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Scouting Top 10 Friendliest College Towns in America by Skout

In August of this year, Skout, a global app on zendesk.com leader specializing in social networking, conducted an online survey among 2523 of its users. Based on the responses of college-aged students regarding where they could meet and socialize with others their own ages, a list was generated. Among other things, a list of the highest-rated 10 “friendliest” places are as follows :
1) Madison, Wisconsin
2) Los Angeles, California
3) New York City
4) Ann Arbor, Michigan
5) Chicago, Illinois
6) San Francisco, California
7) Boulder, Colorado
8) Phoenix, Arizona
9) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10) Dallas, Texas

The app has a community of users in over 180 countries and in 14 languages. The social networking app allows people to meet up with others and expand their social networks. Over the last 12 months it posed numerous questions to students in college towns across the US, and honed in on cities that college students reported that they had frequented and befriended other students via the app.

Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of Skout stated, “It’s always fun to look at what the data from our community reveals,” and, “Hats off to all the Skouters in Madison, Wisconsin for helping it top the list as the friendliest college town in the U.S.”

Data collected from the study showed that:
• Boston, Massachusetts, with over 100 colleges and universities within its metro area (aka “American’s College Town” according to studyboston.com), ranked #12 on Skout’s Friendliest College Towns list
• Boulder, Colorado has the friendliest college-age males in America, while Madison, Wisconsin claims the friendliest college-age females
• Los Angeles, California is home to the most generous college-age adults

The study also noted that young adult Skout users in Los Angeles, share more virtual gifts with friends than college-age adults in Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Chicago, IL, and Dallas, TX, combined.

In a similar app user study of 2,500 college students across the nation, ages 18-24, participants were asked questions pertaining to the social aspects of college life. The study revealed:
• 57% Believed it was harder to make friends in high school than in it was in college
• 59% Were concerned about making new friends in their freshmen year
• 72% Made great relationships within the first week on campus.

When students were asked, “Where was the best place to meet friends?” Their responses were as follows:
• 75% In class
• 42% At parties
• 39% During [college] orientation
• 34% Online

Some common places on campus students indicated friends could be made included:
• 36% Dorms
• 35% Cafeterias
• 28% Sports teams
• 27% Libraries

Lastly, regarding initial feelings of student upon arrival at college, while the survey data indicated that over one-third (37%) of students arrived on campus without knowing anyone, the study also showed that:
• 73% of college students say they consider their roommate a friend
• 61% of college students say women are friendlier than men on campus

To view an infographic with the survey finding, see more results, and or to participate in the study, visit the Skout blog at http://blog.skout.com/2015/09/10/10-friendliest-college-towns-in-america/

Highland Capital Management Company’s Proficiency in Financial Marketing

The world and the ensuing global economy have changed the entire business landscape and people are gradually responding to the changes therein. This is true if James Dondero’s services are anything to go by. Dondero is a financial advisor whose skills have become very valuable in the business world ant it has seen him attract a number of investors. When it come financial investments, no one understand the trend better than James Dondero. This is why he has been one of the greatest financial advisors in the world. He has also contributed to the world of business by creating a number of enterprises himself.

As a result of global expansion in terms of economical landscapes, there has been a rising need for financial guidance in areas. This includes guidance to individuals, to organizations, as well as guidance to governments in matters to do with investments. The world has opened up to allow different regions to trade. This has created complexity in the way business is done amidst creating other opportunities for financial trade. As many investors are taking grate interest to understand the underlying advantages of financial markets, the legal structure in this trade are making it quite complex for the lay men to understand. This is where the highland Capital Management Company comes in.

Capital management is basically the prudent steps taken by investors before committing their resources in a particular venture. Highland Capital is a company well known for this and it has been in the business for years now. The company provides its clients with information that helps them determine the viability of a business venture. Financial markets involves moneys as the sole product of trade. However, the money does not have to be in its liquid form. It is normally traded in different forms including equity, hedges, bonds, and shares among other securities.

