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The Nashville Real Estate Market Is On The Upswing

Nashville, TN is famous for a lot of different things. Music is easily the number one aspect to the city people think of when the word “Nashville” is mentioned. Soon, the words “real estate boom” and Nashville are going to go hand-in-hand. At the present time, Nashville is home to a host of profitable real estate development projects.

What is fueling all of this? Property values are increasing and doing so to “historic levels”. The increase is not a respectable 2% or 3%. The word “historic” is not used flippantly. The increases in value are in the range of 35%. That is an astronomical and stunning figure. No wonder so many developers are getting into the Nashville real estate market.

Entrepreneurs such as Scott Lumley are looking closely at the current Nashville real estate boom. Lumley is a principle member at Resolve Financials, a real estate business in the Greater Nashville area. Lumley is involved in many business ventures including the revamped American Basketball Association. Interestingly, the boom in real estate could lead to various other businesses in the local area doing well financially. An ABA team has a greater chance of success in an economically thriving region than one that is struggling.

Increases in real estate do more than help developers. Property owners discover their net worth goes up. As personal equity increases, so does the ripple effect of economic activity.

Scott Lumley knows this quite well. He has achieved success as a rodeo star and in numerous entrepreneurial ventures. His success in various endeavors shows he knows what can happen when the right economic factors are in place. Surely, the current Nashville real estate boom – one of the biggest in years – is stirring a lot of economic positives.

The development of commercial and residential real estate is on full-swing in many sections of the city. As long as there is a demand for new property, the real estate market is going to do well. Based on current indicators, the direction of Nashville real estate seems to go on the continual ascent. Things could change in the future, but the present looks extremely beneficial for the real estate developer and investor.

Things You Never Knew About CipherCloud

The internet is full of opportunities for any kind of business or engagement. This is one of the biggest platforms for business and learning and many have been able to benefit from different programs. Most importantly, the use of the internet has been a great relief to investors and marketers in general as they have been able to easily reach a large audience without necessarily having to spend much. This has also heightened competition, something that has led to an improvement in quality of products and general styles of production. Shopping is also something that takes few seconds with the modern online shops that allow one to pay for products after choosing what is right. However, lack of proper security systems has been an opportunity for fraudsters to thrive. They have taken advantage of private data that is supplied to various websites. This calls for the need to have modern security systems, which is what CipherCloud has risen up in support.

CipherCloud is made up of well trained professionals who have been in the industry for many years. The company was launched in 2010 and for the years they have been operational, they have handled hundreds of customer requests, some of which include a redesign of the system to make it more secure, while others seek help to keep their websites secured against hacking and unauthorized access of data. CipherCloud has been able to achieve massive growth and recognition due to the policies they have upheld towards offering top quality works that will help the company achieve its top status.

Due to the sensitivity of the online world, remaining unique in everything matters most. Using a system that many can fathom easily can be risky especially if the database faces threats from hackers. Therefore, it is necessary to design a system that is complicated and unique to make sure no one is able to access some useful data and any attempts to bypass security are thwarted. CipherCloud has strived to offer unique products that have helped to enhance security in the online world. Cloud computing is one of the areas they have performed perfectly well considering the fact they have been offering unique software that is inspired by the need to seal all gateways that can lead to losses while using the internet.

Hiring is a process that entails making a choice that will determine the future of a company. This has been in the minds of the managers at CipherCloud. They are more concerned about creativity and willingness to offer the best to work and dedication to handle different tasks. This has led to positive customer relations and a reliable team that has been able to come up with strong ideas for internet security.

Winter 2015 Men’s Shoes He Will Love

Any wife who wants to treat her husband to a lovely gift will think of Paul Evans first. Paul Evans is a fabulous line of Italian-leather fashion and professional leather shoes and accessories for men to make any man feel like a king wherever he goes.

