over the years, and with his desire to be a prominent figure in media that caters to the financial sector they’re well known. They don’t always reflect well on his character. One such association is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former president of Argentina and the person most Argentinians blame for the country’s drastic economic downturn during her time in office. In the years Fernández de Kirchner was in office, Argentina defaulted on sovereign debt for the second time in a little over a decade, which contributed to her country’s anemic economy. Bass, however, defended her actions that all others in the financial world have condemned, some even going so far to accuse her of criminal practice.

Becoming cozy with powerful people seems right up Bass’ alley. Presence and attention are part of his strategy for exposure and making deals. During the General Motors recall, Bass went on television to shift blame from faulty manufacturing onto motorists. It was revealed that GM knew well in advance that their airbags were faulty and that Bass had a sizable investment in GM, and many accused him of protecting his image and interests at the expense of lives.

Though his ethics may be dubious to many, still he holds some influence over the financial world. Investors must wonder whether his predictions can be trusted, if they can look over some of his associations and practices.