Highland Capital Management has been very crucial in advising it client on issues to do with structured investments. When a company, an individual or a government wants to commit its resources to an investment opportunity, it is important that they conduct a commercial due diligence which involves scrutinizing the economic risks involved. Unfortunately, most people, organizations, and governments alike do not have enough knowledge on the financial trends of the global economy. In addition, managing capital and putting the right resources in the right investment is a process that requires professional guidance. Highland capital is the best company for this.

With several years of experience on its hands, the company has been able to transfer mere dreams into realties by enabling its clients to invest in viable investment. The company carries out researches to keep tabs on the current market structure and trends in order ti be well informed about the market situation. It has been doing it for years to understand the no go zones and the favorable zones in terms of investment. Highland Capital is an expert player in the industry and it has several billions worth of assets under its able hand to manage in the American market alone.

The World Of Economists

Many people think that studying economics involving interpreting complex chats, table’s statistics and doing endless calculations. However, contrary to this popular myth, economics is simply a study concerned with rational behavior of human beings in their endeavor to satisfy their needs. In any social setting, one may find himself/herself having very limited resources, which must satisfy their unlimited needs. Consequently, one has to make a choice with their resources and decide which need to satisfy first. For instance, one will pay their rent first before buying extra clothes or will buy food before purchasing the newest car in town. Economists are particularly interested in the choices people makes in such situations. For instance, they seek to know if a person will still buy bar of chocolates after the prices increases by $ 3 per bar. In essence, economists examine how human beings and the society in general respond to material limitations and understanding how economic factors balance in currency trading. The subject assumes that human beings aim to satisfy their needs all times and each person makes rational decisions in their effort to satisfy the unlimited wants. Therefore, economists study the behavior of people based on their personal interests.

Economics as a Dismal Science

Economics can be viewed as a dismal science, which analyses the interaction of certain aspects in the society. In one of his articles in Quarterly Economics journal, Christian Broda, a renowned economist on valuewalk examines why some countries continue to prosper while others lag behind in poverty. He argues that, the manner in which a country allocates its resources determines whether its economy will grow, stunt or deteriorate. He adds that, when the economy of a country fails, the result should be attributed to the incompetency of the economists working in the government.

Broda is an experienced professional in the sector of economics. He graduated from the San Andreas University with a bachelor’s degree in economists and went on to work in Chicago University as a tutor in the economics department. He has served as the Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers. He also worked as the president of International Research at Barclay’s Capital Group, Federal Reserve Bank and Columbia University. He serves as a faculty member for the National Bureau of Research in Economics as well as the associate chief-editor of the Development Economics Journal.

How to Prepare For Economics Degree in the University

The students who aspire to pursue economics as a career should prepare themselves by reading economic journals and articles. The information gained will give them an edge over those who do not, particularly when writing their first assignments and essays. They should also read the books listed by their lecturers on the course outline for more background information.

Economists apply economic policies in real estate, natural resources, environment, transportation, agriculture, energy, and finance. These are key sectors in the economy of a country. They use the knowledge on economic relationship to guide the sectors on appropriate steps towards improving the economy of a country.

OrganoGold Is Capturing the Attention of Coffee Lovers in Turkey

PR Newswire reports that OrganoGold has expanded it’s service to Turkey. The coffee manufacturer is hardly new to international sales. This marks the 39th country in which OrganoGold’s CEO, Bernardo Chua, has overseen the opening of a new market. But while it might have a high number, it also comes with a huge sense of significance.

Part of this significance comes from the fact that it will help serve as a bridge between several different markets. It’s expected that the operations in Turkey will help to facilitate work between the Asian, European and African operations for the company. But the significance of Turkey goes far beyond the basic mechanics of a successful business. Turkey is often looked at as the birthplace of coffee culture. In fact, the first record of a coffee house dates back to a historical account of a 15th century establishment within Turkey. When coffee catches the eye of people in Turkey it’s on the same level as wine gaining special notice in France. Turkey is filled with people who take their coffee very seriously. The combination of historical context and educated palettes means that a coffee needs to be something special to catch on in Turkey.