There are many styles of shoes to choose from. For starters, a classic loafer makes for an excellent winter 2015 accessory that any man will love. Paired with patterned socks, loafers in smooth chocolate brown or stark, professional black help complete any outfit. The versatility of loafers being worn with jeans, khakis or a business suit make them a popular choice for wives when shopping for their fashionable husbands.

The Paul Evans line of shoes also includes handcrafted Oxfords in luscious tones, including maroon for the fashion-forward male and more subtle tan for a low-key style. Since each shoe is hand-designed with classic Italian leather, every pair is infused with quality, unique appeal, and a brand name that tells the world that a man knows how to dress.

If wives are unsure which shoe to get their man, they can opt to get them a lovely and decadent accessory from the Paul Evans line of men’s footwear instead. Italian leather belts in varying colors, from shining black to light tan, can help any man feel more confident in his attire.

Briefcases are also available in the line, and help complete the winter 1015 look any wife is hoping to give her husband. Briefcases can be paired with a casual or professional Paul Evans shoe to give a man a complete stylish appearance from head to toe.

Paul Evans is known for quality, handcrafted Italian leather footwear, and the owners of the company know Italian class inside and out. This is apparent in the care that goes into every show, and any pair of shoes is perfect for a man’s wardrobe. If a wife wants to style her man for winter 2015, she should think of Paul Evans and the many available designs first.

Kyle Bass: Man on a Mission or Profiteer?

Financial wiz Kyle Bass is known as a man of many accomplishments within the finance sector. His latest investment in the patent market has however, landed Bass in the hotseat with many an investment expert and lay spectators alike. In the golden days of 2006, Bass was able to successfully raise $33 million from colleagues and family for Hayman Capital. In addition to this amount, $10 million was contributed from personal savings. This successful Hedge fund was to be a global special situations fund, which, according to Bass, was the result of advice from a New York investment banker.

Using this information, Bass put several private investigators on the task of determining the state of the US mortgage market. The information found was able to determine what mortgage backed securities (RMBS) were most likely to default. Predictive analysis won for Bass, who then purchased credit default swaps against the most unstable securitizations found. Bass is no stranger to speculative investment based on insider information, and has used these shrewd tactics since early days. This is why it is surprising that anyone could be put off by what is just business as usual.

Bass has been called out for doing business on patents, supporting leftist Argentinian financial policy, and complaining of a bloated Asian credits market that is near combustion amongst other things. Should investors be wise to listen? While Bass’s first venture with Hayman seemed absolutely destined for success, his latest alliances point to bad judgement and a possible penchant for purely exploitative investment strategies. Such is the case with his latest string of patent battles.

Bass’s theory that busting patents and competition will decrease drug prices seems to have backfired as many have noticed that this strategy worked only to drive up prices for those in the US who are dependent on the drugs manufactured. As James C. Greenwood, pharma industry leader, pointed out in one case “There’s nothing in this man’s history to suggest he has any interest in lowering health-care costs.” Some financial analysts and intellectual property owners seem to believe that Bass is simply trying to spook financial markets in a blatant profiteering scheme.

Whatever the case, Bass still continues to let on that he is fighting the good fight for cheaper pharma costs by challenging pharmaceutical patents. Bass contests the charges by reporting that “poor quality patents enable pharmaceutical companies to maintain artificially high drug prices and reap unjust monopoly profits paid for by consumers and taxpayers.” While it is ultimately up to market watchers to decide for themselves, Bass is certainly going to keep everyone guessing.

Bruce Levenson the NBA Owner

There is an emerging leadership conflict at Hawks about its ownership. The conflicts emerged during this lengthy process of selling the Philips Arena and franchise continues. The sale process had its deadline on April 10, but the date can be changed due to the consideration of more bids. Both the seller and the buyer signed an agreement that forbidden them from speaking in public about the selling process. Steve Kaplan, Erick Thohir, Aaron, Handy Poernomo, and Jason Levien the former CEO at Grizzlies leads one party in the purchase process. The other team consists of Steve Starker, Mark Rachesky, and Jesse Itzler, the consultant at Hawks. Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were hired by Hawks to handle this process. All interested groups started meeting in Atlanta to discuss the selling process. Groups that do not conform to the terms of the sale process are disqualified from bidding. This process was likely to end before June. Bruce Levenson initiated the sale process in September after he announced his intentions to sell his shares. Hawks team has remained to be the top in the Eastern Conference. In case they win the NBA championship, the current owners should receive the Larry O’Brien trophy. One of the ownership group thinks that the practice facilities of Philips Arena are subpar and could be the reason it does not attract many free agents. Weight-room facilities and luxury boxes are below the NBA standard. The Atlanta Spirit in Washington led by Levenson announced to sell its 50.1% stake. The team has other members like Todd Foreman and Ed Peskowitz, who were also partners to Levenson. The other partners agreed to sell their stake in the franchise. Both the Atlanta-based group and New York-based group agreed to this deal. Michael Gearon Sr, Michael Gearon Jr, Beau Turner, and Rutherford Seydel were the members of the Atlanta-based group. Steven Price led the New York-based group in the process. Danny Ferry has served the team as the general manager and worked with other members to make sure the team runs in an effective manner. His team has won several awards under his leadership and he helped in training the other officials to work in a transparent manner. Both the Philips Arena and Hawks are worth $800 million Mr. Bruce Levenson is a partner and the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG). He owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Mr. Levenson collaborated with Ed Peskowitz in 1977 and formed the UCG. Levenson drives the business strategies of UCG and guides the firm in acquisition processes. While at UCG, he wrote for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. At TechTarget.com, he was the Director and made sure all operations were executed to achieve the goals of the organization. He has worked as a member of the Board of Directors of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. In his free time, he participates in philanthropic activities. He is a businessperson and former owner of NBA team. He is a holder of a degree in Law and Arts.

The Serial Entrepreneur Brad Reifler Introduces the Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler is the best-known entrepreneur who founded the Forefront Capital. This serial entrepreneur also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of this company since May 2009. Brad Reifler also gets recognized as the ex-founding partner, the Chief Executive Officer and a co-ordinator of Pali Capital, a firm that provides financial services globally.

Brad Reifler has experienced a successful career of entrepreneurship and investment. He has successfully achieved enormous success with numerous companies based in the United States. Brad Reifler started his professional career in the 1980’s when he founded his first business firm, Reifler Trading Company. In his business firm, he offered advisory services, administering institutional research and providing advisory services internationally.

The introduction of Forefront Income Trust as a most recent initiative program has made Brad Reifler to see the limelight of his career. The Forefront Income Trust program differs from other investments programs as it caters investors who are not accredited.

Bradley takes a responsibility of enlightening investors with his investment tips and bridging trust to investment managers. Brad Reifler introduced the Forefront Income Trust to provide a viable investment opportunity to the esteemed ordinary investors. The Forefront Income Trust provides non-accredited investors with an opportunity of investing at a minimum of 2,500 US Dollars that can be deposited or withdrawn quarterly.

The Forefront Income Trust does not pay an advisor a management fee. Instead, the Advisor secures an advisory fee that rather compensates the advisor. An advisor gets his payment after the shareholders receive the first eight percent of the annual Fee Investment Income.

The forefront Income Trust allows room for potential growth and higher risks as this program product does not come into contact with the stock market exchange. Establishment of such economic structures aims to offer diversification and to help in risks occurrence.

As economic inequality continues, the economic gap between the middle class and the independent group widens. Establishment of Forefront Income Trust minimizes the gap by providing liquidity to clients, and a preferred return of eight percent.

Many non-accredited investors developed pessimistic views on stocks and trust, following the 2008 financial crisis that affected the Unites States sector of the economy. The Forefront Income Trust Program serves to educate the non-accredited investors to save for their future.

In conclusion, The Forefront Income Trust gives investors the priority down the line. This program deals with Uncorrelated Investments, such that investments are designed in such a way that it’s not affected in the stock market.