Facebook shows company CEO Bernardo Chua also puts a lot of credit for the expansion to the fact that many people in Turkey place importance on health and an active lifestyle. OrganoGold’s brand of coffee makes use of the Ganoderma mushroom. And while the Ganoderma mushroom has many positive health effects attributed to it, one thing has become obvious. People who love coffee and love being active have also come to love OrganoGold’s line of coffee.

Bernardo Chua has a long history of bringing this healthy beverage to the world. He’s done so well and for so long that he’s received official recognition in the form of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. He’s focused not only on the success of OrganoGold, but also in helping a wide variety of people from all over the world make a career for themselves within the company.

Getting A Clean Home With Handy

Cleaning our homes is important to ensure a healthy environment that is safe to live in. The problem is that the task of cleaning can consume many hours and a lot of money. Knowing which cleaners are the best ones to use and which ones to avoid can take a lot of time to research and decide. It sure would be nice to be able to hire someone to do it for us.

Hiring people to do the work can be difficult in and of itself. There are so many different companies that can be used. Are the people who do the cleaning people ho can be trusted? Will they show up when they are needed? Will you be over charged? These are all issues in using local cleaning services.

There is a solution to these many issues. Handy on apple is an uber based company that will do the background checks and assure that you get the services you pay for. Operating in 13 cities presently and in the works to open more locations based on the success they have had. The best part is that getting the services needed is as simple as using a basic smartphone app.

Download the app Handy and then type in the zip code for where the services are needed. Then you will be asked to type in the job or rooms that need attention. Specify date and time and a quote is automatically generated. All privately with no obligation to accept it.

If the quote is one that you can live with, then hit accept. The app will then take your information. The app will also charge your card, including fees and tips. There is also o need to worry about the people who show up for the job. Many apply to Handy but only 3% of the applicants are accepted.

Handy is a whole new way to get your house cleaned. They screen the people. They provide everything that is needed to get the job done. They take the liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Handy has been providing thousands of jobs in the workforce that have allowed many people to get that viable paycheck they need to pay bills and establish good credit.

Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Handy has seen exponential growth every month for the past three months. Positioned to continue to grow Handy is gainng speed and changing the way people work and get their homes cleaned. Handy can also provide plumbing services and handy man services to those who need them.

Why stress over getting your home clean? A simple tap on a tablet, phone, or portable computing device will get you a clean home and it will be at a price that you can afford.

The New Puppy

After the ride home with a new puppy is successful, it is time to make it through the first week. However, it is important for you to forget about yourself for a while. Owning a new puppy is so exhilarating that this may be hard, but the puppy will suffer some separation anxiety from being away from a place with littermates and possibly other dogs and people. Everything will be new including you and their feeding regimen. This will be traumatic for the puppy, but it can be made easier for both of you. There is an old methodology for this part of house-breaking the new puppy, but it requires traumatizing you and your puppy much more than necessary in my opinion. This arcane method suggests leaving the puppy alone to self-adjust to their new surroundings for three to four days. This may work, but the repercussions for that puppy in these days make me as a trainer wary.

I suggest using this time to immediately start socializing the puppy, and my kids and I feel better about not leaving the puppy alone for this period. Actually, I feel the new puppy should not be left alone at all ever, but especially during this time. Alone time for the puppy is the bathroom, feeding and sleep time only this early on. In horses, we socialize early according to the whispering technique also. It just works better to show as much love and socialize them with kids and other household things that may be scary with their new surroundings. The puppies understand real simply that you are their new pack, and instead of missing their litter, they understand that you fulfill their needs both physically and mentally. However, feeding presents its own set of problems throughout this first week. Beyond how much and when, it is also important that the brand provides superior nutrition. It is not easy to discern which brand to utilize at this point because of the massive amount of brands on the market, and their proposed promises.