We are a Cloud Security Company with our location in San José in California. Our primary service is cloud service adoption. We maintain and ensure data security, compliance and control. Our platform is secure and provides comprehensive. We have cloud discovery, risk management data usage and protection services for our customers. Our platform also serves as a gateway to encrypt data in real-time before sending it into a cloud environment. Only an authorized user can code and retrieve the data. We locally store our data encryption keys, and we never allow the cloud provider to use the data. The data remains safe in our users’ site. Our technology is modern and well tested. We use data tokenization technology. This technology makes its possible to substitute data that insensitive with that which is non-sensitive. Our platform offers data loss and malware detection as well as monitoring many clouds environment.

We have presence in over 30 countries and more than six languages and have more than 10 `industries in our customer base. Our clients have a high cloud adaptation than others in the market due to our cloud information protection. Our team is of experienced and professional employees who understand the cloud and are dedicated to offering maximum protection to the customer’s data. Cloud is becoming a necessity in many business that use online services. It’s becoming a crucial tool in company’s affairs and remains competitive in the market. We as the data security expertise continue to advance new technology to protect our client’s highly sensitive data. We give our customers fewer reasons to worry about their data and allow them time to concentrate on other pressing issues in their business.

Our company is the market pioneer in offering data security solutions for cloud users. We, therefore, have the highest experience levels to enable our clients to overcome the risks of data privacy. Also to better results in your business, we take priority to providing data residency, security and regulatory compliance. We continually monitor your data to detect any malware, prevent data loss and detect anomalous cloud users’ activities.

Several other leading continue to put their trust on us for our several services and capabilities. They include banks, insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals among others. Our outstanding services have received numerous recognition awards. Our company won ten awards at the 11th info security global excellence awards. The impressive grand trophy winner went to our firm Our Company’s CEO, Mr. Pravin Kothari the CEO of the Year award in the 10th Security Global Excellence Awards. We also featured in the sc magazines excellence awards for our excellence information security. Besides, our company received the best emerging technology in information security award in 2013.

Handy Can Truly Save the Day

When you think about the old fashioned way of trying to find help for your home, you are already full of the ideas that don’t quite make you happy. It can be difficult enough on its own to try and track down the right type of help for your home, but then when you consider the different sorts of pay, technical expertise, trustworthiness and just the scheduling in general, no one truly likes the idea of trying to find help for their home. When you consider the fact that they might not even have enough time to take care of their home in the first place, it truly becomes even more difficult to think about when you’ll find the time to find the help as well. 

Handy is the new app that makes the old fashioned ways truly become relics of the past. No longer will you need to deal with all of the up front hassle of trying to find people who can truly help you, because Handy brings so many professionals together into one pool. You can simply click a button and all of a sudden you truly are connected with more contractors than you would ever even need. Furthermore, by doing the screening right up front you already know that Handy is only putting out the top contractors in the marketplace. They clearly trust their app as a place for having the best contractors and want to build their brand based upon trust. 

Handy truly fills a void in the marketplace because of how easy it truly is. Not only are people able to jump onboard with a very simple signup process, but as more and more users start to join there are even more benefits. Handy is not just a simple app that lets people come together, they are truly a new marketplace that brings together consumers and the best contractors out there. By being a top contractor on Handy you will have to fight to be able to get to the top. Your services won’t even be needed unless you are a professional with the right certifications and the right experience, and that in turn means people will trust the system even more, which brings a larger audience, which continues to bring more professionals as well. In short, the system will continue to go from a small and neat app to a major marketplace for all sorts of experts and professionals to be able to be connected to the people who need help the most. 

At the end of the day, Handy is truly one of those things that comes along out of nowhere but certainly has a role to fill. Not only will people soon forget about the days when they couldn’t find the right sort of help, but they will also find it difficult to even remember the days when Handy wasn’t around. Handy isn’t just a way for people to find quality help and for the best contractors to get to work their craft, it is truly a marketplace that will bring people together in a more efficient way.

Advertising in Brazil: How To Advertise In Brazil

Are you searching for the best way to advertise your product or service to the Brazilian market? Want to choose a reputable advertising agency to help you advertise effectively and reach your goal? Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, and without it your potential customers will not know about your business.

There are several ways to advertise online and reach your prospects in Brazil. Search engine optimization is one of the most common methods and it takes great expertise to be successful with it. Some advertisers use online classified ads, video marketing, article writing and other effective ways to advertise online.

A consistent advertising message will keep your company in the minds of your potential customers. Before attempting any marketing or advertising, you need to have a clear understanding of your company’s core message. Determine what makes your company or business different from its competition.

If you are a business owner or a manager of a company, you need to know how to advertise effectively in order to reach your target audience.

Advertising agencies and marketing professionals are well knowledgeable about the advertising field and how to market products and services to the right audience.  They usually have a team of graphic designers, copywriters and other professionals that will help make your ad campaign a success.

There are many ad agencies and marketing consultants out there but not all of these companies and professionals provide the same quality of service. You need to do your research before choosing a company or advertising expert to handle your marketing or advertising project. Reputation and experience matter a lot when it comes to choosing a service provider. Take the time to do your home work, check the background details of any company you are considering and make a wise decision.

Cláudio Loureiro Heads is one of the most reputable advertising professionals in Brazil and even on Facebook. He has provided services to clients for many years, and he has contributed to the success of numerous companies and business owners. Cláudio Loureiro is CEO of Heads Propaganda, a well established and successful ad agency in Brazil. Cláudio Loureiro cares about his clients and he works very hard to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

Bruce Levenson, former NBA team owner and philanthropist

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, DC, and he comes from a Jewish family.

When it comes to his education, Mr. Levenson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University and a law degree from American University in Washington, DC. Levenson has shown his interest in journalism while attending law school. His career took place at the Washington Star, the Washington’s newspaper of record.

Now, Bruce Levenson is a co-founder and partner at United Communications Group (UCG) as well as a former owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. After 27 years, Bruce Levenson continues to drive UCG’s business strategy and still plays a major role in the firm’s acquisition efforts. Mr. Levenson had his share of writing for the Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He also served as a Director at TechTarget.com, an IT industry media company. Apart from this, Levenson was a President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”, an organization which helps low-income children to pursue higher education.

He has been actively engaged in organizations, some of which include Community Foundation of Washington and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. It is known that Levenson is a donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and supporter of Bringing the Lessons Home program, whose aims are to teach inner city students of the Holocaust and train them to be tour guides at the Museum. This sort of an inspiration comes from his mother-in-law, who survived the Holocaust. Other significant donations he made were the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace. Mr. Levenson supports various Jewish causes including Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and BBYO, a Jewish-American youth movement and is involved in many others philanthropic endeavors.

In 2010, both Levenson and his wife led the development of the Centre for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

In April 2013, Levenson was chosen as one of the 100 famous American Jews who sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister advising him to cooperate with John Kerry, Secretary of State, in order to bring peace although it may include territorial sacrifices.

In April, 2015, Antony Ressler, an American businessman, with a former NBA player Grant Hill, and Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of Marquis Jet, made a proposition to buy the Hawks from Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon Jr., and other investors for $850 million. Bruce Levenson announced he would sell his share of the team in September. The sale was approved by the NBA Board of Governors on June 24, 2015, and Ressler has taken the ownership.

For those who are not informed, the Hawks are a professional basketball team that competes in the NBA. They are part of the league’s Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Their home games are held in Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The team’s colors are Torch Red, Volt Green, Georgia Granite Gray and White. With Skyhawk and Harry, the Hawk mascots, the Hawks will have a game against Pistons next week, at their very home base, Phillips Arena. Make sure to put on the team colors and watch the game on Wednesday, October 28th!