I grew up on a ranch, and the Purina brand is all that we had ever utilized in feeding any of our animals including dogs. I also learned not to change from things that work. In our business, we understand the importance of good nutrition. I still use a Purina products in my breeding program for every facet of my dog’s life. It is especially effective in feeding our puppies after they are weaned. The brand is Beneful, and we use it when we transition our puppies especially. The wet brand has specific dietary properties that suits puppies that are accustomed to their mother’s rich milk. We then transition them into really any brand of Beneful that they like. Most of my older male dogs are fed Beneful’s dry brands mostly. It is funny because they are the most finicky. I have seen them bury other dry foods instead of eating them when we are away from the kennel.

Flipora Is Helping People To Discover New Things

Social media is something that is used in most households across the United States, and beyond, and it is something that keeps people entertained and happy. Social media allows its users to find something fun to do when they would otherwise be sitting bored in a waiting room, or laying in bed and unable to sleep. Social media allows people to form connections with others that they would never have been able to have, otherwise, and it also allows small businesses to get a good start with their business. Social media makes many people happy, and there is nothing more exciting to most people than when they discover a new app.
Flipora has been gaining a good amount of users since it first came out. People are getting excited about this social media app, and they want to get in on the action. Younger people and older people alike are wanting to try Flipora out, and once they see all that it can do for them in connecting them with web pages that they will love, they will be hooked.
Flipora is different from most other social media apps that are out there, and its differences are what make it great. People enjoy learning something new and having something unique to keep them entertained, and that is what has gotten so many people’s attention when it comes to this new app. People saw that it was something like they have never used before, and they were excited to get their hands on it.
Social media allows people to be entertained in so many different ways, and it is a great thing when a new social media app comes out. It’s great for people to know that they won’t have to grow tired of the apps that they have on their devices, currently, because there is constantly something new coming out to keep them entertained. And it is a great thing when the new app that comes out is even more useful to them than the others that they have used before. Social media can help people out in so many different ways, and it is fun for people to discover all that they can through it.

Business And Sports Combine For Bruce Levenson

The changing face and culture of the NBA has recently been highlighted by the departure of one of the best known and most respected figures in both sports and business. Bruce Levenson and the consortium originally known as Atlanta Spirit have been in control of the Atlanta hawks franchise for a decade, but have now relinquished control of the franchise to billionaire financial expert Tony Ressler. The change in ownership sees basketball follow the lead of a number of other sports in seeing an increasing number of individual owners take charge of franchises in a bid to invest their fortunes in sports and sports club ownership.

At the time Bruce Levenson on ucg.com and his fellow consortium members took control of the Atlanta Hawks franchise for $250 million they also gained control of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the operating rights to Philips Arena. Since the purchase of the Hawks in 2004, Levenson has become the face of the franchise and has seen the Hawks replicate his business empire in heading in an upward trajectory. The co-founder of UCG and the man behind the popular GasBuddy app has seen his business empire grow from its first days operating from a storage room to become one of the top real time analytics companies in the world.

In terms of sporting prowess, there can be few turnarounds as impressive as that orchestrated by Levenson at the Hawks. One of the biggest achievements in the business life of one of the most successful businesspeople in the world must be taking the Hawks from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed for the Eastern Conference at the outset of the 2014-15 playoffs.

At the close of a decade in charge of the Hawks franchise, Bruce Levenson had already taken the decision to sell the Thrashers franchise in 2011 for an estimated $170 million. That decision was followed by the choice to sell the Hawks and the operating rights to Philips Arena for a large profit at an estimated $750 million. Billionaire Tony Ressler has taken on the role as the latest owner of the Atlanta Hawks and will be expected to use his own fortune to make sure the Hawks move on to a higher level of success at the later stages of the NBA playoffs in coming years. The success already achieved by the Bruce Levenson consortium at the Hawks has laid a strong groundwork for the future of the franchise as it takes a new direction.

Judge Makes Guerra Co-Lead Counsel in Syngenta Mass Action

Francisco “Frank” Guerra IV of law firm Watts Guerra has been appointed co-lead counsel in the case In Re: Syngenta Litigation, 27-CV-15-3785. The Minnesota judge overseeing the action signed an order on August 5 directing Guerra to coordinate the litigation. The Minnesota action will be coordinated with multidistrict litigation pending before the U.S. District Court for Kansas under file number MDL No. 2591.

Law Firm Watts Guerra Experienced in Mass Action Claims

According to LinkedIn and court documents, Watts Guerra represents more than 21,000 personal claims against Syngenta, amounting to more than 90 percent of the total claims asserted. The firm is not new to complex litigation. Indeed, Guerra’s partner at the firm, Mikal Watts, was the first in the country to file injury and death cases related to pharmaceutical drug Pradaxa. Watts was the catalyst behind the consolidation of the Pradaxa cases and he spearheaded the pursuit of recovery, resulting in an award of $650 million for the affected parties.

Watts Guerra has handled hundreds of thousands of claims in courts all over the United States, leading the coordination of many product liability cases. As originally reported on PR Newswire, more than 22,000 plaintiffs have asserted individual claims against Syngenta related to the impact of the mega-corporation’s genetically-modified corn on the national corn market.

Attorney Guerra Takes Syngenta Case Personally

When asked about the meaning of the case, Guerra said he was honored to advocate on behalf of American farmers. He said he understood the consequences to farmers and other American workers of the market drop “caused by Syngenta’s actions.” “I was raised working on my family’s land,” he said. “Our firm looks to bring justice and financial assistance to those financially damaged by Syngenta’s actions.”

Alexei Beltyukov Business Ventures and Philanthropic Work

Alexei Beltyukov is a renowned Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Alexei Beltyukov began his career in medicine before turning to pursue business because after the break-up of the Soviet Union. In 1995, Beltyukov enrolled at INSEAD, a French business school to study business. He received an MBA in business in 1997 and went on to become a highly successful entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist. Beltyukov worked as an associate of McKinsey & Co from 1998 to 2003 before he was promoted to the position of Engagement Manager. From 2003 to 2004, Beltyukov worked as the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development of Brunswick Capital, before becoming the CEO and Board member of the Renova Project.

In 2013, Enhancement reports that Beltyukov formed Endemic Capital, an outfit that provides angel funding to startup companies in Russia. Beltyukov also established A-Ventures Ltd to assist struggling companies in Russia grow their business. The other organizations he has helped establish include Solvy and New Gas Technologies. Staying true to his intentions to broadening individual horizons through education, Beltyukov started Solvy to help students succeed in their academic pursuits. Solvy is an online mathematical software program, targeted at high school math’s instructors and students. Beltyukov became the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy in 2015. Under his able guidance, Solvy hopes to create and release necessary tools that will make math’s training more interactive.

Beltyukov’s other venture; New Gas Technologies revolves around the utilization of petroleum gas using a number of strategies, including the production of high-octane gasoline from methanol and low-octane hydrocarbons. Some of the solutions developed by New Gas Technologies are designed to assist fossil fuel dependent countries like Russia foster innovation to ensure efficient use of energy resources. When it comes to philanthropy, his Slideshare shows that Beltyukov’s philanthropic work is mostly centered on helping budding Russian entrepreneurs start successful businesses as well as sponsor needy students attending business schools. Case in point is the establishment of the INSEAD scholarship, which provides financial support to Russian students studying at INSEAD University.

INSEAD was founded in 1957 by three venture capitalists from France using a seed money offered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. Beltyukov regularly meets with the alumnus from INSEAD to encourage students and graduates to give back to the society in order to create a pool of successful entrepreneurs who will conquer the future. Today, many Russian technology start-ups and entrepreneurs continue to receive grants and advisory support from Beltyukov through his numerous business ventures and philanthropic organizations. The Russian government has also partnered with Alexei Beltyukov through the Skolkovo Foundation. The organization was formed to provide economic leadership and support to budding Russian entrepreneurs. Beltyukov is the current Vice President of the organization.